Exposé of the week – There’s something strange going on with the Sun

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May 26, 2024


Exposé – Have you also noticed something odd with the sun lately?

Many people report….


Two suns in Dubai!

‘My wife took these pictures in Sidney Mt a week ago:’


#Two Suns


Have you ever seen this?


Two suns ☀️ ☀️ in the sky


The Truth About Our Changing Sun: Solar Storms or Artificial Sun Simulator?

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>>>‘Have you noticed something odd with the sun lately? From claims of two suns to an overly bright sky, there’s speculation that our sun may be holding secrets. Are we witnessing natural solar storms or the effects of an artificial sun simulator experiment? Or are we dealing with Planet X or Wormwood here?

Dive into this mind-bending discovery as we explore the visible differences in sunlight intensity, from scorching plants and trees by a stinging sun to an unbearable glare.

Uncover the truth about active sun simulators – yes, there are more than one! – created by companies worldwide to emit powerful solar energy for power generation. Could these ground-based experiments be interfering with nature’s sun?

The recent Northern Lights phenomenon across Europe adds fuel to the solar storm theory, but are we being misled about the real cause?

Join us as we investigate the potential dangers of solar flares and coronal mass ejections disrupting communication and power grids worldwide. Is there a hidden agenda behind the sun simulator technology? Prepare for a thought-provoking exploration that challenges our understanding of the celestial body that sustains life on Earth.’


And this donation beggar also has something to say, it seems:



And I kept wondering why every year the sun seems to burn and sting your skin earlier and earlier when sunbathing, for example…. Indeed, what’s going on….?


World’s largest Artifical Sun

‘The light and heat on which everything on Earth relies for growth comes from the energy released by nuclear fusion reactions in the sun. The ITER project is designed to simulate the fusion process of the sun’s heat and light, and to explore the feasibility of commercialization of controlled fusion technology. ITER is a TOKAMAK machine capable of generating large-scale nuclear fusion reactions, known as the world’s largest “Artificial Sun”, and is jointly implemented by China, the European Union, India, Japan, South Korea, Russia and the United States.’
That’s what the Masonic website PR Newswire (= 69) lets us know. Who knows which other countries are participating!



#TwoSuns on Twitter: https://x.com/search?q=%23TwoSuns&src=typed_query

China Undertakes: An installation contract for the world’s largest “Artificial Sun” TOKAMAK Signed

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