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BEWARE! Google Rolls Out Passkeys to (Eventually) Kill Passwords 

Spy Balloon Season Back on May Day, the Birthday of The Illuminati 

5/05/2023 – Something strange is going on with the Weather – Gravity waves? Undulating storms? 

Russia Claims Putin Targeted in Drone Assassination Attempt 

Tulsi Gabbard Suggests Obama Devised Biden’s ‘Ministry of Truth’ Disinformation Board 

Biden is just a front man 

7grainsofsalt with: Freemason Robert J.F. Kennedy on his 2024 run in first sit-down interview 

Solar Activity Down, Global Temperatures Down, Arctic Sea Ice Up 

For those who’re interested: Proof Global Warming Is ‘Man(n)-Made’ 

Guatemala: More than 1,000 evacuated as active volcano named ‘Fuego’ erupts | Oneindia News 

The Alleged Allen Premium Outlets Shooting in Texas was the Third Shooting on 5/6 

US approves 1st vaccine for RSV after decades of attempts, Pfizer wants to inject pregnant women to ‘protect’ newborns 

Freemason Dr. Mercola: Will meat be banned?  [Don’t share your data with him for the so-called ‘solution’!] 

This is what hate speech against migrants does: Texas Driver Hits Migrants at Bus stop 


Exposé of the week 

Tony Koretz of Aminutetomidnite – Why has he so many Freemasons on his website lately? 

A list of some Freemasons on Tony’s YouTube channel & website:

#StanDeyo, making Freemason hand signs, connected to late Dr. John Trump, uncle of Donald Trump
#LeoHohmann, connected to Jan Markell
#DougGodkin of ‘AmeoLife’ (=66,36)
#JamieWalden, connected to Freemason Steve Quayle, for example
#AlexNewman, united with Freemason Mike Lindell, etc.
#JohnHaller, united with many Freemasons (deleted his Masonic images from his Facebook now!)

Freemasons Dr. John Trump (uncle Donald Trump) and Stan Deyo making Freemason hand sign


My email to Tony Koretz, Joanie Stahl of Field Notes, and Brook Ardoins

Hi Tony,

Shared with you in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ…
I write you this email because I was flabbergasted when I saw Lynette Zang in your program. I recognized the Freemason logo symbolism (and some hand signals) immediately, and by some things she said.
And I therefore think she is working as a Shill, a controlled opposition, which means many truths mixed with lies. 

Lynette Zang net worth

Her net worth is 393 million dollars; her influence on the internet is huge. And you really believe she is honest with you?
She is not a Christian, she is just one of them, part of the same club, working together with many of her club, gathering your and my data, which is of course worth gold!

They know gold and silver won’t help you in the end. Many true Christians had even dreams about that. (I know there are many false dreams also, and many false christians, on the internet.)

Lynette Zang seems to be on our side, but the opposite is true!

Lynette Zang is known for her work on The Stefan Molyneux Channel (2006) and ITM Trading (2010).
Who is this guy, Stefan Molyneux? Please ask yourself and do your own research as well:

Stefan Molyneux is an Irish-Canadian, far-right nationalist, antisemite, and leader in the alt-right movement. He promotes scientific racism, which is the belief that there is empirical evidence suggesting the superiority of white people over non-white individuals.* Molyneux, who is the host of Freedomain Radio, which is billed as the “largest philosophy conversation in the world,” is also an avid promoter of eugenics, antisemitism, and misogyny (=hatred against women).

It’s not my intention to offend you, but to warn you, shake you awake, since I saw more Freemasons fly by on your channel/website now… I once warned you about one or two of them… Freemason John Haller, Freemason Alex Newman, Freemason Leo Hohmann, Freemason Stan Deyo.
It’s so sad.
I also pray for them – Freemasons, etc. – for they have been deceived as well.

Greetings, also to your wife, Holly


>>> Unfortunately, I never got any response back. Please pray for them.


Yes, also Alex Newman is one of them, part of the club, as you can see here:
He is united with Freemason Mike Lindell… you know, from tv… the pillow guy.
And he, of course, has many connections with the UN:

Alex Newman’s website Liberty Sentinel equals 216 (6 x 6 x 6, or 666). Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Note that Alex Newman received many rewards.

Alex was or still is part of FOX News (666).

You must have been noticing that Tony also believes that Freemason Tucker Carlson, once working for FOX News, just tells us the full truth. Of course, we know better now. His departure, etc…. it’s all a stage, even scripted by the numbers.

It’s such a pity that Tony Koretz from Aminutetomidnite doesn’t see it about these persons. I even warned him two times about John Haller… no response.

Note that Alex Newman, a false christian, is also connected to Carrie Madej and other famous ‘doctors’!
And he currently serves as a contributor to Freemason websites, such as: The Epoch Times, WND (World Net Daily), FreedomProject Media, The New American magazine, the Law Enforcement Intelligence Brief, and more!
Wake up, be alert, dear people! Freemasonry has been infiltrated in most alternative media as well.


And what about Leo Hohmann in Tony’s show, who is connected to the false christian Jan Markell, among others. See also the white dove within the hexagram, the six-pointed star: her logo!

Please let me know more about Tony Koretz – if you know anything more, – whom I thought was a Christian, but now I’m beginning to doubt this more and more, considering he is deceived.

Remember, Freemasons bring you many truths, mixed with lies!


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