Breaking News Alert | Endtimenews October 9, 2022

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Just to share with you a few headlines. UPDATE!


Swedish government warns citizens of a winter of power shortages, to build a makeshift hut out of blankets 

‘China’ Shows Off Drone That Drops Robodog With Huge Gun Anywhere 

Website run by Freemasons: ‘A plant swinging a machete!’ – What could possibly go wrong with this machete-wielding cyborg plant… 

Scientists engineer machete-wielding cyborg plant 

BEWARE: 3 New symptoms may be sign of ‘Covid’, according to a fake and generated ‘study’ 

Programming is back in full swing; don’t take the v@x! Dr. Fauci: ‘A new, more dangerous Covid variant could emerge this winter’ 

Reason Elon Musk buys Twitter – a Totalitarian WeChat for the World 

The REAL Reason Elon Musk Buy Twitter _ Hugo Talks (VIDEO) 

‘Energy crisis’: Plan for three-hour power blackouts to prioritize heating in event of gas shortages – as EU agrees to cut electricity use 

Website run by Freemasons lets you know: ‘WEF Insider’ Reveals ‘Bug-Eating Agenda’ Is About Destroying the Human Soul 

New paper confirms the COVID vaccines kill brain cells and heart cells leading to death 

Power back in Bangladesh after grid failure causes blackout 

10/05/2022 — X-Class Solar Flare = Large Earthquake Unrest coming — Full Worldwide outlook 

Hurricane Ian Antichrist Ritual! 

Hurricane Ian death toll rises to 123 in Florida l GMA 

Donald Trump Says King Charles III has ‘Got a Great Way About Him’ 

You are being played: That Viral Giant Frog Video Is Edited To Make Him Look Huge 

They want to replace us: Robots are making French fries faster, better than humans 

Netflix Poisoning Minds / Hugo Talks 

Models get a dress sprayed onto her (VIDEO) 

Russian Vids, Call for an Uprising, Richie from Boston, and other Shills on YouTube  (Banned video, new link!)

R E D ALERT !!! 

‘Christian’ website reports: GMO Purple ‘Super Tomatoes’ Are Set To Hit US Grocery Stores Soon 

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