Breaking News Alert | Endtimenews December 25, 2022

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Just to share with you a few headlines 


At Least 9 ‘Dead’ as Winter Storm Batters the US on the 23rd (9th Prime) [Weather Control was first admitted to having been used in 1952 by the RAF Rainmakers]

AI is watching you! Pictures of woman on toilet taken by robot vacuum cleaner leaked online 

12/22/2022 – West Coast USA / California Seismic unrest – Pacific earthquake activity rises [They seem to delete his warnings before it happens in his social media] 

VOX (=11,99) right in your face: This DC party invite shows all the money to be made off the Ukraine war 

UK MSM PREPPER Report / WHY NOW? / Hugo Talks 

Watch this robot do ’the Worm’ when temperature changes – Yeah, the elite envisions ‘gelbots’ crawling through human bodies!

They want gelbots crawling through human bodies 

BEWARE! More than 1.5M power outages nationwide | Rush Hour 

Elon Musk Polled Himself Out of Twitter – And His Role in the Infodemic 

Masonic website reports: European Union Reaches Agreement to Force Everyone in EU Countries to Pay for CO2 Emissions – First Step of Personal Carbon Credit System

A Lot Of Sickness Going Around – Hugo Talks pharmakeia 

‘Zelensky’s arrival will draw poignant echoes of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s arrival in Washington, 81 years ago on Thursday’  [Churchill, born on Nov. 30, making this meeting taking place 11 months and 9 days before the anniversary of his birthdate. 119 as in their 9/11 hoax code!]

Blockbuster Cold Strikes North America; UK On For Its 9th Coldest December In 363-Years Of Record-Keeping; Japan’s Unprecedented Snow Continues, Strands Drivers

The vice prime minister of Ukraine posted this video: ‘Ukraine 2030’ (FUTURE Of Ukraine, 2030 – Most Free/Digital Country On Earth) 

Re-upload Freemason Dr. Mercola: Rocket Fuel Compound Found in Diabetes Medication 

Spicing Up Your Meals to Build Your Gut Health


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