Breaking News Headlines | Endtimenews January 1, 2023

Breaking news updates | Latest and current news headlines 


‘Wat can happen in 2023’ (=133)… What ZeroHedge (=33) make people believe to distract them… | This is a hoax = 133, Government = 133 

China to roll out first national ‘digital asset’ (=666) marketplace – media 

Grand Solar Minimum: The Future Looks Cold 

What Could Go Wrong? Startup Releases Particles into The Atmosphere to Stop “Climate Change” 

The Dossier (=888) reveals: World Economic Forum to accelerate push for global ‘Metaverse’ (=216 or 666) surveillance network at Davos 2023 

Beast system and vaccine agenda 888 in Gematria 


Electric Car HELL Is Not Just For Christmas / Hugo Talks 

It’s like being on another planet: Freezing level after winter storm Freezes at Morgan’s on Lake Erie, US 

Strange Lenticular Cloud, Washington 

Masonic Newspunch reports: ‘Nostradamus (=55, equals satan, and New Age) Predicts the Antichrist Will Return and Cannibalism Will Be Popular in 2023’ 

How ‘The Christian Post’ (=699=666) is misleading you: Elon Musk: ‘I’m OK with going to Hell’ (part 3) 

Freemasons are tweeting: Klaus Schwab Announces Plan To Brainwash Children Worldwide 

The Sun (=33): TAKING OVER AI machines could ‘control humans’ and make decisions for us if we don’t act now, experts warn 

‘Break Free with Karen Hunt’ (=144,216 or 666): mRNA Madness – it’s only just begun 

Fake Influencer and Actor Andrew Tate and the Greta Pizzagate Psy-Op 

Again, coded scripted news: ‘Following Putin’s example, many countries will likely pursue lethal drones’ (=333) 

SHTFplan (=33): Another War Is Threatening To Explode in Europe 

Snow In Saudi Arabia; Heavy Flurries Hit SW China; Deadly Cold Wave Sweeps India; US Set 76 New All-Time Low Temperature Records Over The Past 30-Days 

You Are Likely Deficient in Choline 

This Type of Therapy Can Save Your Eyes


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