Exposé of the week – TEMU: Discover the Mastermind behind the popular shopping app

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April 28, 2024


Exposé – Is TEMU (team up, price down) Illuminati?

Its finances are a black box and its operations shrouded in secrecy, but PDD’s extraordinary growth has made it a darling of Wall Street.

Google News: ‘News about Temu’

So why is TEMU being promoted so much?
Here are some headlines in the elite’s newspapers:

The Wall Street Journal
Exclusive | Temu’s Push Into America Pays Off Big Time for Meta and Google

Business Insider
Temu is the biggest advertiser on Meta. What could go wrong?

New York Post
Chinese shopping app Temu spent $2B on Facebook, Instagram ads: report

Google and Meta are making billions on Temu’s U.S. push

The New York Times
Big American Tech Profits From Chinese Ad Spending Spree

Mmh, Big Tech (fallen angel technology), Instagram, Meta (Facebook), and Google profit from TEMU.


Why is TEMU so coded?

Is TEMU ruled by the world government behind the scenes?
TEMU’s ‘orange’ logo also gives me a red flag.


Orange = 33 

TEMU ‘team up, price down’ = 222 in Illuminati reverse, and: 330 or 33 because the zero doesn’t count.
‘team up, price down’ = 222
British Royal Family = 222
Order out of chaos = 222
Event 201 = 222
Trump = 222


TEMU’s diversity in suppliers allows it to offer the widest merchandise selection to meet the varied needs of consumers from different backgrounds. TEMU’s name, which means ’team up, price down’, reflects its philosophy of working together to create economies of scale and value.

The prices of AliExpress?

That sounds like a dream come true, right? Indeed, many people wonder how TEMU can offer their products so cheaply…. We found some things out for you, so let’s get to the bottom of this, as we delve into the mysterious rise of TEMU, among other things.


Who owns TEMU?

And what is it?
TEMU is an online Chinese-American marketplace owned and operated by the Chinese e-commerce company PDD Holdings. It’s a giant tech company! PDD Holdings also owns Pinduoduo.
Noticed the logo?

Noticed ‘Platform for whistleblowers’?
Well, they certainly want your precious data and track & trace you! It says:
‘We hope that you will include a report with real name or provide contact information who can contact you so that a person can keep in touch, and we promise to strictly protect the whistleblower in accordance with professional practices and keep the content of the report strictly confidential. The content of the report must be objective and truthful. For reports that have been investigated and completed, we provide feedback based on the contact information you left.’
OK, ‘protect the whistleblower’? ‘Strictly confidential’? I really doubt it!

Incredibly well-known worldwide

TEMU is a Chinese e-commerce company based in the United States.
It offers goods, which are mostly shipped to consumers directly from China.

TEMU’s business model has also drawn concerns over data privacy, forced labor, intellectual property, and the quality of its products. The company has been embroiled in legal disputes with rival Shein.

The Playbite website – noticed the purple? – that lays in bed with TEMU, tells us:
‘Pinduoduo has made quite the name for itself in the online shopping world. By launching TEMU in September 2021, they aimed to bring their formula of success to shoppers in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Spain. And boy, did they succeed!’
TEMU has expanded its reach to 49 (=13) countries.
This kind of success, of course, can only come from the Illuminati, by working ‘together’ with their club members, by having an agenda, and so on. So the company is still very young, but already incredibly well-known worldwide. Just like on AliExpress, you buy anything you can think of through the TEMU app. From clothes to kitchenware and home accessories to toys for your little niece. You can’t think of anything, or you can find it there. And all at very soft prices of 1/10th to 1/2th of what you would have to pay for it here in the store.

Free products, discount codes, and games

As if the cheap prices weren’t fantastic enough, you can also get free products at TEMU. Not surprisingly, you’re hearing so many students about it now. By playing games in the app, you can earn points that you can redeem for free products.
We now know that games are part of the end game!

There is also an option to spin a wheel for discounts. and there are lots of discount codes around, that allow you to get extra discounts, such as the discount code tam91456 for 30% extra discount.

Finally, you can also earn points that allow you to get free products, if you promote TEMU to others, and new sides get extremely high discounts on top of the already spotty prices. So why is TEMU really doing everything it can to make sure you’ll order something there?


Is TEMU reliable?

What about the security of your data? Despite TEMU being a Chinese-American company, it ‘officially’ has to comply with the same laws and regulations as European companies, because it operates in the European Union. Unfortunately, this is different in practice, due to the difficulty of imposing sanctions on non-European companies when they do not comply.
Well, we already know that the elite do not follow or obey the law anyway!

TEMU collects a lot of data from their customers!

Think of your name and address, device data, payment and banking information, and all kinds of cookies. This data is used to show you targeted ads and send you offers, and not only that!

TEMU and the ‘Chinese government’

Or shall we say: ‘TEMU ruled by the world government behind the scenes’? The fact that TEMU is a Chinese company [read: Chinese-American company] means that they are required by the Chinese government to share your data with them, if they ask for it. The Chinese government [read: the hidden hand] likes to keep quite a finger in the pie, and what they then do with that data after requesting it is unclear. At the same time, this obligation applies to all Chinese companies. So also for TikTok (part of Bytedance), Aliexpress (part of Alibaba) and Huawei, for example.

The Chinese and American elite are not enemies, you know; Russia and the USA are not either! However, their time is short.


Let’s just share with you some comments of customers….

They sell cheap Chinese garbage of dubious origin, but they do deliver what you buy. 

I ordered some stuff. Some are useful. Some are not that useful and or are of poor quality. But I read somewhere that these people source from exploited labor. Hence I have decided to no longer buy stuff from them. 

Yes it’s legit and honestly they sell pretty decent items. I believe they have a warehouse somewhere in Europe because the shipping for me is the fastest of all of these websites (Amsterdam based). All my friends are hooking to buying stupid shit from it now, but we mostly avoid electronics and expensive items. 

TEMU is basically a data collecting front, which is why the items are so cheap (they’re also cheaply made). I would avoid, for many reasons – data security & environmental concerns being the top two. Quickly followed by the conditions the workers making these items are subjected to. If something seems too good to be true/too good of a deal, there are absolutely hidden costs. 

Would never order again, got a cheap offer for a 60W type c to type c cable and thought why not, only for it to stop operating after 60 seconds (not even exaggerating). 

DON’T RECCOMEND!! uninstall any apps. avoid it as much as possible. It’s a dodgy site!!! 

I once clicked on the link, got buried in spam quickly thereafter…. enough to dissuade me. 

All I know for sure is a lot of the products feature art stolen from places like Etsy. 

I did once before I realized what they are. They had what appeared to be exactly what I wanted (a small standing rack to hold pots or skillets) in the exact dimensions I wanted. It arrived and works, but it’s almost 1/2 the size they claimed it was. 

I have made a few purchases, but made the decision to stop ordering from them. The items I receive often don’t match the quality or description advertised on their website, making me feel like it’s a bit deceptive. When it comes to products you rely on regularly, it’s worth investing a bit more to ensure you get the right one. 

Phone cases were okay. Dresses for toddler princesses came good. Stuff that is broken is often replaced without having to send it back. Often sends your data to China, but my wife is Chinese so they got the data anyway. 

No and i will never ever bother to do so, most of their stuff is pretty much the same cheap garbage that a lot of other similar websites have to offer. Besides, those website aren’t flooding my entire inbox with spam emails unlike TEMU does.. 

TEMU is owned by a chinese holding company called Pinduoduo holding (which is listed on Nasdaq under the ticker PDD). They are one of the fastest growing e-commerce businesses in the world, and TEMU is a new initiative they launched out of Massachusetts*. Pinduoduo is one of the largest players in the Chinese local market, running the e-commerce platform Pinduoduo, which is similar to TEMU, just targeted to chinese/east asian residents and it is quite big there, especially in China and Vietnam. 

*John Todd is from the family line of Collins that brought witchcraft to Salem, Massachusetts. They even named the Bay that the witches landed at that they named after the head witch, his ancestor, Frances Collins. And the newspaper said that place didn’t exist. It exists; it was still there!
[This could be a coincidence of course.] 

There’s all the articles and info suggesting that the TEMU app for Android is just a massive data collector and full of malware. Assuming the iOS app shouldn’t contain this. 

All apps are data collectors. 

Have you heard they also sell your credit card info? If you want to look it up yourself…. Here, as an example for the lazy. https://old.reddit.com/r/SBCGaming/comments/15m655j/psa_account_details_getting_stolen_after_using/ 

PSA: account details getting stolen after using TEMU

I have now heard multiple stories from friends of mine about their bank account details getting stolen after using TEMU and getting money stolen from their accounts. I’m based in Australia, so all these reports are from people with Australian bank accounts, however it had happened to enough people now that it’s starting to become a pattern. I think people here should be aware of this issue.

And I could go on and on, but will stop here now with the comments. 

Do you, or your family perhaps, have experience with TEMU?

I myself have never ordered there; something in me said No, absolutely not reliable, and there is ‘something’ about it. Please let me know. Also, a person would go ‘crazy’ with how incredibly often Google/Illuminati promotes this company at the top, when one wants to purchase a product online, no matter what. Very noticeable and also quite irritating! So I thought, I must know more about this….


Who is the founder, who worked or works for the ‘mastermind’ behind it?

Colin Huang appears to be 1 of the 13 richest people in China. He ‘worked’ for Google, which is the Illuminati. Yes, how could it be otherwise! They all work together.

According to Bloomberg, Colin Huang and the Pinduoduo founding team have donated 100 million (2.37% of Pinduoduo shares) to the Starry Night Charitable Trust to ‘support fundamental research in biomedical science, agriculture, and food’. Yes, biomedical science also includes bioengineering, technology, vaccines and more of Big Pharma!
Also, think of agriculture combined with technology, and things like food technology. Of course!

And the Starry Night Foundation is an international ‘non-profit charitable’ trust, established in July 2020 by entrepreneur Colin Huang and the founding team of Pinduoduo!
By the way, this Starry Night Foundation is an international non-profit charitable trust in the field of scientific and medical research, set up by entrepreneur Colin Huang and the founding team of Pinduoduo. The foundation is overseen by so-called ‘independent’ trustees.

Is Bloomberg an Illuminati group?

If you are not yet informed where Bloomberg has its tentacles, you can read about it here:

Of course, charity is always a big coverup. When you shop at TEMU, you support the Illuminati’s agenda, and that includes: support fundamental research in biomedical science, agriculture and food.

See their logo (and their website) with the 8-pointed star:

Pinduoduo founder Colin Huang’s Starry Night Foundation donates $100 million to support agri-food tech and biomedical research
Confirmed! Agri-food technology!
It says: ‘The first set of research projects that will receive funding from the foundation includes research on cell-grown fish, neoantigens of tumors and major neurocognitive disorders.’
They are also focused on autistic children, on your data, on your donations….
TPTB (The Powers That Be) cause all these problems in the first place, and then come up with their so-called solutions, possibly revealed during the 7 years of tribulation or when people accept the mark of the beast.
These articles are a big warning not to take it, and why!
So indirectly, you’re supporting the New Age agenda with its technology and its tech-food and its so-called ‘medical science’, and whatnot…. because that’s what TEMU donated to!

We have been doing our shopping with the Illuminati for many years, only a few sites and a few stores excepted, I guess.

In the 70s – and we are now half a century further – the Illuminati already owned most of the businesses/shops, and were almost done buying up everything by then, John Todd revealed:

Even back then we were numbered; this (buying) of course applies to worldwide, not just the USA:




TEMU (marketplace)

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