Website run by Freemason foretells: ‘Three months to collapse’

In three months the US will see that food prices will skyrocket even more, and the EU will be toast as well.
July 8, 2022


July 1, 2022 – ‘The title of this blog is Three Months to Collapse. In three months the US will see that our food growing system has failed this year and food will skyrocket even more. The BRICS things could happen very quickly. You could wake up one day and own nothing but you will not be happy. It will really be bad here in the US, but the EU will be toast.

Prepare while you can. Get seeds and start a garden. Look after those you love and your neighbor. Help those who have less than you do. Remember there is great power and security in the community. We will not survive without it. The greatest power is with our Creator. Prepare and then go to Him for everything else.

Cheers from Central Texas. If you need some grasshoppers I have a bunch of free ones. New World Order food? Stir-fried grasshoppers and pasta – yummy.’



Website too expensive?

‘Hello to all my subscribers. I am not going to continue this site as it is getting too expensive. It has been very rewarding, but I must get on with my life. May God bless and protect all of you who read this.’



Or maybe he stops for completely different reasons?
What does he know that we don’t?

Just trying to open your eyes…
This Freemason and New Ager (see the false jesus that he depicts!) warns the world that the EU may be finished soon… within 3 months, he says. His symbolism, pictures, and even his photo say it all and show what he stands for: Freemasonry. Does he really stop blogging because it’s getting too expensive to run a website? I highly doubt it.

Note that his site may be full of truths – predictive programming, which Freemason Hal Turner is also good at – mixed with many, many lies about politics, Russia, climate change, New Age doctrine, his god Lucifer, who is not the Creator of heaven and earth, and so on. They love community (with their Freemasonic brothers and sisters), working together in unity, and will use their fear-mongering tactics as much as they can.


Don’t be scared; be prepared



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