No sound – Documentation of the Shreveport Louisiana radar pulse ‘HAARP ring’

January 17, 2023  Seen as a pulse on RADAR, coming from the NEXRAD radar station, the HAARP ring occurred in high frequency, not microwave (USA).
January 18, 2023


Dutchsinse reports:
‘I am the discoverer of ‘HAARP rings’ in case you didn’t know.’


1/18/2023 — No Sound — Documentation of the Shreveport Louisiana RADAR pulse “HAARP ring”


January 17, 2023  2026 (UTC)…

Seen as a pulse on RADAR, coming from the NEXRAD RADAR station, this ‘pulse’ occurred as the klystron was being either tuned or brought back online. The NEXRAD RADAR pulse (slang term HAARP ring) occurred actually in high frequency, not microwave. As the NEXRAD klystron tube is being calibrated, pulses are done bringing the RADAR back up to full power; these go out in all directions not in a beam like the normal microwave does. Pulses can happen anywhere from 19MHz upwards to several hundred before powering up fully into GHz output. The analog tube actually spans the spectrum going up to 2.7GHz as it is powering up from 0.

What are HAARP rings

Hear it from ‘unsealed conspiracy files’ or read on here… I am the discoverer of ‘HAARP rings’ in case you didn’t know. Pulses at a high tilt angle in HF are proved to induce CCN (cloud condensation nuclei) such as ice crystals, which is why instant hail was detected in the hydrometer classification on the return as well as 0.1 to 0.25 inch of ‘rain’ which is really just CCN in the atmosphere generated by the pulse itself. This will reverberate magnetically for up to 72 hours (3 days, and may cause severe storms to form, coming to the center of the transmitter which pulsed originally – Shreveport Louisiana.) Or come very close to the transmitter, usually starting at the 50 nautical mile range from the RADAR station and then heading directly to the center of where the pulse came from (which is the NEXRAD radar station). As you can see from this pulse, it shows up on a ‘clear’ day so to speak, no storms or other weather nearby, the pulse of HF going up into microwaves eventually is like plucking a string on a harp, hence the slang term for this we call ‘HAARP rings’… since the same concept is applied up in Alaska at HAARP, but using 1 billion watts to create plasma up in Alaska up in the ionosphere. With RADAR pulsed ‘HAARP rings’, these are from the RADAR station, pulsing at a peak wattage of 750,000 watts, simply put, this has an effect at a lower level, over a smaller area than HAARP does, and the effect isn’t plasma in the ionosphere, it is CCN and storm vortex formation within 72 hours forming and coming back to the location which created the electromagnetic ‘vortex’ to begin with. We have witnessed several thousand examples of this from Hawaii to Puerto Rico (islands) as well as all 50 states, and anywhere else that uses NEXRAD radar or tunes/pulses klystrons outdoors above 500k watts for that matter.

What to expect…

The time of year does not matter, nor do current weather conditions; after a pulse, wait up to 3 days for storms to form: extreme storms including tornadoes, large hail, and extreme wind events. These storms come to the center of where the pulse originally happened.


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