Breaking News Alert | Endtimenews August 21, 2022

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Just to share with you a few headlines 


WEF Microchip Agenda: ‘With the right support, vision, and audacity, these transformative technologies, such as (brain) implants – that go beyond augmentation – become possible’ 

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (= 666, NASA) – NASA ‘Climate Prophet’ Proclaimed The Arctic Would Be ‘Free of Summer Ice’ by 2018 

TPV (= 13,31): ‘WEF Hires Millions of ‘Info Warriors’ To Delete the Internet of Alternative Views’ (Freemasons leak these things on purpose so it will scare you off; don’t fall for that!) 

Apple Smart DEVICE / DIVISION Update / Hugo Talks 

Weather control: China is seeding clouds to replenish its shrinking Yangtze River 

China is seeding clouds to replenish its shrinking Yangtze River - Weather control Gematria 

How Your Carbon Footprint And Carbon Wallet Are Going To Work In This Dystopian World The WEF Have Planned 

Website run by Freemasons foretells: Germany Could Face Power Grid Collapse Due to Soaring Demand For Electric Heaters 

Website run by Freemasons: ‘Germany Warns: There Will Be Draconian Energy Regulations’ 

Creepy: AI asked to predict what a ‘metaverse future’ looks like, and it’s not good news (= 77): ‘mRNA COVID Vaccines Cause ‘Skeletal Malformation’ – Here’s What Happened To The Offspring Of Lab Rats Who Were Jabbed’ 

Igor’s Newsletter (= 88): ‘Human Embryos WITHOUT HEADS to be Grown in Mechanical Wombs’ (Really? A startup? Don’t make me laugh) 

Where mainstream fears to tread (= 99) from NewsPunch: ‘‘Start Reading Labels’: Food Producers Caught Quietly, Deceitfully Putting Crickets In Our Food’ 

North Portland families sell their homes to escape homeless camps, crime 

4-Feet Of Snow Buries Argentinian Ski Resorts; Storms Ease Western Europe’s Drought, As A ‘Cold, Dark Winter’ Looms 



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