The secrets of growing GIANT vegetables – John Evans

The secret is in the soil, and in the water, but there is more… One man’s garden of monstrous vegetables to feed the neighborhood…
25 maart 2023


Imagine, just being able to feed the whole neighborhood with a big large zucchini, pumpkin, squash, carrot, beet, you name it…

Roland Evans is part of a long line of family gardeners from Ireland, going back to the 1890’s. His brother John is famous for growing the largest vegetables. According to both Roland and John, the secret is in the soil. He will talk about how to prepare your plantings from seeds for growing them organic, and very big, through revitalizing the soil using a compost tea of lots of micro-organisms:


The secrets of growing GIANT vegetables HD

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I think the 20-24 hours of sunlight a day that John Evans gets in his area has a huge impact on the size of his crops. The biggest secret however is in the soil (and in the water):


The secret is in the soil – Compost Tea for growing BIG vegetables – John Evans HD

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John has gardened in Wales, Ireland, Minnesota, Arizona, Alaska, and the Philippines. In the early 1990s John invented the Bountea Growing System after years of experimentation. John retired to Ireland in 2014.

Why do you garden?

‘I garden to get knowledge that I can share with others – to teach others. I also garden to get the taste and quality of real vegetables – that is really important.’

What do you hate?

‘I don’t hate anything about gardening, really. Weeding, I suppose – but with good gardening practice that is not a problem. Watering – you can solve that with irrigation systems. Insect problems – now that is much worse in Ireland than Alaska. The caterpillars ate my giant cabbage down to the ribs in a couple of days. We had moose in Alaska one year but they only ate one-third of the cabbages and the celery. The celery came back and won a prize.’

What are your favorite types or varieties of plants?

‘Onions are my favorite; I just love them. I am not that interested in flowers or shrubs, only things you can eat such as vegetables and fruit from trees. I also love leeks – I have grown some perfect ones. The most fun I had with giant vegetables was with the Romanesco Broccoli and the cauliflowers. They look like wonderful works of art. But they are tricky to grow with slow root growth and are very tender to start.’

What are you really good at in the garden?

‘Knowing about the soil and understanding soil life and fertility. I can look at any soil and know what it needs, what it is made of, and how alive it is.’ – John Evans

These kinds of really giant vegetables are going to require quite a lot of dedication and love, as well as skill and knowledge.

And once you know those secrets, you’re going to find yourself growing bigger, better plants every single year.


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