Breaking News Alert | Endtimenews October 30, 2022

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Just to share with you a few headlines 


This hypocrite elite himself tells us: “The elite survive, the rest drown” 

COLOMBIA  28.10.2022  Huge cracks open in Cali-Lobogoguerrero highway due to heavy rains (Video) 

Website run by Freemasons: ‘Ghoulish Pro-Trans Demonstrator Shreds and Eats Holy Bible’ 

Freemason Kanye West is also part of the club (Image)

Freemason Kanye West is also part of the club 2 

The Seoul Halloween Festivities Crowd Surge Crush – Updated (it was staged 

LionessOfJudah (= 222, 77) reports: ‘Coming Soon to a Hospital Near You: Curing Anxiety by Injecting Your Brain With Graphene Oxide’ 

All by the numbers: Over 120 Killed In Seoul South Korea Stampede During Halloween Festivities Gematria 

BEWARE! Doctor dresses as Witch for press conference, #WitchDoctor “My Crystal Ball says get your booster” (Yes, even books of witchcraft now sold at bookstores!) 

LATAM A320 Airplane Flies Through HUGE Hailstorm over Paraguay – Oct. 27, 2022

Principia Scientific (= 77, 111) reports: ‘Instant Death Of Cows Who Received MRNA Vaccine

RAIR Foundation (= 990, 330, 930, 703) reports: ‘Austian Actress Demands ‘Vaccine Opponents Are Beaten Up’, Receives Massive Audience Applause (Video)

World Bank consultant: “Digital identity is not enough,” suggests a need for access to data

Rishi Sunak Prime Minister Diwali Life of Pi, the Jungle Book election Boris Johnson the New age

Robot Rishi / Hugo Talks  (Please pray for this guy)

Website run by Freemasons: ‘Government publishes indisputable evidence Covid-19 Vaccination takes approx. 5 months to kill recipients’

Birthday Bill Gates on October 28: Bill Gates, Jerry Lee Lewis, Pelosi, and the Colorado River

Record Chills India; Brutally Cold Polar Blast To Slam Australia; Hard, Cold Winter Ahead, Warns Swedish Bank; Welcome To Surveillance World

Puppet Kanye West (Ye) Now Outed as Admirer of Adolf Hitler – Connected to Trump

Top Five Habits for a Healthier Life


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