Breaking News Headlines | Endtimenews January 15, 2023

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Buried in white gold – Snowmageddon California – 13 FEET in just 9 DAYS since start of year 

BEWARE: Microsoft’s new AI can simulate anyone’s voice with 3 seconds of audio 

Ye, Kanye West Marries Censori-ship, the Infodemic 

Surprise magma chamber growing under Mediterranean volcano Kolumbo, an active submarine volcano near Santorini, Greece 

Asia’s Record-Breaking Arctic Outbreak: Alerts Issued In India, China, Taiwan and Others; Big Freeze To Return To Europe; U.S. To Be Pummeled Again Later In The Month

Orca Dies After Washing Ashore On Florida Beach 

China Claims That 60,000 People Have Died of CONvid in Last 35 Days 

Bright red sky over Bavaria in the middle of the night – wild speculations about the cause

Mysterious brigh red sky over Bavaria, Germany, on January 5, 2023 

Murder by Numbers Ritual: Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley, dead at 54 

BEWARE: Moderna CEO Announces New mRNA Shot for Heart Failure Patients to Help Grow Back New Blood Vessels 


The 6-Year-Old Shooter Hoax – Teacher Named as Abby Zwerner 

AUSTRALIA  January 2023  Record flooding wreaks havoc in Kimberley – Animals flee to higher ground 

#SpaceWeather | Second X1.98 class solar flare of 2023 |#SolarActivity: High, in the current solar maximum cycle 25 which began in December 2019 

Transparent sea creature found by fishermen. What kind of fish is this? 

The Mysterious Vanishing Boris Johnson / Hugo Talks 

Freemasons report, ‘WEF’s Harari Threatens Humanity: ‘You’ll Need To Relearn To See and Walk In the Future’’ 

HeadlineUSA (=99) reports: Concerns Grow over Depopulationist Plan to Vaccinate Food Supply 

Next-generation wireless technology may leverage the human body for energy 

Masonic ‘LionessOfJudah’ (=222,77) reports, “For the Greater Good”: Shanghai COVID Atrocities Foreshadow Things To Come 

Weather Warfare: California Flooding on January 10, 2023 

Freemason SHILL, DABHOO77, warns: ‘Get Ready for LIGHTS OUT! WEF’s Klaus Schwab Warns What Is Coming Next, HUGE Staged Cyber Attack!’ 

Siberia’s Coldest Temperature Since 2002, Host Of Records Felled ACROSS Transcontinental Russia; X1.9-Flare ‘Jerks’ Earth’s Magnetic Field 

Top Foods to Improve Your Vision 

Studies Show the Top Health Benefits of Milk Thistle


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