Breaking News Headlines | Endtimenews & Exposé of the week June 5, 2023

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Website run by Freemasons reports: ‘Microsoft Quietly Installs MANDATORY AI Systems in All Windows Machines To Spy on Users’ 

Wikipedia Deletes List Of Scientists Who Disagree With The Scientific Consensus On Global Warming! 

6/02/2023 — ALL of S. Quebec Canada just erupted into fires – Canada under attack? DEW or people?! 

Insider (= 666,111,222): Obama says he ‘absolutely’ wants to know more about UFOs and hopes they can ‘unite’ us if they’re real  [again, UFO and alien deception for the coming NWO 

Joe Biden Falls Again in Staged Ritual 

BEWARE! Utah school district removes THE BIBLE from some libraries after parent complains it’s ‘one of the most sex-ridden books around’ in retaliation against other book bans 

Masonic website reports: ‘Babies Breastfed by Mothers Who Took mRNA Vaccines Are Dropping Dead – Doctors Baffled’ 

Beware The Agents Of WOO WOO – Hugo Talks 

DNA damage! Researchers Warn Fake Sugar ‘Irreversibly Alters Human DNA’ 

GlobalResearch (= 66,77) reports: ‘mRNA and Breastfeeding: COVID-19 Vaccinated Mothers Who Breastfeed — Babies Have Serious Reactions Including Death’ 


All you have to do is read the Headlines, and you already know enough.
Most of these are not as independent as they claim to be!


Exposé of the week  


#Inflation, The Hidden Tax 

Don’t forget that inflation is a hidden tax. It is a powerful tool of TPTB, without raising visible taxes that make people angry. And it’s being accepted. 

Faced with hostility to taxes, the answer has been a deliberate policy of inflation. Governments cheating by inflating currency is as old as government itself. 

With the invention of paper currency, it became easier to cheat people by simply printing more paper money than there were reserves to back them up. The result is that the dollar would lose value every year as there was more paper money than goods and services. The scarcity would lead to price increases. 

Inflation is especially bad for the poor, the retired, and small businesses. They do not have the resources to absorb inflation. So their standard of living drops with each year of inflation. And so the rich get even richer. 

Most of us are already paying the hidden tax every time we buy gasoline…. and I learned this morning from a prominent Masonic channel with over half a million subscribers: ‘Gas Prices Will Double In The Weeks Ahead As Stations Face Massive Supply Outages’, telling us what their next plans are.


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