Breaking News Headlines | Endtimenews March 26, 2023

Breaking news updates | Latest and current news headlines 


Website run by Freemasons reports: California Farmers: “We’ve Lost EVERYTHING” – $BILLIONS of Food Lost in Floods in State that Produces Half of America’s Agriculture 

Strongest solar storm in nearly 6 years slams into Earth catching forecasters by surprise 

Musk Want a Jesuit $84 a Year for Twitter Blue, Beginning April 1st

CNBC (=13,22): ‘Deutsche Bank is not the next Credit Suisse, analysts say as panic spreads’ 

Freemason Troy Black (=666): ‘God Warned Me of a Coming Chemical Release – Prophetic Vision’  [beware, he is a false Christian] 

More scripted news by the numbers: Netanyahu: ‘No Law’ (=111,22) Will Pass in Knesset That ‘Harms Christianity’ (=88) 

Zebra finch makes nest in dingo carcass in outback WA 

Zebra finch makes nest in dingo carcass in outback WA


“Winters Beginning to Revert Back to Pre-1982 Weather Patterns Around The World” 

Dark so-called christian website run by Freemasons, ‘COERCION CODE’ | Fraud & Freemason Gerald Celente (=666,111) with Freemason Mike Adams on Inflation 

Wild Flowers Super Bloom in Central Arizona covering the desert 

BEWARE of this false christian, ‘Troy Black’ (=666,55): ‘God’ Warned Me of a Coming Chemical Release – Prophetic Vision 

CNN (=13): Los Angeles area hit by rare tornado – the strongest one to hit the county since 1983 

Jesuit Monday: Xi Jinping Meets with Putin, and Google Allegedly Fired 12,000 

3/22/2023 – SEISMIC UNREST – M6.5 – M7.7 Earthquakes around the planet from Afghanistan to Chile [TPTB are hiding a lot from the public!] 

3/22: Xi Jinping and Putin Pledge to Shape a New World Order, Staged Shooting at East High School In Denver 

CBS Meteorologist FAKE Collapse in Bank Collapsing Tribute and UBS is Buying Credit Suisse 


Are your strawberries bland? Pesticides could be to blame 

CHDTV (=33,232,22) says smiling, ‘It’s a dark future that some have planned for us…’ 

The Trump Show – No Arrest as the Scripted Play Carries On


All you have to do is read the Headlines, and you already know enough.
Most of these are not as independent as they claim to be!


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