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16 Species of Insects Approved for Human Consumption | ‘Green Agenda’ Includes Bugs, Cannibalism and Reclaimed Water by Freemason Dr. Mercola 

BEWARE! Another nuclear incident training 


Don Lemon Fired by CNN, and famous Illuminati News Anchor, Tucker Carlson, aka The Riddler, Leaves FOX News 

Tucker Carlson – 7grainsofsalt 

Redacted (=33,66): Putin warns NATO “We haven’t even started yet.” [Alternative media full of lies, fake images, and fear-mongering!] 

UK Breaks Late-April Low; Western U.S. Has Never Been Snowier; Polar Cold On Course For Australia; “Glancing” CME Impact Due Toda 

‘Invasion’: Massive swarm of mayflies stuns residents at NC lake 

UK Meteorologists “Baffled” As Scotland “Returns To Winter”; Alta Surpasses 900 Inches (23 Meters) 

4/30/2023 – Earthquake watch: West Coast USA / California moving now – Planet Wide seismic spread | Illuminati keeping an eye on his channel in order to debunk him 

4/25/2023 – Multiple Large M7.0 – M7.3 Earthquakes across Pacific – Major seismic unrest spreading 

M7.3 earthquake strikes Kermadec Islands region, no tsunami threat 

The Father Of Lies / Hugo Talks 

Dr. Mercola reports: ‘Funeral Industry Dumps Formaldehyde Into Soil’, promoting this dark Freemason one eye YouTube channel and their website: ‘Ask a Mortician’ &


Exposé of the week 

#JasonZelda is a #Freemason
#testingthespirits whether they are from God

Dear Hugo,

I’m afraid this ‘bible teacher’ isn’t who you think he is.
You mostly recognize them by their social media, videos that radiate darkness, no Holy Spirit, their words, their fruits, what they do, what they sing, he’s even on radio?

Jason Zelda
8 sep. 2021
play that Mystic Banjo, hypnotise the world with your songs Mean Mary 🙂🙂🙂 miss you.

Note that Freemasons are builders, many of them act/pose as christians:

Jason Zelda
8 jul. 2020
Another day to survive
Empyrion Galactic Survival. Loving this game!  Let’s explore and build… and maybe deal a blow to the Zirax. 😎

Jason Zelda
7 jul. 2020
Another day to survive

Empyrion Galactic Survival,  after much grinding, we finally have a plane, but we have more work to do before leaving this planet. So lets explore!

Jason Zelda heeft geretweet
Tfa_96 | syl. ✨
1 mei 2020

After the positive reaction, I’d like to do a small giveaway!
Win a bust commission with a simple bg in this style🌺

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Winner will be picked on *8th MAY 2020*

Good luck! > Hugo, do you see her making the M, the Masonic hand sign?

I know, also Freemasons have been misled, especially the lower ones; I don’t expect him to be a 33rd degree Freemason; I don’t know. But this all is as clear as day. Just warned you in love because I don’t like to see you being misled by Freemasons, or whoever.

Do you see the occult symbolism here, in the video on top, and the sun worship? Shocking, huh? But it’s there, straight to your face:

Shocking, these are his songs:

Old website he promotes on a YouTube video, which is not Christian at all, but it looks like, with the sun worship (could be a coincidence), and using bible verses.

On his current website, he asks for donations. Very important to him! Of course, esp. from Christians who don’t test, test, and test.
I think you do now, but I’m afraid you missed this one…
Greetings, Marion


He makes songs, and plays video games. Oh well he must be a satanist then. There is nothing here, thanks for wasting my time. Why would you even bother to look into this and post your findings that show nothing?


You to hugotalks
I don’t want to offend you or waste your time, Hugo. The beginning of the video is really great; I was very glad with it to hear about that, but…
But actually, I saw that Jason Zelda made known to the public (esp. his Brotherhood) that he is a real Freemason (making Masonic hand gestures all through the video sitting in darkness), so be careful with this guy who poses as a christian with a worldly walk and worldly words, like hypnotize the world, and galactic survival, and more of the kind, on his Twitter account, retweeting other Masons.
They might say many truths but mixed in with lies in order to lure you into a worldly life, not talking about repentance from sin, working on a real and living relationship daily, after you have invited Jesus into your heart and your life, not only as your Savior but also as your Master [you Lord]. Which means, doing away with worldly things, etc.

Reading the Bible (or going to church) doesn’t make you a Christian, you know. “Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than going to a garage makes you an automobile.” That’s not my quote; it’s from Billy Sunday.  🙂


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