Exposé of the week – Are Cow Farts really killing the planet?

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December 31, 2023


Exposé – Cow Burps and Farts debunked

DSM reported once:

‘Large scale pilot proves methane-reducing feed additive Bovaer® is ready for roll-out in the Netherlands’

DSM = 11, 63=666, 216 = 6x6x6
Bovaer® = 36, 63, 99
Burp = 33, 63

‘Dutch dairy company Royal FrieslandCampina, dsm-firmenich, and feed supplier Agrifirm have successfully incorporated Bovaer® into the regular farming activities of 158 dairy farms in the Netherlands in the world’s first large-scale on-farm use of the ‘methane-reducing’ feed additive for cattle. The six month program [so it was already going on], which started in 2022, confirmed that Bovaer® can easily be introduced at scale without affecting animal health, milk production or milk composition. This work supports the quicker adoption of Bovaer® by the dairy sector, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping the Netherlands to reach its climate targets.’

18 or more countries, starting in the USA in 2024
Did you know that feed additives a new technology is?
And they have finished over 65 feeding trials in 18 countries! [Again, the 666]

The technology already started in 2022, or perhaps earlier without us knowing it
Many, many websites, run by Freemasons, will tell you the same climate propaganda, such as Euractive (=33):

From ‘burp’ to fork: EU approves first methane-busting feed additive for cattle
Did you notice the emphasized word ‘burp’? This is not a coincidence!
And is this telling us there’s coming even more?

Euroactive writes: ‘The newly approved feed additive in 2022 aims at suppressing the enzyme that triggers methane production in a cow’s rumen.
An innovative feed additive that reduces the emission of methane from livestock farming has been granted formal marketing approval by EU countries.’

Even their dates are important to them: 02-23-2022 or 223 & 222
And zeros don’t count….
‘On Wednesday (23 February), Bovaer, a feed additive developed by the Dutch company DSM, was approved by the standing committee on Plant, Animals, Food and Feed (scoPAFF), which brings together representatives of EU27 member states and is chaired by a European Commission representative.
This feed additive aims at suppressing the enzyme that triggers methane production in a cow’s rumen. According to the DSM, the additive reduces enteric methane emissions by approximately 30% for dairy cows and as much as 90% for beef cows.’
Noticed the made up, prefabricated, coded, planned, set-up numbers, numbers that are important to the elite?

Don’t believe the so-called ‘safety level’-lie:
‘According to EFSA scientists, Bovaer is also safe for dairy cows at the maximum recommended level, adding that using the additive under the proposed conditions is of no concern for consumer safety and the environment.’

Don’t believe Google either: ‘Is Bovaer safe?’
‘Bovaer® is a feed additive that enables farmers to achieve a significant and immediate reduction of the environmental footprint of meat, milk, and dairy products. On average, it reduces enteric methane emissions by 30% from dairy cows and 45% from beef cattle.’

‘Bovaer® is the ‘most extensively studied and scientifically proven’ solution to the challenge of burped methane to date — with 50+ on-farms trials in 15 countries and more than 50 peer-reviewed scientific studies. In every case, it has proven safe for animal, farmer and consumer.’

Really? What do the ‘experts’ say while saying it’s just ‘safe’?

Safety and efficacy of a feed additive consisting of 3-nitrooxypropanol (Bovaer® 10) for ruminants for milk production and reproduction (DSM Nutritional Products Ltd)

>>> Abstract
Following a request from the European Commission, EFSA was asked to deliver a scientific opinion on the safety and efficacy of Bovaer® 10 as a zootechnical additive for ruminants for milk production and reproduction. Systemic exposure or site of contact toxicity for the active substance 3-nitrooxypropanol (3-NOP), for which genotoxicity has not been fully clarified, in the target species, is unlikely based on ADME data available. Consequently, the FEEDAP Panel concluded that Bovaer® 10 was safe for dairy cows at the maximum recommended level. [Really?] However, as a margin of safety could not be established, the FEEDAP Panel could not conclude on the safety of the additive for other animal species/categories. The FEEDAP Panel considered that the consumer was exposed to 3-nitrooxypropionic acid (NOPA), which is one of the 3-NOP metabolites. NOPA was not genotoxic based on the studies provided. The FEEDAP Panel concluded that the use of Bovaer® 10 in animal nutrition under the conditions of use proposed was of no concern for consumer safety and for the environment. The FEEDAP Panel concluded that the active substance 3-NOP may be harmful if inhaled. It is irritant (but not corrosive) to skin, irritant to the eyes but it is not a skin sensitiser. As the genotoxicity of 3-NOP is not completely elucidated, the exposure through inhalation of the additive may represent an additional risk for the user….

Outcome of assessment of 3-Nitrooxypropanol “3-NOP” – Assessment

>>> This section focuses on the outcome of the assessment:  [Note the many assumptions]
2.2.2.    Safety for the consumer    Carcinogenicity

The applicant presented a 2-year carcinogenicity study in Wistar rats in which benign mesenchymal cell tumours were reported in 4 out of 49 females at the top dose of 300 mg/kg bw/day of 3-NOP given orally. Based on these results, the original study report concluded there was evidence of carcinogenicity in female rats….    Genotoxicity
In the second study, using oral dosing, the results were negative except for males dosed at the top dose and sacrificed at 24 hours, in which micronuclei* were statistically significantly increased compared to the negative control, but with a frequency that was within the historical control range. Based on the OECD guidance on establishing the biological relevance of a result in this assay, which is neither clearly positive nor clearly negative, AFFAJEG members recognised the requirement for external expert judgement….
[Micronucleus: it usually is a sign of genotoxic events and chromosomal instability. Micronuclei are commonly seen in cancerous cells and may indicate genomic damage events that can increase the risk of developmental or degenerative diseases.]

2.2.3.    Safety for the user
The applicant presented a comprehensive set of data to support evidence of safety for the user. It was noted that the studies were carried out using the active substance (3-NOP) itself, as opposed to the final formulated product but this was not considered to be a cause for concern and tests were considered representative of the product. The studies included in the application were:
ACute inhalation toxicity
Local lymph node assay for skin sensitisation
bovine corneal opacity and permeability test for eye irritancy
In vitro skin corrosion and irritation tests
Based on the data presented, the AFFAJEG concluded that the additive should be considered corrosive to the eyes and a skin irritant but not corrosive to skin or a sensitiser to skin. The applicant claimed that the additive should not be considered as harmful by inhalation, but AFFAJEG experts noted that some adverse effects were found in the acute inhalation study presented and recommended that measures to control exposure, such as masks, may need to be considered when handling the additive.

Make no mistake!
When TPTB mess with the digestive tract and beneficial gut bacteria in livestock, it also ends up in us humans, in our gut, and then in our brain, through the meat we eat, the milk and all other dairy products we drink, unless of course it’s organic meat, etc.

I often wonder, where the richest people on earth get their meat and dairy products from, when they are increasingly poisoning us through the food system.

A future fearmongering story will be, ‘Then the cows farted, and everybody died’.
This is ridiculous! And ‘climate’ is not even the reason they are doing it. Starving us into submission and death is the name of the game. Since it is very harmful to both farm animals and us humans, who depend on it.



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