Breaking News Alert | Endtimenews November 28, 2021

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Just to share with you a few headlines 


MAC-cinated: Pattern identification in coronavirus vaccines – Nanorouters 

Long Valley supervolcano warning as ‘clues of imminent eruption’ across Californian county 

Major magnitude 7.5 earthquake – 43 km northwest of Barranca, Datem del Marañon, Loreto, Peru, on Sunday, Nov 28, 202 

Svali- In 2002, Illuminati Defector Predicted Financial Collapse 

New so-called ‘variant’ hysteria comes from same institution that popularized lockdowns & previous COVID scares 

Twilight Zone’ sea creature washes ashore after sonic boom 

alien sea creature washes ashore after sonic boom November 2021 

Link Between Alzheimer’s and Gut Is Confirmed (by Dr. Mercola, all uncensored elsewhere) 


Scientists Notice: Nightmare Sulfur Injection Geoengineering Plan Might Cause Problems 

Satan’s Signs Found in Most Logos 

Global Blackout in Europe: It’s not IF but rather WHEN says Austrian Defense Minister 

Australia Military Starts Going Door to Door to Hunt Down Unvaccinated Aboriginals to Force Inject Them as Quarantine Camps Also Open

La Palma island grows as lava from longest volcanic eruption creates new land 

China’s concentration camps exposed: Prisons at centre of Beijing’s brutal clampdown on Muslim Uighurs are caught on video secretly filmed by brave activist who documented slogans including ‘reform through labour’ 

The New Imaginary Virus variant named Omicron on Black Friday while Africa gets Travel Restrictions in a Racism Ritual


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