John Todd Tape 3: The Illuminati agenda, their cover, common Illuminati names, and much more (Transcript)

UPDATE 02-24-2023  Tape 3: the Illuminati mentioned in the Bible, why they are well hidden and own almost everything, leader(s) of the Illuminati, the codebook on taking over the whole world by taking over the US, their power, finance as their coverup, their doctrine and version of Adam and Eve, the book of Enoch and of Noah exposed as garbage, the Council of 33, higher Masons toward lower Masons, the Genocide Act, Anti-Hoarding Act, fake energy crisis, train derailments, the Charismatics, Jesus Rock, the power of Rock music, the devils believe in God, what really scares the Illuminati, and much more.
February 22, 2023


For your merchants were the great men of the earth; for by your sorceries were all nations deceived.  Revelation 18:23b


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John Todd Tape #3 The Illuminati Agenda

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‘….We get letters every week, 10, 20, 30 letters, of people that have heard our tapes, and our ministry has done something for their lives, in places we’ve never been and people will never see. So I was a little shocked tonight when so many people heard my testimony that had never met me.

Ephesians 6:12

This is what we’ll be teaching on tomorrow night, hoping that we’ll have a large bring in of materials that we’ll be talking about tonight to destroy.

I want you to write a Scripture text across the book of Revelation 18:23

At the bottom of the Scripture, it says:

…. for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived… (talking to Babylon).

There’s no better Scripture that I know from the Word of God to describe the Illuminati!

Which is what we’ll be talking about tonight. And we’re going to start… I want you to find the three pyramids. Well, most people do not understand the Illuminati. How many people here have ever done any study on the Illuminati, before they heard of me? Okay, how many have done some study before they’ve heard my tapes? A couple? Okay. Boy, the rest of you is in for a surprise tonight.

I don’t want people to listen to me, and walk out of here and just accept the things

I would kind of like it when people go out here to vote ‘he’s not (right)’, because they’ll go and they’ll try and research to prove that I’m wrong. And the more they research the more they start believing me. It’s impossible to research history, and research the Conspiracy, research the Illuminati, without coming away a solid believer.

It was well hidden

How many people have a set of encyclopaedias at home, a good set? Go home tonight, look up the word Illuminati. And in some of the encyclopaedias, you will find that it existed, but does not exist now. And in other encyclopaedias, you will find that it existed and still exists now, but they don’t tell you anything about it.

Now, I want to explain a book, before I give you the title

And I want you to choose carefully as to whether you want it or not. I don’t want you later getting mad at me, because I recommended it. It is not a Christian book. It is not a political book. It is an Illuminati book! The book was ordered, written and produced by Philip Rothschild, the leader of the Illuminati in his day and age. It was ordered and written by a woman, named Ayn Rand. And she was, at that time, one of those Rothschilds’ mistresses. It was written some 12 years ago. She was already a well-known author, and her books sell nationwide. Most people who read them are communists. And she wrote this book; it was supposed to be a novel; it’s 1100 pages. So if you don’t like to read, don’t buy it. And it was written as a novel, supposedly, but…

It is a codebook!

And within the book is a step by step plan to take over the whole world, by taking over the United States. I’m going to say many things tonight, but a lot of people will try and go out here and say that I’m anti-American. No, I’m extremely pro-American. I couldn’t be that before I became a Christian. But I’m extremely pro-American.

I am just anti-government that exists within America today

Because it is not the government of the people any longer. And I’m pro-people government. At the term is misused by communists a lot, I’m sorry if you’re upset that I use it, but that’s exactly what it says in the Constitution.

The power of the Illuminati

And I’ll give you an explanation: the Illuminati is as following…
First, most people found the Illuminati insane since they crossed their path. People found it in the occult, and mistakenly they have said, ‘Aha, the Illuminati is the occult!’ Then they have found it in the Masons [Freemasonry], and they said, ‘Aha, the Illuminati is the Masons!’ Then they have found it in politics, and said, ‘Aha, politics’! And then they found it in the international banking system, or they found it in Zionism. So they listed it as just being that.
Actually, it has all these things, and much more. They found it in the Mormon religion, because the leaders in the Mormon religion are high echelons in the Illuminati! They have found it in the John Birch Society; that’s because the man who leads the John Birch Society is both a high degree Mason and a Mormon! But…

The Illuminati is all these things; and it’s tar [cover, coverup] is finance

If you would take its finance away, which is impossible…

‘Atlas Shrugged’

Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot to tell you the name of the book. The book is called ‘Atlas Shrugged’. Atlas: you know, Atlas, the book that maps the whole of the world. Shrugged, like you shrug your shoulders. Now, this is the warning that goes with it. I’ll be talking about occult books tonight, and how demons are in occult books, and in their music, and so on. This isn’t so with this book! They didn’t place a spell on this book, because they did not want people to buy this book, other than those told to buy it within the occult, and within the Illuminati. They are extremely mad because just this year alone, they sold several millions, mostly to Christians! And they don’t like that! In fact, they tried to stop printing it, but the people don’t want to stop printing it, for they’re making so much money. The bad thing about it, though, is that since it is written as a novel, it has some passages that, I think, might belong in hustler or other places, maybe out of 1100 pages you might count five, that are this way. You can tear them out and throw them away. They’re just stuck in there on purpose in order to keep Christians from reading the book! So if you should get to a passage that is a little… something you shouldn’t read, just turn to the next page. It’ll be over by then. And you can go on with the story. Now, if you don’t like to read, skip the first 200 pages. The first 200 pages is exactly the way most people in the world are: they’re very boring. No, actually, there’s a conspiracy from people in all the walks of life talking about this incident happening, and that incident happening… And you know, it’s very boring to the fact, if you know that it’s the Conspiracy [other name for the Illuminati] that’s planning the incidents, it’s like reading the newspaper today. You don’t really know what’s happening behind it!
But after about the first 200 pages, 8,9 chapters, something like that, it starts showing you that everything that is happening, is conspired to happen. And I’m going to give you all these things and I want to say stuff before I get to the rest of the reading list.

The common name for the Illuminati is the Conspiracy or the Great Conspiracy

Now, until we lost the school system to people within the Communist Party, and within the organization of the Illuminati, and so on, you were taught in your history classes, – and some people can remember this, if they want to confess up to being that old – that history was taught that it happened because somebody conspired for it to happen. Then we didn’t want in this nation, anybody to get ideas that maybe our government was a conspiracy. So they decided to start teaching that it just happened because it happened, you know. ‘World War 2 happened because a couple of people got mad; World War 1 happened because two people got mad. The Depression happened because we bought too much too soon, without enough money.’ They did not want anybody to get the idea that it all happened because somebody conspired for it to happen. But I hope to accomplish one thing tonight, more than anything, that I will change your attitude, that I’ll set new forms of patterns, or whatever, in your life, that you will walk out of here, and when something happens, you’ll go: ‘Now I wonder what they’re really up to’. Really! Okay?

I want to start with the yellow sheet [with the pyramids]

Now there’s something missing on the yellow sheet. Under the First National Bank [on your yellow sheet], write: Federal Reserve Act, or the Federal Reserve Commission, FRC, FRA, whichever way you want to write it, you can abbreviate it or whatever you want to do. All right? Now, if you look at the pyramids… now that was the one that belongs to the organization!
Now, there’s no way to preach a sermon when you’re given a teaching like this; I’m going to play schoolteacher tonight. If some of you find it boring, you happen to be in the wrong meeting? Because you might as well think that you’re back in high school or going to college, or whatever, because that’s about what it’s going to be like tonight. I’m going to give a lot of facts. I’m going to try and leave enough time, that we can have some questions, because there’s no way I can say all I’m going to say tonight, without leaving some people in confusion.

Start with the one that says ‘organizations’

And if you’ll notice on all the pyramids, the first three blocks are exactly the same! Now if you’ve heard my testimony, you know that I came from the Council of 13. Now I want to stop and take about three minutes to explain:

The doctrine of the high parts of the occult:

The last four levels of the occult, or the last three levels of the occult, the fourth, fifth, and sixth level… And most of the modern cults today, particularly Mormonism, believe the same thing. How many people ever saw a movie, called ‘The Dunwich Horror’? Nobody ever saw that movie? A couple of people saw it. Okay, that was probably one of the strongest movies, truthful about witchcraft and their beliefs that ever existed! Now there was the original occult Bible, witchcraft Bible, which was called ‘The Necronomicon’. There are only three copies in existence today. One is in the town in St. Petersburg Cathedral in the USSR. One is in New York, and said it’s not so. One is in Glasgow, and one is in London… Now from that the ‘Book of Shadows’, the occult Bible, came into existence! Several books have been written from the Necronomicon, and are in many Christians hands today, which we hope that it will burn before it’s over.

Now, according to the Necronomicon, the beginning of the world happened to men or mortals

It says that mortals, or everyday earthly men, women, and so on, kind of descended from the apes, and so on. And that, at the beginning of this world, the son of the creator of all the dimensions and universe came from the dimension that the gods dwell in. They came here by – believe it or not – flying saucers [UFOs], and that they mated with the people of this world. And their children were the witches. And this is actually found in a book, called the ‘Book of Enoch’, which contains the Book of Noah’, which contains all of this garbage! Now, according to it, the little people were the witches, the fairies, the hobbits, the elves, and so on, and they were the dwellers of this world. And then, through intermarriage, they started becoming everyday people.
Now, the son of Lucifer was called Adam. Except, they don’t call him Lucifer; that is in the Mormon Bible. They teach, Adam being the father of this world. And Eve, they also call her: Chavah, Diana, ISIS, Aphrodite… many names, Celine… She was the ‘mother of creation’, and was his wife. Now, according to this doctrine, the people that came to this world were the gods that lived on Olympus, and other places of high altitude. And that when the Rothschilds, back in the seventeenth century, or so, the gods started living in the Rothschilds! They had chosen them as the purest family in the occult belief. And through the Rothschilds, making them gods, – not mortals, not witches, but gods themselves – they created the Illuminati!

They believe that Adam is alive again today, and is ready to rule the world…

with ‘peace’, by the way, what else!

Now if you look at the pyramids…

The capstone is freed from the pyramid, because the capstone is the Rothschilds, and they do not consider them human. They consider them gods! And the eye is the father god, Lucifer! Now the Council of 13 is right there because they are the Rothschilds’ private ministers, the Illuminati functions  – and all of the pagan governments use the function of: Babylon, of Moab, of Egypt, of Greece, of Rome, of Scotland, of Ireland, and so on. All the pagan governments function the same way. The priests and priestesses of the temple told the rulers of the government, like the pharaohs, or the Caesars, or whatever, what to do, because they were told by the gods what to do! And the pharaohs listened to them.
Now, in this case, the gods are the Rothschilds. So if I’m speaking tonight, and if you heard my testimony, wondering:

‘Why can one man, so young, in witchcraft, and so on, tell governors and senators, and sometimes even presidents, what to do?’

It’s because they belong to the Illuminati! And the Illuminati is a taken government that listens to them [the Rotschilds], because they don’t give the orders. They [governors, senators, presidents, ministers, kings, queens] simply repeat the orders that were given to them by that capstone, called the Rothschilds.

Now we drew the three pyramids that make up the Illuminati

You can study them later.

Let’s take organizations…

I want to read you something. Now, many of you know that I did a book [booklet, tract] for Chick Publications, called the ‘Broken Cross’. We’ve written another one that will be out in about three months. You wouldn’t believe the threats that have come over this book. It hits the Mormons, it hits the occult, it hits the Conspiracy and the Rothschilds, it hits the Masons… Man! I think they’re gonna have to go into a bomb shelter, that has bulletproof windows over there. And it has really brought the infiltrators within the Christian church out into public!

A passage from the book that came out for high Freemasons…

I’m going to read you a passage from one of the highest books, written in Masonry. It’s a book that is only supposed to be read by 33rd degree Masons, and by those of the 30th, 31st, and 32nd whose lives prove that they are not Christians, that they can handle this book too. We have a copy of it; we pulled up that copy, and we have been showing it around the country. We have been getting people out of the Masons, right, left, because we don’t get a lot of Masons matter too. But I’m not going to do what I used to do and really pick on the Masons tonight.

I’m just simply going to read from two books of theirs [the Freemasons]

And I’m gonna let the Masons draw their own conclusions: 

“That which we must say to a crowd is – We worship a god, but it is the god that one adores without superstition. To you, Sovereign Grand Inspectors General, we say this, that you may repeat it to the Brethren of the 32nd, 31st, and 30th degrees – The Masonic Religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian Doctrine. If Lucifer were not god, would Abaddon…”

Now before going on, to say Abaddon, it is found in Revelation, – for you students of Revelation – as the keeper of the pit, the demon over all the rest of the demons, whatever ‘donn’…

the God of the Christians, whose deeds prove his cruelty, perfidy and hatred of man, barbarism and repulsion for science, would Abaddon and his priests, calumniate him? Yes, Lucifer is god… Thus, the doctrine of satanism is a heresy; and the true and pure philosophical religion is the belief in Lucifer, the equal of Abaddon (Jesus Christ); but Lucifer, god of light and god of good, is struggling for humanity against Abaddon, the God of darkness and evil.” They are calling Jesus Abaddon! They are calling Lucifer everything we believe of Jesus, and Jesus everything that we believe of the devil. And that’s in one of their own books.

You’ll notice on these three blocks, on any of them: the Council of 33

The Council of 33 is the following… Within the Masons, there is the 32nd degree, and then there is an honorary 33rd. And then there is the 33rd. I’m going to read you from the last piece of Freemasonry, written by Manley P. Hall, a 33rd degree Mason, and co-authored by another man, a 33rd degree, and illustrated by a 32nd degree Mason. All were in the Masons! This was written in 1942. It’s a book for Masons only.

The initiation to become a member of the Council of 33

I’m going to read you the initiation to become a member of the Council of 33: the third, or actually the second highest Counsel within the Illuminati: 

“When the Mason learns that the key to the warrior on the block is the proper application of the dynamo of living power, he has learned the mystery of his craft, the seething energies of Lucifer are in his hands, and before he may step onwards and upwards, he must prove his ability to properly apply (this) energy. He must follow in the footsteps of his forefather, Tubal-Cain, who with the mighty strength of the war god hammered his sword into a plowshare.”

When I was in the occult, I complained at our Council meetings

Because the 33rd Council had so much power. And I felt it was unjust because I had proven myself so greatly to Lucifer. You know, witches are very proud people. And I complained that they didn’t do the same thing. Now, we really didn’t know what the Council of 33 did or what their rights were, because we were Collins and they were Masons.
When I got saved and saw this, I found that they did do the same thing! The warrior on the block right, where they must prove their ability to properly apply this energy… the warrior on the block  right, is human sacrifice. They did do the same!

The very leaders that lead in the Masonic belief…

They set up the high initiates; they laugh at the Blue Lodge, and those below them, because of what they really know and who they really worship!

We had a man saved about three weeks ago in Jacksonville, Florida; it was a 32nd degree Mason

His father was a 33rd degree, her father in law was a 33rd, his mother, and future mother in law, and fiancé were all in the Eastern Star… And he was ready to torn the warrior on the block when he was saved. He told us: “Can I come hide in your retreat? My own parents will set me up to be killed, because I have left the Masons!” Now that’s a 32nd degree Mason, saying that. You think about it, alright?

The Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations

Go with me to the back of that purple sheet of political organizations… The Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations have two separate blocks there, and it shouldn’t really be. The Trilateral Commission is the brain centre of the Council on Foreign Relations. Most people do not know that America, without being an official member, is a member of the European Common Market. The Trilateral Commission is the American version of the European Common Market. Every man in the Council on Foreign Relations, and every man in the Trilateral Commission believes that Lucifer is god supreme, has declared it, has taken a vow of secrecy, and has dedicated his life to seeing that ‘Adam’ will change the world! Our president is a member of the Trilateral Commission, and that is a well-known fact for people who dig into politics. So, please, don’t tell me how great a Christian he is.

When you study Atlas Shrugged…

This book was written, as I said, 12 years ago. You will find out that you are reading the front pages of the paper today! [This book states:] the oil shortage that doesn’t exist. They say that they destroy their own oil wells, that they hide their own oil, so nobody can have it. They state how they destroy the coal mines, and shut the coal mines down. They shut the electricity down. They say how they cripple the country, and no food is grown. It states how they pick and derail trains, so that no trains go. It states how they sink and …? thousands of ships every year. We just recently heard a report by the Coast Guard down in Florida, how they’re asking people not to sail out on pleasure craft in the Bermuda Triangle area, not because they believe in the Bermuda Triangle, but because of a 1,000 ships were parted last year, and everybody on board was killed and dumped into the ocean! Now they don’t like to put that part up on the front page, you see. That might cause some people to wonder about something. And this is all in this book that was written 12 years ago! And in the book, they gain control the world by bankrupting their own businesses. The Illuminati owns most, I would say 99,09% of the stores that you walk into and shop, and the gas stations you go to. And they are going to destroy them on purpose! They are in the process of buying up, for the last few years, of stores they don’t own. They just bought up two guys, and you can watch for them to go out of business. And they keep in business, the ones that they’ve always owned, and they are going to bankrupt the ones they don’t own, and cripple them and destroy them! And the idea of taking over is to bankrupt the whole world, where nothing is of any value, and the currency does not exist anywhere, and then come back and solve all the problems!

I heard [someone] say about the energy crisis

He said, “It’s funny. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Republicans or Democrats. They get elected, they cause these problems, and then they solve them. So it looks like they’re doing something”. Now that’s about the way it really is! And the book Atlas Shrugged ends with the hero John Galt, which is really Philip Rothchild. Lifting his hands up in the air, and drawing the symbol of his organization, – it never says ‘Illuminati’ in the book – and says, “We shall follow this symbol”, and the symbol that he draws for you, is the dollar sign! Now the dollar sign is only used in America, by the way, nowhere else, to represent money. It’s almost 8,000 years old or probably older. It goes back and you can find it in the pyramids. It means: to scorch or to punish, and to punishment to purify and make right. That’s what it means. Funny that that’s what we symbolize our money.

The Rothschilds lead the Illuminati

And in every country, they have a family, with the head of that family being the head of the Illuminati!
In the United States, we have the Rockefellers. David Rockefeller is the head of both the Council of Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Administration or Council, which is the name of the Illuminati within the United States. There are more blocks in these things and more blocks in the pyramids, but we have placed the main blocks, that would interest America. And the main source of finance for the Illuminati and the whole world, of particularly in the United States, is the Standard Oil Company!

I’m going to educate you about something tonight, that the Illuminati hoped nobody would ever find out about

Of course, you can check out who owns Standard Oil. That’s David Rockefeller. He’s the owner of Standard Oil. Now when we were in the Illuminati, we had to learn the hieroglyphics of the Illuminati, and we had to go and shop at the stores that the Illuminati marks themselves: marks their stores by. Of course they own almost everything, but their main businesses they mark. And Standard Oil is the conglomerate that owns almost everything! I’m going to tell you the things they own. You wouldn’t believe what they own; it’s that astonishing! If I ask most people today, besides Standard Oil, what would you say was the number one conglomerate within the United States? Anybody… tell me. Sears? That’s Standard Oil.

Standard Oil and General Motors

They own Ford, they own American Motors, they own Chrysler… Now, you’ll see federal department stores down here. Federal department stores is: Sears, Kennie’s… A, man very close, very popular within the Illuminati, – he doesn’t live too far from here – he owns all the federal department stores, Lesley Columbus?: his name is Lazarus. Now Lazarus owns federal department stores. Federal department stores owns Gold Circle. They own Kresge, which owns Kmart. They own just about every department store in the United States, …?, Ontario, and so on. They own Woolworths, which owns locals. But Standard owns Mobil, and Mobil owns Montgomery Ward. You get the message?

They mark their companies

Now you can find out what Standard owns, because they mark their signs with blue and red, everything they own! They also – in all of the oil companies – mark their oil companies with occult symbols! The main symbol is the sign of their god: the five pointed star.

The strongest version I’ve ever seen of a five point star are radiating rainbow colors!
Because they know that Lucifer is the god of the rainbow, as they put it. And if you read Ezekiel 28, you’ll find out who he is. He does kind of radiate like a rainbow, he is covered with different colored jewels, and so on. And this thing, they have so-called an arrow through it, because that’s the sign of casting spells: the arrow. They show you 76, because May, 1776 is the birth date of the Illuminati. They use the sign of what witches practice in; it’s the magic circle. When they write Mobil, they write everything in blue, but they leave the circle on red. Most people don’t even notice that, but that is the difference.

The winged horse, Pegasus, is the messenger of the gods

It goes on and on and on! Holiday’s is the star with the rainbows. And you just go on and on.
The Eightfold Path of what a witch must master to be a powerful witch, is the symbol of the triangle …? That’s owned by them. So I see that they’ve got Sears separated from federal departments stores; they really shouldn’t.

Shell Oil was the last oil company to go

And queen Juliana, which is a member of the 500 here and her husband, Chris Bryden, and Philip Rothschild, own 90% of Shell Oil. Gall? doesn’t bear an occult sign because it’s owned by British Products, and British products is owned by the Illuminati. …? is owned by the mafia that’s controlled by the Illuminati. I don’t know why … 76 is separate because it’s a member of Standard Oil. But this will give you an idea.

First National Bank is doing a new thing now

They’re putting out 13 circles on their buildings with all the emblems of the Illuminati on them. I guess they weren’t lost or out of power. They’ve used the 13, plus the eye, plus all different things, and so on. Chase Manhattan Bank and Bank of America are both owned by the Rockefellers. First National is owned by the Dows and the DuPonts and the Kennedys.

The Federal Reserve Act

Most people think it’s the middle section of the United States government; it’s not! The Federal Reserve Act is a stockholder owned company. It’s illegal, it’s against the Constitution of the United States, but nobody dares oppose it. Now, what most people don’t realize is that the Constitution says: Congress will set our weights and measures and the values of our dollar. But the Federal Reserve Act does that!

Now the Federal Reserve Act was pushed through by Woodrow Wilson, the first Illuminati president since Thomas Jefferson. And he was smart! He adjourned everybody to go home for the Christmas holidays, and kept 55 congressmen and senators back that belong to the Illuminati, just held back before they could run Congress. And before that everybody could get back here during Congress, and they passed the Federal Reserve Act. You see, now they do it in a different way: they own everybody.

Take up this blue sheet that says ‘lluminati plan for World Takeover’

It says, democratic president gets laws enacted. The first law that the Illuminati have, that they have not yet passed yet, it’s the number one law they want passed. It’s called the D. Gun Act, penned by Isaac Barnum, which you’ll find on the Council of 33 list there. But it’s supposed to really be penned by Martin D., who led Jimmy Carter’s campaign, and is head of the National Handgun Control Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Now most people don’t know how important it is that we not lose our Constitutional right to own a gun! The Illuminati will never be able to start Helter Skelter, unless they can convince the people that they’re not going to have to go from door to door, fighting their way down the street, as they burn and kill and rape and everything else. So they have promised them that there will be nothing existing in the form of guns in anybody’s hands within the next year and a half. Now, I think that that’s where the Illuminati is going to have a little problem. Because they had counted on passing the same law in Massachusetts as a test law, and they lost it. The law would have given the National Guard the right to come into your home, and the State Police, without a search warrant, and search for your guns and confiscate them, and arrest you if you had not turned them in within 60 days of the passing of the law. They thought that, since Massachusetts was the strongest anti-gun state in the nation, and since Kennedy supposedly wrote the bill himself, that it would get passed! Well, what a shock, they lost, almost three to one. And that is their fear that maybe that same law would not be passed in the United States.

The other laws removed tax exemption from churches

House Bill 41. By the way, did they pass that bill? They passed it. It was about tax or something here. They didn’t come to vote. Okay. Now, 41, I understand, has been passed by now, at least by my information of what I can get. It pulls the tax exemption from churches not belonging to the Council of Churches, or not having memberships of 500. And then it says that you must go to court, and prove that you should stay tax deductible, and you’ll spend a couple of million dollars in court, so it’s not worth battling. Then those that keep their status, all accept those belongings to the National Council of churches and denomination, which leaves out Independent Baptist, by the way. All, accept them. No other exemption. You will have your name, your address, your phone number, printed in every post office in the United States. Plus you may have an IRS on it without any reason. This is what the bill is about.

The next is the Genocide Act

This law was defeated eight years ago! And it’s up for vote again in about three or four weeks. Now, it will send you to the federal penitentiary, if you convert somebody from the faith that they were born into. I don’t mean born again into. It’s a copy of a law in Egypt, that you must leave everybody alone to their own faith. That means, if you convert a Mormon, a Catholic, a Southern Baptist, something like this… If you convert somebody from another faith, even if they’re over 21, their parents may press charges against you and have you indicted! Not for conversion of somebody… catch this: for genocide! And you’ll stand trial, not for some misdemeanor, but for murder. That’s right! And that one is being pushed through!

The next is the presidential martial law powers; it’s called the Martial Law Act

It’s already been passed. I think it passed last November, signed, enacted in a law. I want to say something, if you haven’t heard about these, that’s because you technologically do something that the Illuminati counts upon.

Now people, I’m going to try and change your life with this…

When Congress is arguing over something, about a law that they’re going to pass, or something that they’re going to do, or somebody they want to fire or to get rid of…. start digging and find out what they are really doing, that you’re not hearing on the television! The only time Congress or the government argues, or does publicity about anything they’re doing is, when they don’t want you to know what else they’re doing. It’s a smokescreen! When they fired, – I can’t think of his name now – the guy that was on president Carter’s committee and so on… when they fired him, they passed the Martial Law Act, while you weren’t looking.

Right now, they passed House Bill 41, and they’re trying to pass the Genocide Act, without you knowing it, while they argue over the Panama Canal! Now, we’re never going to give Panama Canal off, even if the law is passed, because we’re supposed to get up in the year 200?, and all the people in politics believe that we’ll have a world government by the year 1980. So they don’t plan on giving it up. In fact, they don’t even believe the Panama Canal is going to exist anymore, that it’s going to be blown off the face of the map in a world war, about the year 1980. So they don’t care what they do! They’re arguing over it, they could pass it right now, if they wanted to! They’re arguing over and feuding and fostering and gaining as much publicity as possible, so you won’t know about the other laws that they’re trying to pass! So when you hear something big, that explodes, like the upcoming trials on the Congressman, and soon over the Korean thing, that’s probably about the time that they’ll probably pass the Anti-Hoarding Act, and finish up the Genocide Act!

The Anti-Hoarding Act forbids you…

to own more than one month food, or one month’s fuel supplies, on the penalty of one year, and $5,000 fine, one year in federal penitentiary. Now, I want you to go home and ask yourself why our government – we’re not starving yet – why they want to pass the law forbidding you to have more than one month food supply in your home, why you are not allowed to stockpile food. We’re not in World War Two. When you have to do this, you will know there’s a reason for it. Those are the major laws that they are trying to pass.

They stop the Illuminati at the Rockefellers

They also say they have David, and Nelson, and these type of people, as the leaders of the Illuminati; they’re not! Second, they also say that the Illuminati – and it’s in many books, and I can prove it in a minute – is a Zionist conspiracy. And it is not a Zionist conspiracy. The Learned Elders of Zion, or the synagogue of satan: that were Jews that believed that Lucifer was the true god. Okay? They existed before the Illuminati! And the Illuminati, you know, used their teachings to start the Illuminati. But they’re not Zionists! In fact, most of their leaders are Gaelic. The Rothschilds are Zionists by birth, but they quit believing in Yahweh hundreds of years ago. And Weishaupt already left the Jewish church, and has been a Catholic and a satanist before the Illuminati was formed! And on and on.
And [while lying to the world] they [are telling them that they] tried to make the Rockefellers, and everybody, at one time a ‘Jew’, and everybody ‘had changed their names to hide they are Jew’, and ‘all the Jews are the evil people and they leave the Illuminati’….. Well, I have news for them [who have been brainwashed by this lie]. I sat on the Council of 13, that runs that organization. And my family has never been a Jew! They’re all from Scotland. So something is wrong in the translation somewhere. And I cannot believe that a member of the Council of 33, the second highest Council within the Illuminati, can run an organization that exposes the Illuminati! It just doesn’t make sense!

The Birch Society

And another strongest thing, – well, we’ll let that one go, that’s a little too strong for anybody around here. All I can say is, that the Birch Society is like the Masons.

Another group is the Charismatics

Now, I’m gonna hit another group here, and you’re not gonna like it. We’ve got some people here [who are Charismatics], but hear me out before you all want to lynch me at one time. It’s like the Charismatics. And that’s because the people, the ‘little people’, like the coal miners, and like the farmers’ strike, and like the Teamsters… You’ve got the people in it below, who do not know who its leaders are. Okay? Now, when I said, I had to hand money to people…! Okay? And why then people wonder, ‘Why are you mad at these people? These people are good people of God. Why are you mad at them?’ How would you feel if you had to take millions of dollars and checks and currencies, and dispose it to these people in order to do things for the Illuminati? Would you respect them as Christians? Well, I didn’t. Too much money went to the Birch Society? from the Illuminati.

I saw $35 million in two years go into the Charismatic movement in order to build the four biggest churches in the United States that lead us, plus the Full Gospel Business Men. I saw $14 million given to …? security in one night. I can’t accept it.

Some of its biggest people, like the man you mentioned, and Gary Allen, have both stood up and just literally ripped by name the Baptist Fundamental Church apart! And have you ever seen the Blue Book of the Birch Society? No Christian can read that book, and say: that book is a Christian book. All right? And I’ve heard them stand up, and say: “They’re fools in the Fundamental Church!” Okay? No, I cannot [answer that question]. And anyway, so let’s pass over that. When I hit that, I also hit a dozen other things all at once. I’m gonna get lynched by three different groups, before I get out of here.

What is the Charismatic movement?

The Charismatic movement, to the outside people, is the movement that declares the speaking of tongues. That’s separate from the Pentecostal denominations and churches. Most people do not realize that the Pentecostal churches are not part of the Charismatic movement. In fact, many of them oppose it. The Charismatic movement, in reality, was one of three steps, declared back in 1964, to do two things. Well, the main function was to destroy the Fundamental church of any type. The Masons was one, and the Charismatic Church was another. Okay? And then the political maneuvers was the third.

Most people get caught up in the Charismatic movement

They don’t stand back; they watch it! It has two distinct sides where it goes; if it isn’t a Fundamental church, it splits it every time. And the other thing it does is, that it unites all the Liberal churches. It has brought the Catholics, the Lutherans, and the Mormons, – even the Mormons! – the Methodists, the Episcopalians, Presbyterians, everybody, together! Now I’m gonna make some quotations. See, I’m not a Charismatic, I admit it. But I’m not a Baptist either. So don’t say I’m saying it because I’m a Baptist; I’m against it. I’m against this for one reason: I was on the Council of 13, and had to pay too many millions of dollars out to that organization to accept that it be of God, and its leaders, because I know most of its leaders by first name.

They used the Charismatic movement to establish Jesus Rock

I had to deliver a $4 million check. That was the second $4 million check, that Chuck Smith who created Calvary Chapel, Maranatha Productions, received from the Illuminati. And he knew it was Illuminati money, before you go out of here and say that he didn’t. The purpose of it was to build Maranatha Industries and Productions, which started Jesus Rock.

Back then, when the Christian church was preaching against Rock music…

not knowing why, but preaching against it, and throwing it out of the churches, that scared the Illuminati and the occult world to death! At that time, they almost thought their end had come. Because if that really happened within the Christian church, the Christian church would have the biggest mass revival of souls in the United States that this world has ever seen! That’s the purpose of Rock music, to make sure that that never takes place. So they got smart, they thought, and they built Jesus Rock!

You can take some of the top Jesus Rock songs…

And you could play the same Rock songs over here, and it’s the very same tune, with new words stuck in.

Now I want to give you a key, that witches know about

The sign of the devil’s music, – they say of Lucifer’s music – is not the words; it’s the music, the powers in the music. The sign of Christian music is not the music; it’s the words. That’s why one song written by a group will catch on, and will bless Christians hearts, and others won’t. Have you ever wondered why The Gaithers are the number one group in the United States? Not because they’re singing ‘grace’, but because of the songs [the music] they write, and the power in those songs.

Now I know, from being in the occult world, the power of music

And I’m saying all this because the thing about Rock music was, I was the leader of Zodiac Productions, which is the conglomerate that owns almost all of the Rock booking agencies and production of concerts in the United States. Almost 95% of the groups that you hear in concert, belong to contract to Zodiac Productions. Most of the friends that I have, – that are still in the world – are friends that I met in the Rock industry, are people whose albums you buy today. Okay?

The Illuminati doesn’t produce Rock music to entertain you

They don’t produce Rock music to make money. They don’t need that money; they own everything anyway! They do it to put demonic influence in your life! The music is a spell, and every witch knows it. That’s why when somebody is saved out of the occult, and says, “Pastor, what do I do?” The pastor will go and say, “Well, burn everything that has to do with the occult”. That’s all the pastor says. And they’ll bring in their Rock records. Nobody has to tell them to do it. They were in witchcraft. They know what Rock music is. Now kids, I’m gonna get you with this…

Parents, don’t pray your kid throw out the Rock music

It doesn’t belong to them; it belongs to you! You are the head of the house. And although you think it belongs to them, according to God’s word, everything in that house is yours. And you are the one that will face Jesus, and He will say: ‘Why you had…’. The problem with Christians, particularly a Baptist church, is that they don’t realize that there are two judgments coming, one for the lost, and one for the saved. And you will have to give account of the judgment seat of Christ, for the things you didn’t do, and did do. So if you’re saying that you’re keeping your kids from being rebellious, by having the Rock music in the home… I’ve got a surprise for you! They wouldn’t be rebellious if you’d burnt this stuff! So go home tonight, and get rid of it. Go home and count how many demons are in your home, for at least a minimum number, by how many Rock albums and 45s your kids have.

Now, we started out with Charismatic somehow…

Probably the strongest person in the Charismatic movement is the man who led the Charismatic Conference in Kansas City. And Charismatics, I’m not picking on you as individuals; I’m picking on the leaders in the movement itself. Just like I’m not picking on Masons; I’m picking on the leaders of the Masons. Now, it’s funny, I come in here and I can tear down Billy Graham and nobody will lynch me. Somebody might think I’m crazy, but they’ll let me alone. But if I get the Charismatic church, and I touch one of their people up here, they’re ready to crucify me on a moment’s notice! Now, I’m gonna tell you this…

The man who led the Charismatic Conference was a Catholic Cardinal

And when they elected Pope Paul, lost by two votes… And I don’t know if you have noticed, but Pope Paul is in critical condition. They’re already talking about a new pope. And they’re proclaiming him ‘by a landslide’ the leader of the Catholic Charismatic Movement, and, by the way, the leader of most of the Charismatic movement. He said five years ago, at the Notre Dam Conference, – as a matter of public record, they’d like to keep it from you: “Give him 10 years, and you’ll have all of the churches as one, because of the Charismatic movement!” That’s why the uniting of the Liberal and the destruction of the Fundamental, you’ll never get the fundamental churches to unite as one. They can’t stop arguing long enough to do it. Which I praise the Lord for. But they are getting the Liberals.

Most of you would not be in this meeting, unless Jesus was your Savior

But I have talked to thousands of leaders in the Charismatic movement, who say it is not necessary to repent of your sins, and be born again. Demos Shakarian, – and this is what they must believe – had an optimism that he does not believe that you need to repent. He does not believe in the Rapture. And he does not believe in the tribulation. He believes that an One World Government is coming, which Christians will lead. He has said over and over: “If you receive the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues, and you belong to a church that is not preaching the Word of God, don’t leave it. Stay there. Don’t leave it”. Now I believe that the Word of God says, ‘Come out from amongst them, and be separate!’ And I also believe that the same that’s when a prophet prophesized wrong, one time, you mark him and leave him alone. If a man preaches false doctrine, you leave him alone. Or you can leave me alone, if you think I’m wrong about Charismatics; that doesn’t bother me a bit.

My job is to tell you what’s happening

And I’m gonna tell you, whether you like it or not. You yelled for, you prayed the Lord, well, tell Him about the Masons… keep on praying.

The third most powerful man in the Charismatic movement is Ralph Wilkerson

Ralph Wilkerson is the head. He really is the person who tells all the Charismatic leaders that he is actually the number one, but he’s supposed to be ranked third. He is the man who must appear before the Council of 13 to take back the orders to all the rest of the people in the Charismatic movement. He is the pastor of a multimillion dollar church, called Melodyland, one of the largest independent Charismatic Bible schools and universities in the country. And they gave that man so much! Everything that is there, the Illuminati bought and built for him, and him knowing it the whole time. The reason that he preaches that witches can’t be saved, and can never be saved, is because he is so scared that some of us will blab on him, right? Well, I’m doing it, too. The reason I say that this is great, – and why would I lie about this; particular I have nothing to gain: I go into Charismatic churches to say the same thing; I do! You think that’s rough here?

You ought to be there!

When I got saved, I told the Lord, that everything that I knew the devil was doing now, I was going to let the world know. And man, I’m going to let them know, whether you like it or not.
And I can go on with more churches and more churches. The point is, you’re going to have to question yourself about the thing.

People are preaching a last day revival in the United States…

The only last day revival we’re going to get in the United States is the devil’s [a false revival]. You may not like it, but the United States is just like Jerusalem and Jeremiah… They were all waiting for God to save them, when the prophet [Jeremia] was telling them that God was going to let them be destroyed, because of their sinful ways. They went on with things that you went off under every tree, and committed whoredom with every belief, there was a worship with all the pagan gods; that’s America.

The biggest, fastest growing religion in the United States is the occult!

And that’s a fact. We’re not having a Christian revival. It really tickles me, how we’re supposed to have two thirds of the population is born again Christians.

I understood that almost 75% of the United States went into witchcraft, went into the occult!

Something is wrong here somewhere. People, something is terribly wrong!… to have at the same time, such supposably mass revival of a Christian belief… something stinks somewhere. You’re gonna have to pray about it yourselves. But I’m telling it you for a fact.

You’d better question

You’d better question what you are into, and the little groups, and I don’t know.
I get all the Charismatic books, and read them and all the teachings. And I know what’s taught by this person or that… It’s funny, they’ll say in one place something, in some place something different, in some place something else, and so on. I don’t know if they ever know what they’re saying. And they’re really recommending that you not go to church. Most of my teachers, my friends, and others, are preaching, stop going to church, to go home, hold your own individual prayer meetings in your house. And don’t go to church anymore.
I’m sorry, that’s not the Word of God!

There will be a day when you won’t be able to go to church, but, while you can do it!

That day has not come yet. And your home won’t be safe when it comes either!


Questions and answers

You were talking about symbols. Now, we don’t have a choice… [Mark of the Beast question]

John: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, let’s back up a minute here. The Bible says that if you take it, you are lost! This is the Mark!

Let’s talk about this tattoo [you mentioned] for a minute. It says that an angel of the Lord is going to come down, and seal God’s people in the forehead and hand. Does that mean we’re gonna walk around with a tattoo? If it’s spiritual there, it’s spiritual when we’re sealed in the forehead and the hand with the Mark of the beast. [This is what John Todd personally believed 40-50 years ago – only ‘spiritual’, and chips were not yet known; that was later in the ’80s.]

The forehead means the mind

And the hand means the works. It always has in Bible prophecy, and it always will. There’s something strange. We’ll go over to Ezekiel, we will go over to Isaiah, we’ll go over to all the other prophets. We’ll read their prophecies, and Daniel’s, and we will say, “Oh, praise the Lord! That means this, and that means that, and so on. We know that the dry bones means something, and the wheel within the wheel means something, and the statute with the ten toes means something”. We’ll go over to Revelations, and we’ll say, “Well, of course the antichrist is not going to be a dragon with ten heads, or, seven heads and ten horns, and so on so forth. We don’t really believe he’s going to be that!” And we’ll call that spiritual. But we’ll go over here, and call something else physical. What makes Revelations different than the rest of the prophecy books? I thought it was the same God giving the prophecies. You can’t do it that way.

Now when this Mark comes, and you take it, you’ve made your stand

As for me and my family, we’re gonna serve the Lord. And you can’t do both. So you have to go home and ask yourself what you’re going to do, when you can’t go to the grocery store.
I mean, they don’t put a sign, and say: “Here we are!” No, the witchcraft is undercover. Totally. But it’s not so undercover that most people on the base don’t know it exists. Okay?

Melodyland teaches that witches can never be saved, or anybody that ever practiced in the occult

We got a lot of lost people at night because a lot of people read their astrology charts. Ralph Wilkerson is teaching that there is no Rapture, that the church will need to go through the tribulation, or there’ll be no tribulation; he hasn’t quite made up his mind yet. I want to think about these, because I want to make sure I word them the way that he worded them: ‘The Old Testament is not the ordained Word of God, that Lucifer inspired it [O.T.], and the 10 commandments were not written by God, or delivered by God to Moses, that Moses was fooled, and the devil delivered’. I’d say that describes his view right there. Now these are things that he has said, and are being taught in his Bible college.

We are not under the Law; we are under the grace

Paul is talking about grace, mercy, law, and so on. Now, I would never place myself under law, because one thing I learned in witchcraft was, that all of the devils power was to the law, and that he was defeated by ….? But he’s our accuser. Okay? People get very hostile at me when I say that, according to a Christian’s life depends not… they are not immune from a witch casting a spell on them, or demonic influences in their life, just because they’re a Christian. That’s not a cure-all. Most people don’t understand what I mean, when I say it: there are Christians that have accepted Jesus as their Savior. And there are Christians that have accepted Him as Lord.
By the way, I’m going to add, Ralph Wilson also teaches that satan and Jesus have been united.

The thing here about the symbols is, it’s like the Word of God

The Word of God was inspired by the Holy Spirit to man [vs the symbols by satan]. Okay, that it wasn’t created by men. Men didn’t sit down, and take it up. Any person with any intelligence can know, it couldn’t have been put together the way it was put together, with man’s intelligence. You couldn’t do it with a computer. Okay, this [the Word of God] has power! Most people don’t realize how much power. You should have been a witch, then you know how much power. This has power to it, because of the words that are in it, and the power of those words; that’s power. Now, we have found this very extensively; that’s why some of the other translations are so bad, because they’ve stripped the power out of it. 

This jewelry was inspired by the devil

And all I can tell you is, that I have seen two things that, at a Council meeting of 13 it was decided, that above all, more powerful than Rock music, more powerful than Christians-only books, and astrology charts, and Ouija Boards, was to place this [jewelry] in their hands. All I can tell you is that the demons are following this. They’re not going to follow a slice of pork sacrifice to an idol, but they’re going to follow the idol.

Now, let’s take the two Christians

A person totally serving Jesus Christ as Lord is not going to have an immune life anyway.
I think that Jesus stopped being the Lord of your life when you know this, and keep it [the idol]! I mean, you’re not going to set up in your house an altar, just because it’s safe to go into a pagan temple where the statue is safe. Okay, so you’re not going to. When you know [it’s wrong] you’re going to get rid of it! That’s the idea…
It’s not jewelry! The trick with jewelry is, it’s not the symbol: it’s when it’s casting jewelry that holds its power.

Question: What are they?

Well, they belong to the same bank. Chase Manhattan Bank owns Prudential. Actually, Lloyd’s of London owns most of the insurance companies in the United States. And Lloyd’s of London owns Chase Manhattan.
When you study conglomerates, you’ll find out there are four conglomerates in the world, and everything is owned by them. It doesn’t matter who they say owns them! It’s who really owns who owns them. Okay, I think you’ll get the message.

I believe in eternal security

I believe in everything I believe in for reasons that I see. I came to believe in eternal security, a very real matter. Because I believe in demons, possession, and demons in Christians’ lives. And I’ve seen hundreds, actually thousands of people that have been Christians originally, going to witchcraft. And no matter what they did, they couldn’t be possessed! That convinced me right on the line. This may not mean anything to you, but it meant to me. Now I believe in eternal security.
I have a question for you.

What happens if a Christian blasphemes the Holy Ghost?

I believe in eternal security, but I believe that if you knowingly blaspheme the Holy Spirit, you are lost! I believe that’s what the Bible says to people by Jesus Christ.
The Holy Ghost can come in many ways. When you sit there and you take the sign that the Bible has said… Now remember, we’re not talking about the lost. We are talking about the Christian who goes all the way through the Word of God! That taking that is rejecting God, and rejecting God is blaspheming the Holy Spirit, when you reject Him knowingly. The Bible says that if you blaspheme the Holy Ghost you’re lost.

Do you believe that a Christian can sin?

Sure, but if he can sin, as you can sin, he may not be lost. But does he have to ask for forgiveness of the sin that he committed after he is saved? If you sin after you have had your sins washed away, do you have to repent of the sin you’ve committed? I asked you a question. Do you have to repent of that sin? [Then the man answered No.] Thank you. That’s all I wanted to know. That’s not the Word of God.

Is the Moonies movement connected with the Illuminati?
The Moonies and the Christians and The Way were all created for one purpose, and that was to pass the Genocide Act, because when the Genocide Act was first tried to pass, the Christians spot it. This time it’s being passed, because the Southern Baptist Church and BJ and other places are backing it to stop the Moonies. And I don’t know if they realize what it really means. It means that the same thing can be done to a Christian.’

Because somebody says they believe in God, big deal, the devils do too

They know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God!
No, the Bible, through and through, particularly Deuteronomy 18, forbids spiritualism, the consulting of familiar spirits, and demons, consulting of mediums. These people shall be cast in the lake of fire. And before the Blood covenant, it was punished by stoning and death.

The Spiritual Church is called the Spiritual Church of America

They believe in God! But their teaching is not the Word of God. They don’t believe in heaven, they don’t believe in hell, they believe in reincarnation, they don’t believe in the devil, they don’t believe in demons, they don’t believe in salvation, repentance, being born again… nothing!

About 70-80 years ago, the Illuminati decided that not everybody would worship witchcraft

So they called for the major beliefs out of witchcraft.
Spiritualism, which created psychic killing, and many other supposedly ‘fine gifts’, and so on, that were counterfeits.
They created the astrology separate; that’s when astrology started picking up.
They created Yoga, and TM (Transcendental Meditation), which was astral projection.
And they created psychic powers, or ESP, and so on. They call it parapsychology, telekinesis, and so on, which is the same thing as casting spells! This way, by giving it scientific names. Professors at parapsychology never red Acts 16:16-18. That would blow their philosophies out the window!
It’s definitely of the devil.

What really scares the Illuminati?

Teachers who teach: an armed Christian, preparing for the end times for Christians will see trouble before the Rapture, the requirement of Christian retreat, the separation of the Christian from the world, the Lordship of Christ, teaching on the Illuminati and other things the way it really is… that really scares the Illuminati! Because that is an enemy they can’t reach; he is sold out. Okay?

I was born again completely a new person

Let me explain what born again is first. I’m tired of people saying they are born again when they are not. Born again is two things.
One: it is the complete change of your life. If you are not a changed creature, you are not born again! And the only way to be a changed creature is through repentance. That doesn’t mean that you are perfect, and that you will not sin.
Second: the fruit of the Spirit [the Holy Spirit] will be present in your life, if you are a Lordship Christian. I can’t believe that a person can be a born again Christian, and is not sold out to Jesus. When you know that He is the Lord of your life, there the fruit of the Spirit will be. That happened to me on Labor Day 1972.’



John Todd

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