Breaking News Alert | Endtimenews June 26, 2022

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Just to share with you a few headlines 


The solar activity is a lot higher than the official forecast suggested, and it’s only going to get worse 

How many satellites are there in Space? 

Get ready for the coming food riots and mass migration! Thousands of migrants storm Spain’s Melilla enclave 

Almost 3,000% Increase in Eye Disorders Following COVID-19 Vaccines 

Nestle CEO: Humans Do Not Have a Right to Water, Should Be Privatized and Controlled 

Storm and hordes of locusts in Europe, оverflowing dam in India_ June 23, 2022 

Why are Freemasons at shootings every time? Planned operations! False Flags!

Why Freemasons at shootings every time - Planned operations! False Flags 


Crazy! School Bans ALL Contact Between Pupils – Hugo Talks 

At least 1000 dead buried under homes and buildings after deadly M6.1 earthquake hits Afghanistan 

Sri Lanka is collapsing: People are starving, no gas, no electricity and now the army starts shooting at them! 

World Economic Forum To “Freeze Bank Accounts” of Meat Eaters To “Educate Them” 

France: A supercell storm produced large hailstones on Roan on the Loire 

MSM: ‘Large chunks of the internet’ were knocked offline today in a Cloudflare outage that caused hundreds of websites including Discord, Shopify, Peloton and Ring to return ‘500 Internal Server error’ messages 

Freemason reveals: Hackers Are Targeting Major Telecom Companies and Network Service Providers today, June 21, 2022 –> Who else but our own NWO governments are behind these hacks… 

Here Comes the Sun – to End Civilization 

Unknown fiery object in the night sky over Spain and forest fire in Turkey – June 24, 2022


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