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His presence can flow through computers and satellites unhindered. God wants a close relationship with you. A precious woman, called to minister to His most wounded lambs writes….

June 22, 2024




God wants you to have a life that is well-rounded and well-grounded in God and His truth.

His Presence Online is a multifaceted Christian ministry for the church of the end times. On this website you will find a variety of information vital for the end times. This is the time of the harvest when you will see good and evil come into full fruition at the same time. The fullness of good is you, the believer, coming into the fullness of Christ with divine health, the Scriptures opened in depth, and your spiritual side fully awakened and in communion with God. The fullness of evil is the New World Order (NWO) and satanic ritual abuse, which are closely related. You will learn on this site how SRA can be fully healed when the presence of God is released to do the ministry.
[His Presence Online also covers many testimonies and current topics, among other things. I’ll try my best to share some, and translate them into Dutch, so that you can use the translation button of the website itself that only translates from Dutch into other languages.]



I would like to share with you what God has taught me about how to do this ministry successfully and yet not endanger my relationship with my husband or with people in my community whom I consider to be my friends.

There is a variety of teaching advising how to minister for satanic ritual abuse

Whenever I hear some of this information, it makes my head swim. I can’t remember what they’re teaching. I can write it down and try to figure it out, and still be confused.

After twenty-six years of successfully ministering for satanic ritual abuse (SRA)….

I want to share with others why I have been able to minister without anyone requiring hospitalization or special psychiatric care, which doesn’t work for SRA anyway. This way of ministry has to do with my priorities.

Putting God first is the key to successful ministry

However, that means different things to different people, so here is my perspective on this.
First of all, if you are involved in SRA ministry or feel called to this ministry but have not yet begun, I suggest that you ask yourself one very important question. Why did God create me, or more exactly, what does He desire from me? The answer is very simple. God wants you for himself. He wants a close relationship with you. Our dear friend of many years, DeVern Fromke, who went to be with Jesus a few years ago, taught that God wants many sons and daughters just like Jesus. If you would enjoy some rock-solid biblical teaching, just do an Internet search of his name, and you will find a wealth of life-changing information. He was a very humble man, yet many well-known pastors whose names you would recognize considered him to be their mentor and the one they called when facing overwhelming problems in their own ministries and lives.
I have learned over the years that….

Even though God has called me to minister to His most wounded lambs….

He is more interested in my relationship with Him than in the ministry He has called me to. Therefore, He has placed strict guidelines in my life that I believe would be good for anyone, whether called to ministry or not. He expects me to be up very early in the morning, so I can spend several hours in His presence with prayer and Bible study, before I begin my day. Out of this, the ministry flows. It is a ministry of His presence. Hence the title of my website, His Presence Online. I have found that when I minister:

His presence flows through computers and satellites unhindered.


My job, if you want to call it that, is to bring God’s presence to whomever I minister to

I don’t need to spend time researching how to do the ministry, as all I’m required to do is bring God’s presence whenever I meet with someone. The Lord knows everything that ever happened to them. He knows all their parts (sometimes called dissociated personality parts, or alters) and where they are hidden in their inner world. So when I pray:

“Jesus, what parts do you want us to meet today?”….

He knows exactly who needs help!

The parts may make themselves known only to the presenting person I’m ministering to, or talk directly to me. Some people just have an impression of something coming into their mind as I pray. However it happens, all I need to do is apply basic biblical principles in guiding that part to deliverance and healing.

These principles include:

*releasing their pain
*forgiving their tormenters
*identifying and renouncing lies they believe relevant to the memory
*renouncing any vows they made
*asking forgiveness for themselves if need be, etc.

There may be demons behind each one of these aforementioned principles

Sometimes those just leave once the issues of the memory are dealt with. Other times we need to cast them out. Everyone is different, so I just minister according to what works for that person.

Satanically ritually abused people are often open to dimensions of the spiritual realm that are closed to the rest of us

The veils that shut us away from that dimension have been removed from them in rituals, thereby enabling them to see and hear spirits — demon spirits and even angelic ones.

They are also sensitive to the presence of the Lord

They often know what He is saying and see what He is doing. Therefore, when I finish ministering as I mentioned above, I ask the Lord to come and minister to them. He will then give them a message and minister to their wounded parts.

I tell this to try to convince people that ministry to these abused persons is not difficult

It is only difficult if you try to do the ministry yourself! I have listened to teachings by other ministers who say you have to find a certain kind of part, say for example a core personality part, or you won’t be successful in the ministry. That may be true, but the difference for me is I don’t go looking for that part. Jesus knows where it is and He brings it forth at exactly the right time.
Another thing they may teach is that if you don’t find a certain kind of part, the ministry will come to a standstill, and the person will never make further progress. Again, I categorically reject this teaching because in my twenty-six years of SRA ministry, I have never reached a place where the person could not move forward. Sometimes there is a short break while they work through a current problem, such as a move to a new home, family difficulties, etc. But when life gets back to normal, the memory work and progress continue.

Many years of experience does help the ministry flow better

But I want to add that the first woman I ministered to in 1992 was abused in places all over the world. Her father was a Baptist minister, a very evil man who abused his daughter on a daily basis and trafficked her out for others to abuse. There was no one safe in her life at home. She was abused in the Vatican, the United Nations, by Presidents, and people in high places in foreign countries. She was split into thousands of pieces! She was full of sophisticated programming. I had no idea what to do.

I had no one to guide me

All I could do was pray. As I prayed, God taught me, and God moved. She was completely healed and integrated in just three years! At one point she said she had a bomb inside, and it was about to go off. I had no clue what to do, so I asked Jesus to remove the bomb — and He did! I have heard other counselors talk about how difficult it was to try to remove a bomb without it exploding. I don’t have to explain to any part that they need to disconnect certain wires or anything of the sort. Just pray; Jesus removes the bomb and it is gone.

In the midst of all the darkness of satanic ritual abuse — and make no mistake about it, it is horrendous….

there can be found the glory, power and awesome love of the Lord Jesus Christ, if the minister releases Him to come. At the end of every horrible memory (after they have broken legal rights and demons are cast out), I ask the Lord to come and minister to the person. Because the veil to the spirit realm has been torn apart for them, they are also able to see into the good supernatural of God. Jesus comes and does amazing things as He ministers to each abused part. I say nothing more than:

“Lord Jesus, would You please come minister to this person.” 


If He didn’t show up, nothing would happen, because I don’t make suggestions as to what He should do, but each ministry time ends with Jesus himself giving the person something that shows His love and gives encouragement.

It was amazing to see God work!

The last person who completed their memories, and was fully integrated, was finished in just six months. I believe she was finished this quickly because she grew up with loving parents and had good relationships with her siblings. Therefore, in spite of extreme abuse and extensive programming, she had a ground of being that gave her a foundation from which to work. This does not mean there weren’t challenges to be overcome, or that it wasn’t painful, but God moved mightily. I am usually able to help a person stop going out to rituals early in the ministry process, but I encountered between 28 and 30 programs in her that took her out every night to be abused. We did not get these all shut down until the very last. At one point in the process towards the very end, when I was out of ideas on how to pray, it came into my mind that there might be an angel who would help us.

After all, we each have at least one guardian angel

So we asked Jesus if He would permit an angel to instruct us. She became aware of an angel standing beside her. As she asked the angel questions, he began to instruct us.
The angel said that during rituals, her soul had been divided up into five parts that were all held captive in the third dimension. He said the third dimension is not hell and it is not heaven.

What is the third dimension?

It is a place in between where angels and demons fight for the souls of people! He gave us all the information we needed to know how to pray, and in less than an hour, all those parts were set free and seated with Jesus in heaven. She was done.

At this point, Jesus began to instruct her

He said she is to rest now. Her soul is safe now, because He has brought her to a place of safety. Her handler’s authority over her has been cancelled, and sealed with Jesus’ blood. He has placed her high above her enemies! As real as all this seemed, it was hard for her to believe she could actually be free from her lifetime of abuse, but the next day proved to her that this was real. There were many things in her life that were different now.

The freedom was unmistakable!

She knows she will never go out again. I tell this to make my point that no amount of formal education or ministry formula could bring about this kind of deliverance. This was the presence of God at work.

This would not have occurred….

without someone like me, someone who has no particular gifts of seeing into people or hearing audible voices, etc., but just someone who spends time with God, being present.
That’s what it’s all about, folks.

It is all about Jesus

We live in an age where education is king, when it comes to just about any endeavor. Spending hours a day with Jesus, and being transformed into His likeness, will not give you credentials that society will give any credence to.

It is hard to convince people that this is the only foundation for ministry you need!

As you spend time with Jesus, you find out who you are in Him. Your faith grows. You, yourself, experience His presence. This, and knowing that God has called you to the satanic ritual abuse ministry, is all you need to successfully minister.

Yes, it does help to understand what is going on

My book ‘Restoring Survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse’ helps with that. Once you understand some basic things, you can go forth, armed with the presence of God, and begin bringing down the enemy strongholds in people’s lives.
This book should find its place in the libraries of pastors, church leaders, Bible schools, etc. as a manual to guide in understanding and ministering deliverance to the captives as Jesus came to do.


“If you are called [by the Lord God] into SRA ministry, it’s the single most enlightening, informative and realistic book available on the subject!” – a review


Patricia Baird Clark

It was prophesied to Patricia and her husband Stoner in 1972….

that God was preparing them for specific ministries in the end times. After many years of pastoring churches, their ministries have crystallized into specific areas germane to the end times. They travel and present seminars for churches and church leaders on the following topics:

*becoming the church Jesus is coming for in the Rapture
*how to minister for SRA
*revelation seen inwardly and allegorically
*living supernaturally in the end times
*and other topics





Ministering Jesus’ Presence to Set the Captives Free



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