Breaking News Alert | Endtimenews November 20, 2022

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Just to share with you a few headlines 


Massive flock of sheep has been walking in a circle for 12 days straight in China 

Trans people are seeking now to have both a vagina and a surgically constructed penis 

Musk Reinstate Trump on Twitter in Skull and Bones Ritual 

BiometricUpdate (= 322) reports: ‘EU says it can have a digital ID wallet by ’24 regardless of challenges’ 

Polar Outbreak Sweeps Australia; Cold Records Begin Tumbling Across U.S.; Below-Average Octobers For Caribbean Islands 

This is pure evil in order to get you possessed! Holy Spirit Ouija Board / Hugo Talks 

NewsPuch (= 66) where mainstream fears to tread (= 99): ‘Canadian Woman To Be Euthanatized After Complaining She Can’t Afford Her Rent’ 

CONs further announce that Bill Gates Tells G20 World Leaders That ‘Death Panels’ (Bureaucrats who decide whether the elderly or mentally ill persons are worthy of medical care) Will Soon Be Required! 

China | Protests: People break COVID barriers in Haizhu district 

Fake Rocket-Balloon Artemis I Allegedly Took Flight – The Outer Space Conspiracy 

Freemasons foretell: ‘The B20 Calls On G20 To Adopt Digital Vaccine Passports For The Next Pandemic! Health Certificates’ 

Antarctica’s Latest -60C (-76F) Reading Ever Recorded; NOAA: ‘Cold Pool’ Returns In Bering Sea; Sun 

‘Christian’ website run by Freemasons reports: ‘Euphrates River drying up: Fulfilling Jeremiah’s prophecy?’ 

Euphrates river is drying up 2022 

David Icke Petition Psyop? – Hugo Talks 

Mercola: The Importance of Melatonin for Optimal Health
Or read the same copied article here. 

AUSTRALIA | 11-15-2022  Heavy rain caused the Wyangala Dam in western New South Wales to reach levels not seen since 1952  (Video) 

Clear as day; it’s all set up: ‘They should team up and create Qwitter (= 322, 77)!’ 

11_16_2022 – ALERT – Earthquake BELOW EUROPEAN BELGIAN NUCLEAR POWER PLANT & Research Center 

Klaus Schwab Full Speech at G20 / B20 Indonesia 2022


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