Carolyn Hamlett: DUMBs, human hybrid monsters, ‘UFOs and aliens’, the ‘white light’ deception, Popes, sex ritual…

The original video was deleted by the Illuminati. Memories about what happens in DUMBs, adopted human-animal hybrids, different kinds of ‘UFOs’, a warning that could save your life, and much more.
July 2, 2024


The thing that people need to know about all types of so-called ‘aliens’ is that they are not working for the good of humanity. Carolyn has seen ‘aliens’ [hybrids] on US military bases and in DUMB’s, interacting with top military. She saw that these hybrid beings are using humans, and they are actually in charge.

Another thing people need to know is that there are military programs and secret space programs with technology that is far beyond the science fiction of Hollywood!

Carolyn also goes on to talk about the ‘white light’ deception that the fallen angels use to deceive people who are dying.

She also exposes two former Popes and their deaths and how they fit with Illuminati numerology. Carolyn tells about how one of those Popes was an astral traveller. If the Pope goes contrary to the ways and teachings of Jesus Christ, then he, the Pope, is anti-Christ, not the vicar of Christ. What the Pope is promoting may sound good and loving, but what he is promoting is not at all what Jesus Christ taught! The Bible tells us that there is one Mediator between God and man, and that is Jesus Christ. (1 Timothy 2:5-6).

There is a real war going on, which involves more than the 3rd dimensional realm!

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of the darkness of this world, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.  Ephesians 6:12

‘That’s what runs the area, and we need to take authority over and stand up.’ – the late John Todd

The above quote from the Bible actually describes Satan’s spiritual hierarchy, whom Carolyn used to serve as a bloodliner born into that organization: the Illuminati. These beings are real! They are anti-Jesus Christ, because Jesus Christ is exactly who and what the Bible says He is!

The weapons of this real enemy are not fleshly!

They originate from the supernatural. Our weapons come from God.

For the weapons of our warfare are not fleshly, but divinely powerful to the demolition of strongholds….  2 Corinthians 10:4


Carolyn: ‘Actually, I have some fragmented memories of being in places that I knew were underground military bases…. I had the letters spelled out for DUMBS, Deep Underground Military Bases.

Memories of when I was a little girl….

Seeing kids being taken there, being injected with things, seeing kids in cages, wolves that…. I mean, it’s just horrific stuff! Kids were just thrown to wolves, and I had to watch children being torn apart. This was like down in, I think it was Denver; that’s what my mind tells me.
I haven’t been able to talk to people that have been there yet to identify, for me to describe what I’ve seen and what I experienced.
Actually, I’ve talked to somebody who has validated some of that from other survivors.


I’ve seen deformed humans 

A man that was a cyclops [one-eyed giant] that was at that same underground military base.

And he was like probably eight feet tall…. one eye, pointed teeth.

a cyclop with sharp teeth


They do have places where I’ve seen different [other hybrids].

It’s like [they do] experiments. They look very human and some not so human, that are in glass cages and some in tubes, like they are in liquid. I don’t know if it’s liquid oxygen or just liquid.

When I was a teenager, I was in some underground military base….

I was shown how they injected…. They injected canine genes [these include foxes, wolves, jackals, and domestic dogs] into the human egg, and inserted them into a female dog. And they showed me the babies that were born that looked human. Then I was introduced to one of the grown ones from that litter. It was about 18 years old. I know it sounds unbelievable, but they showed me this. And then they told me that they adopted out these children to families, that didn’t know that they were not human, and they kept track of them! This is just one of the minor things that was involved in the secret programs, involved in genetics! I don’t know exactly why they did that, but they did.

Also, I’ve seen other beings like the ‘greys’ with high-ranking American military.

I mean, real-life grey beings in physical form doing business with the military. I’ve seen physical forms that looked human, but yet I was told they are not human.

I’ve seen ones that are called Deros that have elephant face-things.

And I was handed over to them on occasion, in a military base, to these beings that aren’t human.
Those memories are when I was a child. Very horrifying creatures! They look like men, except their head is…. I mean, they look like a heavyset [heavy built] man. The ones I saw didn’t wear clothes, which was pretty horrifying to little kids also. They had heads that were shaped like an elephant’s head. They didn’t have the big ears, but had a trunk kind of a nose. So I’ve seen those.

hybrid monster with an elephant trunk

Note that these images are not real, but you get the idea.


I was a sharp shooter

When I was older, I was involved with like the Game and Fish Commission and Search And Rescue [SAR] people.

I was confronted along with a friend of mine that was a former Navy SEAL. We were confronted with a group, when we had dinner one night for a meeting. We were confronted by one of our friends who was working in the government. And this had disinvolved something that he was going to create at Homestead Air Force Base in Florida. It had to do with some of the underground stuff that they already had going there. And it was due to a special ops group to pick anybody – the best people to train – anybody in the whole world that can just pay the fee! No questions asked…. they could pay the fee. This was before 9/11. So I knew of that military base.
That kind of scared me, so I didn’t talk to my friend for a couple years, until after 9/11. And I found out he didn’t take the position. But at that point, if I wanted to, I could have been a part of that.

Consciously, I didn’t know that I knew a lot about survival training.

There were symptoms of that. I didn’t know that I had been trained by the military. I had flashbacks of memory. But the thing is, I was a sharp shooter. First time, I remembered picking up a firearm; it was a .45. That was a revolver. And I held it like a pro, shot bullseye after bullseye after bullseye, without flinching. Nobody could believe ‘I had never fired a gun before’. Well, it was natural! How did that happen?
There are other things in my background to talk about another time, that backs up that I know I had special training, and why the government was ready to trust me to mention stuff like that, secret programs in front of me, when they knew it was consciously me, Carolyn Hamlett, consciously there, and not an alter that was trained, a Delta-trained alter, because I think they knew more about me than I did about me at that time.


More about ‘aliens’

Maybe some people need to hear some of this stuff.

I’ll tell you one helpful thing. And this comes from even a friend of mine who is not a Christian, but he is very honest. [She’s probably talking about Joseph Jordan.]
He is probably one of the most knowledgeable people I know, that has to do with ‘extraterrestrials’, UFOs, and firsthand experiences. Even he said that numerous people have come to him, and told him that their ‘abductions’ have been stopped by just claiming and saying ‘In the name of Jesus!’ So here we have it!

The last time I was abducted was probably a couple of years ago.

I told the things just to take me back! And I can sense them when they are near. And I just rebuke it in the name of Jesus, and I pray! I’m done with it. But the thing is, I know how they operate, I know the fear that they put out. It’s false, and it’s like a drug! It’s like a spider, that will want to numb you, and you can’t move. First they pump out the fear to keep you, so you won’t move. And then they send out a type of grey; it’s usually the tall, thin ones doing this. They have like a feminine type of air about them. First they scare you to death, and then they try to tell you ‘It’s okay, you’re not going to be hurt’.
If you can consciously get ready in your own mind when something like that happens, whether you think it’s a dream or not, you can use it in your dreams. Don’t try to even guess, like, ‘Am I dreaming?’ Who cares whether you are dreaming or not! If it’s a dream, it’s good practice to just say: “In the name of Jesus….”

Yes, I have had lots of experience with different types of beings that people call ‘aliens’.

First of all, I’d like people to know that every single one of those is a part of Satan’s spiritual hierarchy, which is Lucifer’s spiritual hierarchy: same thing! They are anti-God, anti-Jesus Christ, anti-us.
They work through people. They work through demonic spirits. They work through hybrid beings to orchestrate the plan of Satan, which is to not only take over our planet, but to use us and rule us and bring destruction. It involves our military around the world…. 


Satan’s attack plans 

And it involves ‘the Plan’, when they were trying to change post-World War II into what we have now: take people away from the Judeo-Christian values and morality into thinking anything goes. And the goal is to be in agreement with Satan and what Satan wants, even though many people don’t believe in Satan, but they are still in agreement with what Satan wants! Satan needs to use people in order to get stuff done, because humans have dominion and authority that those beings do not have! It’s just a spiritual law; that’s why they use us.

Back in the 1950s, I knew that the Master Hilarion at that time, who is the right hand of Satan himself….

that he is actually called the father of the plan. Satan is like the father of the plan, but much of the plan was drawn up by the master, that people call the Master Hilarion. He is not good. He is evil, totally evil!
I knew this being very well. Probably more than most people out there, who think they know him; I probably knew him better. It’s, you know, nothing to brag about. It’s just a fact! I have known of him since I was a child. I knew that he was the one who decided the attack plan.

One of the attack plans to get going on:

Changing people’s outlook on the Bible, and to get people more in line with Satan’s plan. So they were going to do several things at once.

One was to increase UFO phenomena.

At one point, the governments would be saying that it doesn’t exist. On the other hand, they were going to increase the people seeing UFOs! And more people were going to be abducted.

One of the reasons was to get people to think outside of the box, to start looking in physics, which would lead them into metaphysics.

Another part of the plan was to be teaching Darwinism in school from elementary school on up….

pushing Darwinism, which is evolution, because Satan’s plan is based on the lie of evolution, – spiritual evolution, physical evolution – and that it’s spiritual evolution that pushes the physical evolution. That’s a lie! But that’s what Satan’s plan is. That’s such a diabolical lie!
The part is if they are introducing the UFO phenomena, and also the thought that there are highly evolved beings, that have technology that we don’t have, that some of them are going to talk to us and show us the way, then it’s going to take us away from the Bible! It’s going to get us to follow them!

So at the same time: Church infiltration.

It’s also to send in the people, like what my mother was doing, and to get people to buy into the metaphysics. They tell people ‘that they are more highly evolved, so that they can better understand the higher teachings’.

They aren’t higher teachings!

They are actually lies, okay? The metaphysics that are being pushed through churches are from the pit of hell, so to speak. They are from Satan himself!

And that is part of ‘the Plan’:

to get people away from Jesus Christ and the Truth, who is Jesus Christ. So that was like the beginning, where people were beginning to see more and more of the UFO phenomena. It has increased through the years. It’s going to continue to be increased.


More about UFOs

Some of them are actually physical crafts; some of them are our own.

They are made by humans through ‘alien technology’ – that’s just what people know it as. They are actually from the fallen ones [fallen angels]; they are not aliens! They are fallen beings, and hybrids of fallen beings. I know this from my own experience. I know this from working in Satan’s spiritual hierarchy, that this is part of the end time plan: that they were going to have some of the ones in crafts. And they were going to masquerade as highly evolved beings, and try to get people to believe that these ‘guys’ have the answer, that they can ‘take humanity to the next spiritual, high level, take the earth to the next level’.

Some of the crafts are actually holographic images.

Humans have the technology to create holographic images too [Project Blue Beam]!

Some crafts are actually beings that can manifest as crafts.

There are some crafts that are – the best to call them – biomechanical.

There are some that are interdimensional crafts.

Most of them are. They could travel interdimensionally.

There are crafts that look small from the outside, but the inside enters into another dimension.

A lot of people have reported this, because it does enter into another dimension!

They can slice through water as if water doesn’t exist.

They can go through mountains, or solid objects. Part of it is manipulate matter and go into another dimension! These beings can be interdimensional also.


They have shared this information with humans

I’ve said before, they need humans to carry out the will that they want!

So they give technology to humans, and they are actually using it against the humans at the same time.

They can be in the third dimensional realm, even on another planet.

What they originally came from: they are fallen ones in one way, shape or form. They are fallen ones serving Satan’s spiritual hierarchy. Some of them believe that they are operating independently of Satan’s spiritual hierarchy. But I know from being in Satan’s spiritual hierarchy that they keep tabs [keep an eye] on these individuals [fallen angels and their hybrid offspring and demons], that they use them, just like cattle can be herded.


Satan is a slimy snake oil salesman!

He and his group know how to manipulate all kinds of demonic entities, to think that the demonic entity thought of it themselves and they are operating on their own, but they are not! They are being used!

Even pitting one against another is used, if Satan can gather the negative energy that comes from pitting.

Whether it’s demons against each other or pitting humans against each other, there is energy that Satan can benefit from. Well, people want to think about that, when you are tapped into God, our Heavenly Father. We can only be fully tapped into Him because of the work of Jesus Christ. Then we are able to have that reestablished connection to Him. And we get energy from Him.

Now these beings are separated from God; they have to get their own energy from somewhere else.

So they are going to steal it from us if they can. So the only way to protect yourself is to be in God through Jesus Christ, be in Christ. If you look up the word ‘in’, in Christ, it means ‘womb’. Or like in His womb. It’s Bible study. Study the word of God, and things are going to start making a whole lot more sense, even when it comes to these entities.

One of the most important things that I’ve experienced, that I would like people to know about and to take to heart….

Of course, I believe that the Organization [Illuminati] is going to use the counterfeit of Jesus Christ that I saw and stood before. They are going to use that to fake the Second Coming of Christ. So get to know Jesus Christ the best you possibly can! Know the genuine article, because in order to know a counterfeit, you have to know the genuine article first. And Satan is the best counterfeiter there is!


Another very, very important thing that saved someone’s life….

It was something I had said several years ago; it had to do with near-death experiences.

When I was working in Satan’s spiritual hierarchy, and I was with some of the top ascended masters, one of the things we did was, there were times where we would go into an aircraft or a bus full of people. As far as I knew, what everybody else on the bus or the plane was told, is that the bus or the plane was going to crash, and that the people were going to be killed. And anybody who would go with them, the ‘Ascended Masters’, or with me, or ‘go to the light’, ‘would not feel the pain’. They would try to get people to leave their bodies and go to the light, or come to them.

Some of these beings appeared as physical people, dressed like regular human beings.

And some of them appeared in ethereal forms, like astral forms, but made sure that the people could see them. Just like if somebody sees an apparition, like a ghost. This happens; some people can see those things. Well, this is what these beings have the capacity to do: appear physically, and sometimes they will appear as ‘angels’, like some of these beings did. Well, I realized, after I got out of the Organization, that these beings were telling this person to go to the light.

Well, whose light was that?

It wasn’t the Light of God; it wasn’t Jesus Christ! So what I tell people now, and what I said in this one program, is: Don’t go to the light! If any of these beings come to you, just call on the name of Jesus Christ! That is a sure way, to know that you are going to be going to God, and that it will be Jesus Christ. Call on Him, say, “In the name of Jesus Christ…..” And that is going to be a whole lot better way than ‘going to the light’.

So what happened was….

This young lady told me that her husband had heard about the program through her. And it was a few months later, he suffered a heart attack. During that time, beings appeared to him and tried to get him out of his body, and were trying to get him to go to the light. And he remembered, even when he was in that state, what she had told him! It echoed in his head what she had said. And he called on the name of Jesus Christ. He was not a Christian at the time, but he called on the name of Jesus Christ, and he was able to get free. He is alive today and he is a Christian now. I didn’t save anybody’s life. It was the Holy Spirit of God. It was Jesus Christ! But I thank God that this information just gets out. It got out to one person. I tell everybody I can about that, because you may not believe in Jesus Christ now. You may laugh at what I’m saying, but when it gets to that point, maybe you do have a chance.

I tell people now, “Call on the name of Jesus, if you find yourself in any situation where the ‘white light’ is there, or somebody’s trying to tell you, ‘Go to the white light’.

Say: “In the name of Jesus Christ. I call on Jesus Christ!” Who knows what they were doing with people, with their souls, their spirits; I don’t know.



I’d like to mention something about several of the Popes.

Just something interesting for people to look at. It’s interesting how some Illuminati numbers show up. I mean, if you really took time to study stuff about the Popes, you would probably find a lot more. I don’t necessarily think that everybody needs to go out and spend a lot of time on Illuminati numerology. Time would be better spent. And reading the word of God and getting as close to knowing Jesus Christ as possible. But just a few things that I noticed….

One was Pope John Paul I.

He hadn’t been in office that long, okay? The days he was in office were 33 days. 33, that’s another popular Illuminati number. Another thing about 33: it can be broken down into like 11, which is another number that they like. There are a lot of interesting ‘coincidences’ or strange things revolving around his death. It was believed he was poisoned, so, it’s just interesting that they waited for the 33-day part.

The thing about Pope John Paul II is, I saw him in a ceremony [Satanic Ritual!].

It was at a cathedral. I think it was Europe, I don’t know. I wasn’t physically there. I was out of body. But John Paul II wasn’t in his body either. He was in his astral body. It was a high ceremony. I’ll tell you a little bit what the ceremony was about.

It had to do with kind of a sex ceremony.

When you think about some of the symbolism, it kind of makes sense. And I can’t tell too much about everything behind this, but it had to do with the marriage of a mother and son.
[You can read more about that here.] And the son happened to be the one that the Organization brought in to be ‘the Christ’, their anointed one [the Antichrist]. He was married to his physical mother, the one that gave birth to a body that was not a human body. It was part human and part it was like a hybrid body. Okay, well, and the Organization, they do a lot of this. They like to bastardize things. They like to blaspheme God. And in this ‘ceremony’ [sodomy ritual], it was like a total blaspheming of God and all that God sees is holy. That’s what they do. They get energy from that!

So Pope John Paul II was there, and he actually thought he was some big deal being there….

because in the Organization, no one gets to these ceremonies, unless they are high up on the ladder of spirituality in the hierarchy, which means they are tuned into that vibration, that these evil ascended masters vibrate on. So the Pope was thinking he was all high and mighty, because he made it to the ceremony!
There are no calling cards, no invitations sent out to the ceremony. It’s only those who are tuned in enough to know what’s going on. And he prided himself over the fact that he was tuned in enough to get there. Well, the Ascended Masters thought it was kind of humorous that he thought he was some big deal being there, when kind of like he thought he should be honored, when in fact, you know, not much attention was being called to him at all. So that’s something about John Paul II.
Before he was declared legally dead, I was telling people that they were not going to announce that he was dead until the 2nd of April, 2005. This was because he was already sick, but I said they are going to declare that he passed away on that day, because in two types of numerology, it adds up to their numbers, the Illuminati numbers. One way you add it is 11, and another way you add it is 13. I told people he died; I think it was a couple of days before they actually announced it [to the public]. I just knew that he did; I just had sensed it. I can’t prove that I was correct. I’m just saying that that’s what they did, announced his death on that date, which happened to be another Illuminati number day.’



Carolyn Hamlett, in a aminutetomidnite YouYube video deleted by YouTube aka the Illuminati

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