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Freemason DAHBOO77 (=77) ‘reveals’: Project Icebreaker: The Beginning of A One World Digital Currency BEAST SYSTEM 

BEWARE! Nita A. Farahany – Planting False Memories / Inducing Pain 

Tiffany Dover RESURRECTION – Hugo Talks 

Daisetta Texas Sinkhole 

4/14/2023 – Large M7.0 earthquake – Deep event below West Pacific – Major seismic unrest develops [incl. Weather Modification exposed at the end of the video] 

Old National Bank Shooting Ritual by the Numbers in Louisville, Kentucky 

The Trump Theatre Trumps 34 Felony Counts for a Maximum of 136 Years in Prison

Freemason Donald Trump flashing 666 near his Kabbalah tree 


Monthly Low Temperature Records Fall Across Western U.S.; April Blizzards Break Historical Benchmarks; Snowplows In Hawaii; April Cold Records Slain Across Europe

Order Out Of Chaos! Confirmation The Washington DC Shooting Was A Ritual! 

Good Friday Fakestream Media News Roundup / Hugo Talks 

4/06/2023 – Potential very large earthquake possible next 7-10 days – M8+ West Pacific 

Finland & NATO 

CRAZY WORLD: Farmers will be ordered to feed cows ‘methane suppressants’ to stop them belching and breaking wind under government plans to reach net zero 

Four AstroNots Picked by NASA for CGI-Moon Mission 

Freemason Dr. Bob ‘MARTIN’ (=33): “This Nutrient Found in Vegetables Protects Eyes and Enhances Cognitive Ability”, connected to TheEpochTimes, run by Freemasons 

Freemason Dr. Mercola: Are These Chemicals Causing Infertility And Stillbirths?


Exposé of the week

WATB is connected to Steven and Jana Ben-nun…

WATB = 222, 13
WATB, probably run by Freemasons, is connected to Steven and Jana Ben-nun, among others:

Israeli News LIVE = 223 (like Skull and Bones), 77
‘We are’ ‘The Bride of Christ’ = 99
WeAre = 55
The Bride = 55
Dr. June Knight = 66
JK = 33, 15, 66

Do you see the crown with the 666 in it? 

Christians… on TV and Radio? You must be kidding… or do they mean: CST Online?
CST Online is a company that operates in the Publishing industry. It employs 21-50 people and has $1M-$5M of revenue. The company is headquartered in Hatfield, England, United Kingdom.

Pro or against Trump, or… make you believe in Politics!?
Freemason symbols, colors, and numbers all over the place!
Often clothed in black
Her eyes radiate darkness, not the Holy Spirit
Here you can see it even better, incl. the colors red/black/white; could be eyes of a witch:

A Christian connected to the White House!? WHITE HOUSE Correspondent?
’to protect the Bride’s white dress’???
‘HER Groom is coming’, suggesting they themselves are not Christians, not part of the Bride.
WATB depicted with the eternal flame of Lucifer?
‘We are the Bride Ministries is a place where the Bride can trust the information, direction, equip, train & grow.’
Trust? No way!!

Do you see the staircase and the all-seeing eye, in whom she is partnered with?

‘TreeHouse Publishers, Dreams Come True In Our House’ = 3300 (33), 3666, 233

Recently, Steven Ben-nun was talking about his site ‘hacked’ and false censorship as if they are being censored? Don’t make me laugh! 

223, 9, 9/11:
You are Invited to the 2
023 Women’s Conference – $9 and a Suitcase in Parsons, TN – June 9-11, 2023 

Indeed, the whole website is coded!
How they love their numbers and symbols and colors in order to deceive the Christians, true Christians.

Notice the 5-pointed (or 6) star, the black sun with 3 flames (eternal flames of Lucifer) in it, and the man making a Freemasonic hand sign:


Help, Elizabeth Marie has been deceived by her false ministry, which is Freemasonry or Witchcraft, luring the Bride into the NWO, the New Age deception, the Politics deception, right into the Great Tribulation, so that they will be left behind and beheaded:

That might explain the many, many ‘attacks’ Elizabeth Marie talks about each and every time in her videos.
Notice that this doctor calls her ‘sis’, which equals 33 and 11. Why not ‘sister’, a sister in the Lord? Because she isn’t; she is a false ‘christian’, posing as a Christian.
Notice that Elizabeth Marie not only has been deceived by this lady, but also by Freemason Paul Begley who is also connected to Steven Ben-nun and Jana Ben-nun, assuming that he is a real Christian as well.

In the video Elizabeth Marie mentions ‘Z3 News’ = 223, 55, 33  (could be a coincidence), however, the first post that I clicked on this website is a YouTube video from a Freemason! And pastor Chris Reed… I could go on, but I think this is enough for now. 


Please pray for these people, and never share your data with them


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