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Scientists Alarmed by Leak named “Pythias’ Oasis” (=73 or 777, 99) in the Bottom of the Ocean 

BEWARE: Spiral in the sky amazes Alaskans 

Pope Gifts King Charles Jesus ‘Cross’ Shards & MARK / Hugo Talks 

EU USA Today (=33): Gas prices are rising again for many drivers 

Australia’s Bureau Of Meteorology Caught Red Handed Cooking The Temperature Book 

War Monitor (=33) reports: Amazing meteor fireball disintegrates in loud boom over Kyiv, Ukraine, prompting fear and panic 

BEWARE! Don’t take the v@x: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: FDA Authorizes Changes to Simplify Use of Bivalent mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines 

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky tells Congress that vaccinated individuals can, in fact, spread COVID  [and she’s still lying about ‘variants’, and so on]

A. Musk’s Scripted SpaceX “Starship” Explodes Midair All by The Numbers [sorry for his language] 

And after A., read B.: Misleading, alternative news from Freemason Hal Turner with his so-called ‘insider information’, in order to distract many from the full truth! 

2nd Booster 

Freemason Dr. Mercola (also connected to Freemason Alex Jones): Glycine to Increase Longevity and Decrease Depression 

Junk Food ‘Brainwashes’ You so You’re Wired to Eat More 

Beef Producers Panic Over mRNA Vaccine News  [probably going on for a long time] 

Iodine Truth And Lies 

The Parent’s Guide To The Myths Of Good Or Bad Pesticides – Your Tap Water Contains Dozens of Pesticides!


Exposé of the week 

Who is behind BitChute? 

BitChute was founded in 2017 by British web developer Ray Vahey in order to create a so-called ‘free speech’ alternative to YouTube. While the company is based in the UK, Vahey lives in Thailand. 

My comment on Reddit, because more people have upload problems in Bitchute, due to real cen$orship: 

I have the same problem after more than 12 hours, 3 the same videos are stuck.
Yes, ‘anything goes’, as long as it’s pro-Q, pro-Trump, anti-semitic, anti-christian, you name it. I just googled it.
The ‘small’ support team told me, ‘delete the 3 videos, and try again’, which I won’t do because I want to wait a couple of days to save myself some time.  🙂


Bitchute connections
A small (?) Bitchute team, connected to prominent figures and organizations and video platforms, such as Gab and Parler, etc. And, of course, like many others in the Club, Bitchute is fake-b@nned, and has no lack of support at all for this very reason. 


I just did my homework one morning in order to find some things out about Bitchute… 

NPR (=15,33,66,69): ‘Lex Luthor Of The Internet’: Meet The Man Keeping Far-Right Websites Alive
It says: ‘When websites flooded with hate speech or harmful disinformation [read: especially websites from Christians!] become too radioactive for the Internet, the sites often turn to one company for a lifeline. 

That company is run by Rob Monster, a 53-year-old Dutch-American. 

“If you wanted to cast a villain who was going to be the Lex Luthor of the Internet, Rob Monster is about as good as it gets,” he joked during a recent interview at his lakeside home in the former logging community of Sammamish, Washington, outside Seattle. 

Monster’s website-services company Epik, which calls itself “the Swiss bank of the domain industry,” kept a fairly modest profile for years by buying and selling popular names like and’ 

So this was my 1st search result when I typed in my question:

Freemason and Epik CEO Rob Monster standing in the backyard of his home in Sammamish, Washington Posing as a Freemason, with his M hand sign 

The man behind Epik (=22) supports satanist/freemason Alex Jones, he supports Bitchute (highly connected to Freemasons), he supports Gab, and also social media Parler, who gather your data.
Speaking of web service providers, BitChute’s domain is also registered with Epik, a domain name registrar known for providing safe haven for far-right websites. 

BitChute’s funding, at least what’s public of it, comes from user donations. Its website says the company is closing in on its monthly goal of $30,000. The platform also recently started showing ads for the first time, served by an online advertising company called Criteo. 

History Bitchute
Founded in 2017 by Ray Vahey, BitChute is an online video hosting platform that publishes far-right conspiracy theories and videos banned by YouTube for content violations. Some notable publishers on BitChute are conspiracy theorists Alex Jones (!!!) and Lauren Southern. The website lacks transparency as they do not offer an about page, and anybody uploads videos. They claim to use a peer-to-peer network to prevent censorship. [Peer-to-peer appeared to be a lie.] 

BitChute, is a low-rent YouTube clone that carries an array of hate-fueled material, including white nationalist podcasts, propaganda linked to a murderous neo-Nazi group. [Yes, satanists are in fact neo-Nazis.]

What says WikipediA about BitChute?

First, watch the triangle with ‘rays’ in the photo…
It says, ‘In January 2019, BitChute announced in a post on Gab that they would move their domains over to Epik, a small domain registrar known for accepting the registration of websites that host far-right content.’ 

So their domains are controlled by Epik, 100 percent Masons! How could it be otherwise. YouTubers looking for alternative channels, are caught here on Bitchute, so they can be further controlled and shadow b@nned here, is my logical conclusion. 

‘Bellingcat reported in 2021 that Vahey used the platform’s Twitter account to promote antisemitic conspiracy theories, COVID-19 ‘misinformation’, and [false] QAnon content.’ 

So yes, Bitchute is clearly pro-Trump and anti-Israel, anti-Jews and anti-Christians, wow! 

‘BitChute is part of a group of “alt-tech” websites that position themselves as less strictly-moderated alternatives to mainstream social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Deen Freelon and colleagues writing in Science characterised BitChute as among the alt-tech sites that are “dedicated to right-wing communities”, and listed the site along with 4chan, 8chan, Parler, and Gab. They noted there are also more ideologically neutral alt-tech platforms, such as Discord and Telegram. Joe Mulhall of the UK anti-racism group Hope Not Hate has categorised BitChute among the “bespoke platforms” for the far-right, which he defines as platforms which were created by people who themselves have “far-right leanings”. 

Some creators who have been banned from YouTube or had their channels demonetised subsequently migrated to BitChute. The far-right conspiracy theory channel InfoWars migrated to BitChute after being [fake] banned by YouTube in 2018. Other creators maintain a presence on YouTube and on BitChute, and some post more extreme content on BitChute while using YouTube for less extreme material. Prominent far-right and alt-right video creators who have cross-posted to both YouTube and BitChute include Lauren Southern, Stefan Molyneux, Millennial Woes, and Paul Joseph Watson.’ 

Freemason Max Igan & good friend and mate Bitchute’s Ray Vahey

Yes indeed, all working together in unity; their connections say it all, dear people! 

If Parler is a conservative alternative to Twitter, and MeWe is attempting to replicate Facebook, BitChute is best described as the right-wing alternative to YouTube. BitChute welcomes those that YouTube bans, but… the control and gathering of data just goes on. 

Vahey previously claimed that the company was working with UK counter-terrorism police (infiltrated by the Illuminati!) to “improve” its “processes” for dealing with terrorist content (read: Christian content). But if BitChute is acting, it doesn’t appear to be working.
Of course not, as they all work together, Masonic police along with Bitchute. 

They belong to the same Club to track and tag you (learn from David Elias Goldberg). Christians are the main target, he said: active, true Christians! 


These were my emails to Bitchute, and her response (probably mixed with some lies and begging for more money, plus they simply deleted all my 3 videos after their email): 

Dear Rin, 

Thank you for your quick response.
OK, but can you tell me, why then has Alex Jones no issues with uploading AT ALL, it appears… It’s a bit ‘strange’. 

Yes, I know you are funded well by prominent uploaders on Bitchute and by advertisement. Even via PayPal. I know that. 

A small team, I understand, however, connected with many influential players, if I read well.
That’s why… the problem with Bitchute is, and how it won’t be able to attract content creators unless it curates content on its main page. That’s also true, isn’t it?
I mean, I am not from yesterday (they say here in Holland). 

Anyways, thank you for answering one of my questions!  🙂 

Warmly greetings, 



Rin (BitChute) 


Thanks for your email and apologies that you’re having issues with processing times. 

If a video has been processing for a long time it may be best to delete the video and try to upload it again, even if you’ve tried this already. 

We are actually working on a desktop video uploader that will be available to improve the upload reliability. 

Please bear in mind that uploading and processing is very expensive for us, and as we’re 100% community funded, there may be some problems at times. If you would like to support us we do have some subscriptions available, please see; Help Us Grow. 

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused. 

Please note we’re a small team working tirelessly against internet censorship, and we’re 100% funded by the community. Please consider supporting us, every little bit helps! 

Kind regards, 

The BitChute Team 


Dear support, 

Yesterday early afternoon, 12 hrs ago?, I uploaded 3 same videos, in order to get through it… but this time not one of them gets uploaded/visible. 

Can you please tell me what’s wrong, or what I’m doing wrong perhaps? I don’t use any hate speech, on the contrary.
Have you now become part of YouTube? Or were you from the beginning part of YT? Please let me know. 

I ask this because Bitchute is invisible in Google and other search engines > one really needs to search in Bitchute itself for things.

What is the reason for that, I wonder. Just wondering… 

I look forward to your answers. 

Greetings from the Netherlands, 


Note that this is my Bitchute username; I had many viewers more than 2 years ago, and it became less and less on Bitchute. No surprise at all.


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