Web 3.0 is here! NVIDIA, The Metaverse, AI… The creators of the counterfeit world

Hugo talks about NVIDIA, and how they are now working on improving AI and graphics for the big evolution of the internet, digging deeper into terms like: ‘daemons’, ‘wizards’, ‘ethernet’, ‘internet’, ‘devil vices’…

August 22, 2022


The ‘apple’ green eyed logo in the wallpaper image looks like the all-seeing eye.

Explained excellently with a flash of humor! ‘They’ are definitely trying to push the masses into a virtual reality and confuse the senses of the people, so that they will lose their connection to reality. 

The Metaverse: the next big evolution of the internet

NVIDIA applies AI and 3D graphics for the next computing platform, the next big evolution of the internet, Web 3.0:


The Creators Of The Counterfeit World #NVIDIA _ Hugo Talks

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Full transcript:

‘Hello, you’re listening to Hugo talks. So I’m gonna take a look at this story from a couple of days back, involving the company NVIDIA, and how this all ties in with the counterfeit world of The Metaverse. And well, we’ll take a look at a lot of the names that are involved in technology, and how they seem to be all pointing to one thing, okay? That’s the idea! So anyway,

NVIDIA is a multinational technology company, the biggest company involved in computer graphics

They make graphics cards for computers, they are involved so very much so in artificial intelligence now. And now they are working on improving AI and graphics for The Metaverse. They have a turnover of 27 billion a year! So a couple of days ago they had a big convention… 

They announced how they will fully dive into The Metaverse…

and going to help using their graphics expertise to make it more lifelike, to make this counterfeit world more like real life, although of course failing to recognize that we are already living in a real life as we are. So it’s something we don’t need, isn’t it?’

‘Researchers are inventing ground-breaking advances at an incredible pace, across:

computer vision, speech, natural language processing, conversation, recommenders, robotics, and more! AI is revolutionizing the largest industries, including computer graphics. NVIDIA researchers applying the AI capabilities that our GPUs enable are now reinventing 3D graphics. The incredible advances of AI and 3D graphics have laid the foundation for the next computing platform, the next big evolution of the internet, The Metaverse. 

Welcome to SIGGRAPH 2022

NVIDIA’s AI research is impacting every aspect of computer graphics. RTX, the fusion of programmable shading, ray tracing, and AI, has started the next era: neurographics. Neurographics will be integral to how artists create 3D worlds, and how the world is animated and rendered. One of the most impactful neurographics inventions is DLSS, and AI that has learned to enhance the resolution of motion graphics. She will show you the art of the possible, and a glimpse into the future with neurographics. Neurographics is one of the essential pillars of the emerging metaverse. 

What is The Metaverse?

Simply, it’s the next evolution of the internet! Commercialized two decades ago, the internet was about web pages, hyperlinked over a network. A decade ago, Web 2.0 emerged, and the internet was about cloud services, connected to applications that are often times enjoyed on mobile devices. 

Now Web 3.0 is here!

The Metaverse is the internet in 3D, a network of connected, persistent, virtual worlds. The Metaverse will extend 2D web pages into 3D spaces and worlds. Hyperlinking will evolve into hyper-jumping between 3D worlds. Like games today, 3D worlds are experienced through 2D displays and TVs, and occasions with VR and AR glasses. 

What are metaverse applications?

They’re already here. Fashion designers, furniture and goods makers, and retailers offer virtual 3D products that you can try with augmented reality. Telcos are creating digital twins of their radio networks to optimize and deploy radio towers. Companies are creating digital twins of warehouses and factories to optimize their layout and logistics. And NVIDIA is building a digital twin of the earth to predict the climate decades into the future. 

The Metaverse will grow organically as the internet did, continuously and simultaneously across all industries…’

‘Yeah, so it’s all fake, isn’t it, it’s all counterfeit

This is your digital track, your digital prison! Why do you think all and sundry are pushing people towards digital currencies, crypto, and blockchain?
It’s for you to use it in a counterfeit world, because real physical cash won’t work in your counterfeit digital world. And this is central to the New World Order, which, as you can see, they are trying to insert into every fragment of our lives, on every level!
Now the Facebook videos for metaverse, you know, they look absolutely dreadful. And that’s never going to take off. That’s what I said in a video a while back. But as you can see, this is not something these control freaks are going to be letting go of.

This is going to be pushed on to everyone, especially the young

And with this company involved, I’m sure their graphics will improve and get much better, and more convincing. They want to turn you into cattle, okay, worse than cattle! At least, cattle can walk around in a field from time to time. I mean, they want you wired up with a headset, sitting in a pod, your mind living in a counterfeit world, a digital world, where eventually you won’t be able to discern what’s real and what isn’t anymore! And if you follow the fakestream media these days, yeah, I mean, you could see it happening now.

They basically want to occupy all your senses…

remove your brain from reality, so that you cannot identify with it anymore.

So NVIDIA… what does this name mean, and the logo?

Well, it turns out that NVIDIA means: envy, yeah? One of the seven deadly sins. Envy: it’s a strange name for one of the biggest Tech Companies, isn’t it? Well, not really, I suppose. I mean, we’ve got Apple, signifying temptation… but NVIDIA, it means envy, as you can see here in Latin. NVIDIA is the sense of envy, a looking upon, associated with the evil eye from NVIDIA, to look against, to look in a hostile manner! NVIDIA, envy, is one of the seven deadliest sins in Christian belief.
And also the logo backs this up: we have a spiral eye that is green, the green eyed monster, envy. So here we are with a company, named after a deadly sin, who are going to make the counterfeit world, called The Metaverse, more realistic, using their skills with artificial intelligence and graphics. They’re going to make the counterfeit more realistic, so that the public is more fooled into believing that it is real.

Now looking at a theme of the Bible…

It says that satan is envious of God… envious because God is the Creator! So satan tries to counterfeit what God has created. The more valuable something is, the more it will be counterfeited. And right now, we are seeing them attempting to create a counterfeit world. And looking at that Biblical ideology, that is kind of interesting that this company’s name would mean ‘envy’.

And the logo of the green eye observing…

because, you know, in most cases you can’t become envious of something, unless you see it with your eyes. I mean, you could be envious of someone’s new car because you’ve just seen it parked outside. Or envious of someone’s success because you’ve seen them achieve riches. Or it could be a country even, that is envious of a trade deal that they have with another country that can lead to disharmony. Or simply, if you are a little overweight, looking at people online who are slim, are now envious of how easy it is for them to lose weight. I mean, all advertising works within the context of envy. They use it to market their products. It says here: envy is a feeling of discontented or resentful longing, aroused by someone else’s possessions, qualities, or luck, which you obviously have to observe first. In some ways, envy is the springboard to all the other sins. I mean, you have to see something with your green eye to first become envious, which would then lead to jealousy, another sin, which could then lead to greed… another sin! Because you not only want what that person has, you also then want more! You want it so much, that maybe you will lie, cheat, and deceive people to get what you want! Envy may lead to anger and frustration, which leads to wrath, another sin. So you get the idea. It’s kind of a springboard to the other sins, and this company’s name means envy, and is now helping to make the counterfeit world of The Metaverse more believable. It’s interesting, isn’t it? I mean…

When looking at the names of certain technologies linking to the black mirror scrying devices:

the smartphones, and the internet, the international net, designed to capture everyone on the World Wide Web, to capture humanity as its prey. And yes, I know, I know, I am using the internet right now, and a laptop with a connection to make this video. I too have been groomed unwittingly into using these things as everyone else, but at least I’m preparing mentally myself to leave it all behind at some point, and completely cut it off. Interestingly enough,

All of these devices, these ‘devil vices’ we have:

these smartphones, laptops, computers, Smart TVs, etcetera, etcetera, all of them use computer programs, called daemons, yeah, daemons! And that’s daemons spelled as D A E M O N! That’s the old spelling of demon. A demon is an evil spirit, a source or agent of evil, a supernatural being whose nature is intermediate between that of a god and that of a human being; that’s what it says here. But it’s also the name of a computer process, it says here.

What are daemon processes in an operating system?

Daemons are processes that run unattended. They are constantly in the background, and are available at all times. Daemons are usually started when the system starts, when you switch on your smartphone, when you switch on your Smart TV, when you switch on your computer, and they run until the system stops. A daemon process typically performs system services, and is available at all times to more than one task or user. Every app you launch on your phone, on your smartphone, on your Smart TV, every piece of software on your PC, or your laptop, that appear on your black mirror screens, are all due to a computer process program, called a daemon. It won’t work without them! In fact, if you open multiple apps at the same time, – multi-tasking they call it – you will have multiple daemons for each app, running constantly in the background, one for each app. It’s kind of strange, isn’t it? Daemons! Why did they choose that name?

Also, if you say you want to download one of these apps…

or software that have a daemon constantly, continuously running in the background when it’s open, – you want to download an app, or a software program – one way of getting the internet on to a device is through an Ethernet port or an Ethernet cable. An Ethernet cable gives your device access to a local network, or the internet. The name Ethernet, wow, comes from the word ethereal, ether, which means: a region beyond the off earth. It says here: celestial, heavenly, unworldly, spiritual place, that lacks material substance, immaterial, and intangible. So, you download these apps that have daemons running constantly in the background, through an Ethernet cable that relates to the ethereal, which means: unworldly, spiritual place. So to get your apps with the help of daemons, you have to use a cable; that means: that’s coming from an unworldly, spiritual place, downloading the daemons from the spiritual world, okay? And you know…

Once you download these apps to get them to work, what do you use?

What is the operating system usually used? It uses an installation wizard, an install wizard. That’s what comes up on the screen. Sometimes it’s called a setup wizard. An automated wizard installs the software that, once it is installed, it opens and runs with daemons operating in the background, software which you downloaded through an Ethernet cable. That’s from the ether, a spiritual world… downloading daemons from the spiritual realm, that then install themselves on your black mirror device, with the help of the wizard! Okay? I mean, it’s kind of interesting!
And through all of this technology, it appears that the digital realm is always a counterfeit version of everything in the real world.
And this digital realm is being used to now enslave the people, as I’ve talked about before over and over and over again.

So what do you think… all of these terms?
Is it just another coinkidink [coincidence]? Or is there more to this than meets the eye? Or am I going completely insane?

As always, thanks for listening. Come and subscribe to Hugotalks.com website, so I can notify you of video uploads as opposed to relying on third-party sites, to get the message to you, okay? See you later.’


What is the meaning of the NVIDIA logo?

NVIDIA adopted its first logo in 1993. It was then that its basic visual metaphor – an eye that sees everything [the all-seeing eye, dear people!] – was chosen. This logo has a long history and generally symbolizes the eye of [their] god [Lucifer, satan, devil, old serpent, dragon, destroyer, adversary, father of lies, god of this world…], who sees everything, but in this context [they just claim], it has a different symbolic meaning. The ‘eye’ of Nvidia is in constant search of innovation and the future.
Really? Of course, we know better.

What on earth is Neurographics?
I looked it up for you…
‘Neurographics is a way of drawing that recreates the outer from the inner. The world is a reflection of the beliefs we hold. Beliefs are arbitrary limits on what is possible, and therefore frame the limited way in which the world is experienced.
In simple language: A creative method of transforming the world. Author’s method. Interdisciplinary practice that allows you to make the necessary personal changes, reliably remove restrictions and successfully simulate a new, desired reality. And then it goes on with: ‘Change, soften, broaden your perspective, and the whole world changes accordingly.’’ 


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