Breaking News Alert | Endtimenews July 17, 2022

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Just to share with you a few headlines 


Freemason and CON Dane Wigington foretells you: ‘40 Million in US West Without Water in 2023’ 

NASA Finally Reveals the Truth About Fake Moon Landings 

‘No money for bread’ – Starving Italians storm town hall 

Netherlands Bill Gates Supermarket Up in Flames – Hugo Talks 

Biden Reveals First SCAM (like ‘SCAMS’ backwards) Image from James Webb Telescope  

First SMACS Image from James Webb Telescope = perfect match with satan in Gematria


WHO may declare ‘MonkeyPox’ a ‘Global Health Emergency’ this week 

Canada Internet Outage Happened On Cyber Polygon Date _ Hugo Talks 

Chinese-controlled Hong Kong gov’t to mandate tracking bracelets for people in COVID quarantine 

A Cold, Dark Winter Approaches: Blackouts Anticipated as Green Energy Falters 

Website run by Freemasons: New insight on Klaus Schwab’s ‘You will own nothing and be happy’: How AI and the Internet of Things will control everything you do in life 

And another Mason: Electricity for electric cars will soon be more expensive than petrol 

Alice Springs, Australia Suffers Longest Streak Of Sub-Zero Days On Record; + Greenland Refuses To Melt As Scheduled 

A Crack Opened In Earth’s Magnetic Field On Thursday And Stayed Open For 14 Hours 

Tech industry develops AI mind-reading technology capable of measuring citizen loyalty to government 

This is most likely the start of several countries to collapse due to inflation and the economic crisis 

Freemason Hal Turner foretells: ‘U.S. Railroad Strike Begins July 18 – Trains will stop’


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