Breaking News Alert | Endtimenews December 4, 2022

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Just to share with you a few headlines 


SFChronicle (=77): ‘Killer robots approved on Tuesday by San Francisco for extreme cases’ 

Smart Meter KARMIC Retribution / Hugo Talks 

Insider (=666,111) writes: ‘A bunch of streetlights — a few hundred out of thousands — had suddenly ‘changed’ (=33)… The Great Purpling (including some lies) 

‘Great Reset in full force’ – Dutch Govt Plans to Shut Down Up To 3,000 Farms 

Masonic website reports: Google Introduces ‘Behavioral Interventions’ To Punish ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Who Seek ‘Wrong’ Information 

ZeroHedge (=33): Elon Musk ‘Confident’ Brain Chip Company Neuralink Can Begin Human Trials In Six Months 

Global Cooling! N. China Endures Harshest ‘Cold Wave’ Since 1987; Canada’s Coldest November Reading Since 1989; Monthly Lows Challenged Across Sub-Saharan Africa 

Yesterday, Greenland Gained Enough Mass To Bury Central Park Under 9,000 Feet Of Ice; Antarctica’s Coldest Month Of November Since 1987; China’s Big Freeze Intensifies–Beijing’s Lowest Nov Temp Since 1970 

Kanye West on Alex Jones – Breaking the Internet (System Reset) 

Freemasons Kanye West = 33, and Alex Jones = 33 

Big League Politics (=73): United Kingdom Puts Forward Plan for Central Bank Digital Currency by End of 2022  [also notice the Masonic red and blue) 

Express (=33) reports: ‘Soon there will be none left’! (=111,88) HSBC customer fury as 114 bank branches to shut across UK 

WHY They Want To End Christianity / Hugo Talks 

More Warnings About Glyphosate 

Re-post Freemason Mercola: Excess Body Fat Can Age Your Brain Faster Than Muscle 

11/29/2022 – Large M5.9 Earthquake and swarm at Alberta Canada Oil + Gas Ops & Mauna Loa Update 

11/28/2022 – Undersea eruption in Hawaii at Loihi 3 hours BEFORE Mauna Loa erupts – Satellite view

Italy landslide leaves around a dozen trapped or missing

Website run by Freemasons reports: Sermon about Jesus’ ‘trans body’ and ‘vaginal’ side wound shocks churchgoers who shout ‘heresy’


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