10 Climate Commandments vs 10 Georgia Guidestones Guidelines – Transcript

No individuality is allowed; they want you to make sacrifices. Some 400 private jets landed during COP27. These ones go into COP27 with different private jets flying in; they don’t think that way!

November 15, 2022


For many of us it’s as clear as day, isn’t it:


10 Climate Commandments VS 10 Georgia Guidestones Guidelines / Hugo Talks

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Around 4 minutes:

Now we’ll talk about these climate commandments…

Here we see: Activists smash tablets atop Mount Sinai to launch faith-based climate push. So this is the UN, – United Nations-backed interfaith organizations – I was talking about last week if you remember. This event kicked off on Sunday morning with, it says here, an Israeli environmental activist smashing mock tablets of stone atop an Egyptian peak, believed by many to be Mount Sinai, to symbolize the world’s failure to protect the planet, yeah?

Mocking the original Ten Commandments!

So you notice: mock tablets, counterfeit symbology, copying, imitating, not authentic… Of course, this is to mock the original Ten Commandments, and Moses who broke the tablets in the Bible!

Listen to the names of the organizations involved:

the long names they use in order to make them sound important and powerful. It says here: The Sinai Climate Partnership, symbolically launched at the ceremony, brings together the Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development, alongside the Elijah Interfaith Institute, the Peace Department, and the United Nations Faith for Earth Initiative, and the Gigawatt Global, and the Israeli Environmental Advocacy Organization. Whoa, what a mouthful, eh? They’re all binding together like the Marvel Avengers to save the world! Okay, it continues…

The group read from the new draft list of the Ten Principles for Climate Repentance

That’s your Ten Climate Commandments, or as they say: it is a first draft. And these ten conditions are formulated by dozens of multi-faith leaders meeting in London over the past few days.

Abramowitz smashed two tablets on the ground

The act was a symbolic echo of the Bible’s Moses smashing the Ten Commandments, in protest after descending Mount Sinai. One of the tablets was painted green to symbolize the Green Commandments, it says here. So it’s a mock! Yeah, it’s mocking. It’s a ceremony. It’s a counterfeit. It’s an imitation ceremony. That’s what it is. They can’t come up with anything original themselves, and we all know why! So what are these ten Climate commandments, green Commandments, as they say.
I mean, don’t you think it’s strange that the Georgia Guidestones just so happened to be blown up and destroyed earlier this year? A monument that had its own Ten Commandments, or guidelines for the Earth. Isn’t that strange? And now it’s gone! And here we have this announcement of ten climate commandments. It’s just another strange coinkidink [coincidence], isn’t it? Now remember this, as they say, it’s an early draft of their ten climate commandments. Apparently, the Pope and his interreligious dialogue are going to involve themselves with this at some point in the future, and embellish upon this draft version, right?


Let’s take a look at these Ten Climate Commandments and compare them to the Ten Georgia Guidestones Guidelines…

Now, remember, these are pretty vague, right?

1  We are stewards of this world

So number one on the Climate Commandments is: We are stewards of this world, which basically is saying, you are responsible for looking after the world. Now, from a biblical perspective, it kind of works. [Note, Hugo is not a Christian.] But it could be said that man should be in control of the earth, which is going into alignment with the whole man becoming god.
Now, if you look at the first guideline of the Georgia Guidestones, it’s about keeping the population below half a billion. [Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.] And these new Climate Commandments are supposedly about protecting the environment. Now, these people complain a lot about overpopulation. So could they mean stewardship of the world, by controlling how many people are born? And if that is so, then that goes against the whole go forth and multiply in the Bible, doesn’t it?

2  Creation manifests divinity

The second one is: Creation manifests divinity. This to me is again very vague and it’s worded in a New age way. Just type in: manifest divinity into a search engine, and look what you will find!
Again, number two on the Georgia Guidestones is: Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity. So creation, again, reproduction. We are in the same ballpark here.

3  Everything in life is interconnected

Number three: Everything in life is interconnected. Again, fake.
On the Georgia Guidestones, number three is: Unite humanity with a living new language. So we’ve got, you know, unite humanity, and oh, everything is connected. It’s a very similar vibe. And connect everyone with a new language, a One Word Religion, a one world language… That didn’t work out so well for Nimrod and the Tower of Babel, did it?

4  Do no harm

Number four is: Do no harm. Okay, fair enough.
Number Four on the Georgia Guidestones is: Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason. Again, there is a parallel there.

5  Look after tomorrow

Number five: Look after tomorrow. Again, very vague. It’s a draft, don’t you know?
Georgia Guidestones’ number five is, or was: Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts. So One World Court, protect people with over restrictive laws. Again, you know, look after tomorrow… it’s similar.

6  Rise above ego for our world

Number six: Rise above ego for our world. That means, they don’t want individuality! They want you to make sacrifices. Although these ones go into COP27, what was it, 400 different private jets flying in? They don’t think that way.
The Georgia Guidestones’ number six is: Let all nations rule internally resolve in external disputes in a world court… a One World Court… is that something to do with the Noahide laws?

7  Change our inner climate

Number seven: Change our inner climate. Now, inner climate is psychological gobbledygook, basically telling you to change inwardly. So, you know, you can change the world outwardly. You should change your opinion. That’s what they’re saying. Change your mindset. They want you to change! How about a commandment that says, why don’t you mind your own business? How about, Thou shalt not impose your will onto others? How about, stop telling people what to do? You know… How about, stop believing you think you know what’s best for other people. What gives you the right to tell people what to think? It’s these clowns who have the ego! You are the ones with the ego, and you’re the ones telling people not to have one, so that you can tell everyone what they should think.

8  Repent and return

Number eight: Repent and return.

9  Every action matters

Number nine: Every action matters.

10  Use mind, open heart

Number ten: Use mind, open heart.


All very vague but you get the idea

You have the Georgia Guidestones and these ten Climate Commandments; they are kind of very similar, yeah? The Climate Commandments are very vague and are supposedly a first draft. And then you line them up with the Georgia Guidestones, which are much, much more specific. But still they kind of tally up, you know.


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