John Todd Tape 2: Deliverance from witchcraft, deceived Christians, and much more (Transcript)

UPDATE 02-17-2023  Tape 2: Born into witchcraft, or not, psychic powers, the flesh ruled by the devil, the C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Burnham witchcraft books, dangers of familiar spirits, aliens ‘from outer space’ threat, UFOs are angels of light, names of the Council of 13, most of the Christian television is Illuminati, Kathryn Kuhlman was a witch, fake energy crisis will start WW3, Star Wars movie, Country Western music, the blood of Jesus, Masons initiated just like witchcraft people, you can’t pick America over Russia, and much more.
February 13, 2023


It’s about time we Christians stand up and start taking authority over the principalities and powers! – John Todd

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John Todd Tape #2 Witchcraft

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‘…. as I’m ministering today, I want to point out a very real thing. The witchcraft today argues that the power that they have is extrasensory perception. Many Christians are now believing in witchcraft under the disguise of scientific terms as ESP (extrasensory perception), clairvoyance, telekinesis, parapsychology, and so on, because that’s acceptable… ‘The scientists say it’s so, so that’s acceptable.’ The only problem is today, and I want to point out to the word of God, that it was still going on in Jesus’ time, and Paul ran across the person of this power. And when Paul was done with this person, – he was done with her by casting demons out of her – she no longer had that power. So I have a question for you today…

If you’re having psychic experiences, or your parents had psychic experiences,

I really invite you to get a hold of the pastor, or his staff, after this meeting is over, or over the next couple of weeks. I’m leaving as soon as the service is over for the east coast, but talk to him about it. Because when I was saved, I still contained all the psychic power that I had for two weeks. And I kept wondering what was going on. And my eyes still had kind of a look at people that have been around witchcraft, or are being in witchcraft: the look I’m talking about. And my eyes still contained this look. People in the church were wondering what was going on. Although I was trying to live a Christian life very hard, I wasn’t really involved in sin, but I still had all the psychic phenomena happening around me. I was still very bothered with the things that I’d come out of, and addicted to them. Not drugs, but the psychic part. And finally the church decided if it was good enough for Paul, it was good enough for them…

They took me off in a room, and they prayed for me for about 5 hours

And they demanded that the spirits, that I had allowed in myself, through asking them to come in through witchcraft, to leave! When I walked out of that room, I no longer had any psychic power, whatsoever! So I don’t care what this university, or what they inquire, or what the charismatic movement, or what anybody else, says about ESP, or any psychic powers…, if you call the demons out, the psychic power stops!

Witches have argued with me for five years over this:

They said, “Didn’t you have your psychic power when you were born?” Yes! Because the word of God says: the sins of the parents are visited upon the children. And my parents were witches, and their parents were witches, and on down the line! And the witches that were born into witchcraft had that power. But now that they [these witches!) have gone evangelical, now that they’re going out and winning people over, who have never been in witchcraft – and their parents were not in witchcraft, – they have to teach them how to gain psychic power, because they didn’t inherit the spirits of their parents. But I want to read some Scripture for you.

I don’t want you to go away mad here

Turn with me, if you will, to Galatians, chapter 5. Sure, all Christians are very familiar with the fruits of the spirit, but we need to know about the fruits of the flesh also. Verse 19 says, ‘Now, the works of the flesh are manifested, which are these: adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lavishness, idolatry, witchcraft’…. If you have a Scofield bible, or a modern version: it’s wrong! In verse 20, it says: sorcery, but the word in the Greek is for witchcraft! Sorcery and witchcraft are different! Sorcery is the use of drugs; it is not witchcraft. In fact, the base word for it is the same word that ‘pharmacist’ comes from. And it’s the use, occult practice, use of drugs, in order to obtain supernatural powers. Witchcraft is different. Witchcraft is demonic worship. This is witchcraft: ‘idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seduction, heresies, envies, murders’… it goes on. Witchcraft is a fruit of the flesh, the flesh ruled by the devil.

Go with me, if you will, to Deuteronomy 18

If you want to mark these in your Bible, mark them for when you’re witnessing to somebody who is involved. Particularly, I want to point out something today. I’m not so interested in hitting on witchcraft as much as I am on hitting practices that, for some reason, the Christian church today, the liberal churches, – sorry to say – even some independent Baptists, will come up to me, and say, “This is all right, it’s in the word of God. It’s all right, it’s in the word of God”. But it’s not all right! We’re going to go over it. If you want a list of what the occult is, it’s found in Deuteronomy 18, starting with verse 10. And these are abominations to the Lord. These are things that make the Lord so angry, that in the Old Testament, He ordered a death sentence of stoning outside the city, if you were caught doing these things just once, not a dozen times, once! Now, the reason for this was: the Jews did not have what we call deliverance. They did not have the power to call demons out in the name of Jesus. They didn’t have this yet, the blood hadn’t even been paid, so the power was not there to do this. Their answer was to take them outside the city, and stone them to death. Because they knew that, if you came in contact with a fortune teller, and you let a fortune teller tell you a fortune, you obtained the same spirits from her that she had! They also knew that if you went to a medium, and set in a seance, you obtained the same spirit. If you went to an astrologer and had her do your chart, you received the same spirit! I want to give you an example…

My foster mother, when she wrote a book…

she said that over every personal astrology chart that she did – she used to work for the Los Angeles Times, and do the charts for them – she would light the candles, and demand the spirits from the underworld to enter those charts, so that when the person took the charts, they would be under her control. Okay? When she wrote her book, she did the same thing to her book. And she demanded that a demon enter every book that came off the press, so that the person reading the book would be addicted to the world of the occult. And all writers on the occult do the same thing! All right?

Now let’s read what the definitions of these are…

Since we’re reading the King James, I will stop and I will tell you, as there are many repeats, some of the words mean the same thing. How many of you have got Scofield with you? You’re going to be a little confused as we go along here. He [Scofield] changes them quite a bit…

‘There shall not be found among you anyone that makes his son or his daughter to pass through the fire’

That’s not walking on coals. The old form of human sacrifice in the Old Testament, – they did this to Baal – was to take your child, and throw them into the flames to be burnt alive as a sacrifice to Baal. That’s what it’s talking about: sacrifice! And a lot of it goes on.

‘Or that uses divination’

You are going to be embarrassed about it. You don’t have to do it. But if you’d like to be honest, it might help some of the others who aren’t going to be honest…

How many of you have ever had your fortune told?

Or even with playing cards as a joke at a party, or went to a fortune teller, or anything like this? How many of you have had it done? That’s divination! Parapsychology calls it Clairvoyancy. They like to change it a little, okay? That’s divination; that’s fortune telling without the use of familiar spirits! Familiar spirits are spirit guides – the witches believe, are spirits of people who have died. We know from the word of God: they’re demonic spirits. They’re the angels that fell with Lucifer!
This is without them; this is using so-called ESP. They’re inside them talking: they’re giving them the knowledge, and the cards have definitions to add to it. Most people think, when a person turns a card over, that card has a definition. Most people will tell you that using the Tarot cards, or playing cards which, by the way, were made to cast spells with, and tell fortunes, before Hoyle ever came around and invented poker. Okay? In fact, there are some witches who won’t use the Tarot cards, because the playing cards are older and more powerful! But they usually get psychic pictures besides the definitions. There’s much power to that. And that’s why God said, No! You don’t need it. You have My word. You don’t need this thing.

‘An observer of times’

Anybody can shout it out real quick. What does it mean? Astrology. How many of you right now believe astrology is all right for a Christian? Raise your hand. How many of us have followed astrology? Now, that means, when the L.A. Times comes in, you just can’t wait to open it up, and look at it. Okay? Is astrology addictive? It’s addictive. A sister was hooked on it, just the same as a heroin addict. She had to have a spirit cast out of her before she could stop reading. She was that addicted to it! She went home, burnt it, all right? That’s when she got freed; she destroyed it, okay? There are demons involved in this! People argue with me that astrology is all right, because the wise men were astrologers. No! They were following a star that had appeared in heaven. They were astronomers, not astrologers! Okay? Astrologers say that the stars destined you, once you are born; you are going to stay that way. No matter what happens in your life, you can never change.

The word of God says, through the blood of Jesus Christ, you can change!

That’s why witches find it so hard to believe in the Christian faith, because they don’t understand it. There’s no miracle change in their life. That’s why, when they meet me, they can’t understand it. I’ve got a picture in my bill that I found by accident going through some belongings of myself, about a year after I became a Grand Druid. I want to show it to the pastor later. I didn’t even recognize myself. That’s the difference in myself: now and then. They don’t understand this miracle change!

It changes you physically, it changes you spiritually

But according to astrology, that’s impossible! You stop becoming a Scorpio and a Taurus when you become a Christian. I find it very beautiful when somebody walks up to me, and says: “What sign are you?” I said, “The sign of the blood of Jesus”. That’s all you have to say! You’re not a set personality! If that’s sold as the word of God, then that’s a lie, because it says you’re supposed to grow in the word of God, and have the fruits of the Spirit. And that’s the only sign you should have, it’s Galatians 5, all right?

‘Or an enchanter’

That’s a hypnotist! How many of you have been hypnotized? I’ve heard Christians going around now, Christian ministers, using hypnotists to minister to people. Don’t believe it! It was outlawed in the time of God. And if it’s called hypnotism now, as it was called enchantment since, it’s still the same thing! It’s still demonic. And the word of God says, No.

‘Or a witch’

I think that’s self-explanatory. That’s a person who casts spells on other people, and controls them with her mind. Parapsychology calls it telekinesis. Whether it’s making you do something with their mind, or bending a fork for television’s sake, it’s still the same thing!

‘Or a charmer’

A charmer is a style of a witch. It’s a lesser degree.

‘Or a consulter with familiar spirits’

A consulter with familiar spirits is a medium. That is, somebody who asks the spirit to guide them. How many of you have used the Ouija board? That’s a consulter of familiar spirits! How many have made the mistake of letting somebody, – or you’ve done it yourself – swing the button over your hand, and find out if you’re going to have a boy or a girl? They laugh about it, but it goes on! It’s so strange. Those babies always have the worst problems after they’re born, because they’ve done that. That’s consulting with familiar spirits. That’s what happened in the 16th chapter. Okay?

‘Or a wizard’

That’s a male witch. Not warlock, wizard!

‘Or a necromancer’

That’s somebody who uses familiar spirits to tell the future. Definitely like the Ouija board, okay? A consulter of familiar spirits would be more like a medium. A necromancer would be somebody using the Ouija board to gain knowledge from demonic spirits. Okay?

‘For all that do these things are an abomination unto the Lord’

‘And because of these abominations, the Lord thy God doth drive them out from before thee.’ That’s why He wiped out the land that the Jews were in, so that that wouldn’t touch them, because that’s what was going on. And all of the time the Jews dwelled in that land, they were surrounded by people who did this. Now the Christians are surrounded about. Welcome to the club!

Turn with me the 16th chapter of Acts

If you run across a witch, I’ll settle the whole thing. You run across somebody who’s in the occult, whether they’re in witchcraft or not, and they want to argue with you that it’s perfectly all right… It’s ignorance; disagree with it, and use your Bible. Of course, witches don’t believe in the Bible, so you won’t get very far with them.
But for the Christians who want to play games with you, and want to say, ‘This is right, and that is all right, and they were born with the power, and they are a little special…’, this is their story. This is the same story that the devil used in the Garden for Adam and Eve, and it’s the story that we see in the world of today that makes the occult grow:

‘I’m going to make you a god’

He can’t even make himself a god! How is he going to make you a god? Remember, what was going to make him a god? Knowledge. And the knowledge of the occult is spreading, because people think that with it, they are more special than the person next to them. And that’s why they become involved!

Okay, chapter 16, verse 16, read it with me… ‘And it came to pass, as we went to prayer, a certain damsel possessed with a spirit of divination… divination, fortune telling… possessed with a spirit of fortune telling….’ So for those that like to turn cards, and say it’s ESP, you read to them this! ‘…met us, which brought her masters much gain by soothsaying.’ How many have heard of Jeane Dixon? What did she call herself? A soothsayer! Where did she say she gets this from? God. That’s blaspheme from a demon.
Soothsaying, looking into the future, and prophecy: it’s satan’s counterfeit of what the prophets of God did!

Satan has never originated anything in his life!

You can better believe it about the occult. The Christian church is either doing it today, or they were doing it. And God has passed on to a new thing, but God did it once. The devil, he is not creating it (not creative); he can only counterfeit.

Most interesting, I’m glad that Jesus left us one sign, that the whole world would know we were His!

Because it’s the one sign the devil can’t imitate, does not have anything inside him to counterfeit it! It’s called love. That’s why you have to have the death threats in the occult to keep going.

‘Then the same followed Paul and us, and cried, saying: : “These men are the servants of the Most High God, which shew unto us the way of salvation!”’

I’ve had hundreds of people come to me, and tell me: “The Ouija board is correct! Fortune tellers are all right!”, because they had just gotten saved. And a year before, some medium, or the Ouija board, or something, told them that the Christian way was the right way. Most of the time, when I get to talking to them, I found out they never were born again any way! They just decided to switch over to being a Christian.

The devil knows about the blood of Jesus; he knows it’s the right way!

I’ve had mediums get up and interrupt the service to stand there, and preach a message about how God was the most powerful God, because the devil was not afraid of losing the person [the medium that said that]. I’ve had them come up and ask for deliverance, and have the demons removed, and they challenged, because they did not want them removed. They were not going to leave because the people didn’t want them out! And the devil was not afraid of having the person stand up, and say it!

‘But Paul left this person alone for several days’

If you read it, she did this many days. ‘But Paul, being grieved, turned, and said to the spirit, I command thee, in the name of Jesus Christ…’ not Mary, not Yahweh, no other name!, not Diana, not Colonels, but Jesus Christ. And it was said by a person who knew Him personally: a personal relationship. ‘…in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her. And it came out the same hour.’ In some translations, it says ‘the same moment’. ‘And when her masters saw that the hope of their gains was gone, they caught Paul and Silas, and drew them into the marketplace unto the rulers.’ What did happen, when the demon was gone? Their gains were gone because she couldn’t tell fortune anymore! She didn’t have that special little power, that the other people went and paid her to tell about, because it was gone. It was of the devil, and it was gone.

But when people come up to you, and say that this person in the field, that you saw, or….

There was just a big controversy in the Los Angeles County area about legalizing fortune telling without a license, and witchcraft and everything… The reason being was that the Great Prescott, so-called the great psyche, catching hold of the LA police Department, that, if they would do this, he would come and tell them who the stranger was. Sure, the devil will think on the devil; he doesn’t care! So this was the deal. And they even sent a witch out from the head of the coven, to sit there, and cast a spell over the city council, or county council, whatever it was. As they were voting on this thing, she was waving her wand around, and her incense in the air… but…

At the same time, there were Christians praying outside the building

And I don’t know where the witches’ minds were. When it was over, they told the newsmen, and said, “Well, why didn’t your spells work?” And they said: “Oh, some dumb Christians were outside praying against us!” Well, that’s saying that Christians are stronger! We know that! I’m surprised they didn’t have a revival in witchcraft right then and there. I mean, three Christians was all it was, outside praying! They had about eight covens all through the area, casting spells on the city council, and all the Christians were doing were pleading the blood of Jesus Christ over the councilmen, whether they were Christians or not.

It’s about time we stand up and start taking authority over the principalities and powers!

Read Ephesians 6, verse 12. That’s what runs the area, and we need to take authority over and stand up.

When I was here before, I talked on the Illuminati

I talked on the physical kingdom of the devil, but there is a spiritual kingdom, too! And without the spiritual kingdom, that physical kingdom wouldn’t function.
When we come back to questions and answers in the second session, ask anything you want, whether it be on the illuminati or whatever. Brian will get the answer. I won’t be able to answer yet, but I’ll try.

There is a book that we have worked on when we went down to Chick Publications for two days last week

It has been almost six hours, just working the story out and researching in the word, and bringing out documents. It’s going to be called ‘The Angel of Light’. It’s going to be out in about six months…

We had a little debate about Mormonism in here last time

Jack had the top experts on the Mormon church come in. They’re going to hit the Mormon church. They’re going to hit anything that has the devil in his earthly and spiritual kingdom in this book. Please pray for it.

Let’s take questions and answers

Anybody have a question? Yeah, I’m sorry, they know, but there’s no use broadcasting. It’s in California, and it’s about 55 miles from here; it’s in the mountains [kind of safe haven for ex-occultists, etc.].

Another answer to a question
We received them in courier pouches, usually carried by the US State Department, the only time we received orders like that didn’t come from the Tribunal. They came in …?, or Lucifer would appear. But usually he appears.

Remember, too many people got the devil spread out all over the place

He (Lucifer/satan) is one being; he’s not God! If Lucifer is standing here this very moment, he’s nowhere else in the whole universe! So usually he is at the Rothschild house to give them orders! Or he appears at what is called the ‘Golden Dawn’ coven. One thing I’ve got to add to you; it’s come up too much, and we’re bringing it out in the new book.

How many of you read C.S. Lewis? How many of you read J.R.R. Tolkien? Burnham?

I’m going to repeat this: Burnham? No, burn them! Burn them!
Lewis was supposed to be one to their lords by Tolkien. And Tolkien was supposed to be a Christian. The witches call all those books their bible! They have to read them before they can be initiated. And it is well known in England, and published in witchcraft books, that they both belong to Rothschild’s private coven! Tolkien’s son is up for votes in three months to become the leader of the Illuminati! They’re not Christian books! We have found books, outside of the spiritual high letters, that are on the gods where Lewis talks of the gods, Diana and Colonels, and others, as being the real gods! Yes, Lewis; he was supposed to be a Christian, and those books are sold in Christian stores! Burn them; they’re witchcraft books! Any questions, yet?

Without TV, the Illuminati would never be in control of the world

There are symbols on the TV sets that are hypnotic symbols. You can talk to anybody that’s a hypnotist, and they can tell you: why do you think that you can sit there, and somebody can scream in your ear half the time, and you don’t know they’re screaming at you. There are things that are burnt into your mind through the TV sets, that are subtle, that are symbols and words and actions. And we’ve talked with people that know of these things that go on, and they have confirmed this. Besides, two of the major Networks in this country are completely Illuminati owned lock, stock and barrel: ABC and CBS. And NBC is 90% Illuminati. And then, most of the Christian television I don’t watch, because they receive large donations from them to tone the programs down.
Jack Chick asked me what I thought about him going on TV on a regular series. I said, he’s never going to get there. Try getting a serious Bible believing program on TV that preaches hardcore gospel. It will never happen! If you think Jerry Farwell is hardcore gospel, I have a little piece of news for you. No way! The girl that took my place as Grand Druid, Levina, is a member of his church. And her parents are on his staff. No way!

UFOs: the occult teaches UFOs are angels of light to deceive the world into believing that we will later be invaded from outer space…

so that you can have a One World Army [army of the NWO] looking that way, considering they feel that one of these days they’re going to be invaded from outer space. And they really believe they can defeat that invasion coming from outer space. Now, how many of you know what invasion I’m talking about? They do, too! And they really feel they can defeat it. That’s the purpose!
And you’ll notice that all of the so-called [UFO] landings and …? and … pyramids, or the ‘hole areas’, such as the Bermuda Triangle over the pyramid, over the gap in the North Pole, places like this…, these are sacred pit openings of the occult!

The word ‘warlock’ is Scottish Gaelic, meaning: backslider or trader

The Catholic Church applied it to the first protestants, okay? It never was applied to witchcraft. The satanist used it for shock value in this country. Television is added to it. Witch, you see, is from the word wicca, which is the name of their religion, which means ‘wise one’. And witch is the female version; wizard is the male version. Wizard means wise one or teacher, and witch is wise one or leader. That’s why the women are the leaders, and the men are the teachers. Okay? That’s the term. Warlock is… in fact, if you go to England you won’t even hear it! And that’s where the stronger witchcraft is. It’s just more or less used in this country, and the safeness to use it for shock value. Because if you go up, and you say, “I’m a wizard”, nobody knows what you’re talking about! Because if you go up and say, “I’m a warlock”, everybody knows, ‘Well, these are something great’, you know. So that’s why they’ve used it, and that’s how they have spread it. But warlock isn’t a witch term. It actually was a term applied to the first protestants in Scotland and Ireland. Any others? Yes, go ahead.

Okay, she asked me an ‘occult’ question…

She asked if I know anything about the angel that was supposed to have given a princess in Ireland a blarney stone. These are Catholic and witchcraft teachings together; I’m sure it was a demon, okay? The princess was supposed to be the daughter of Bridget, which was the mother goddess in Ireland, which the Catholics made a saint. The Catholics, everywhere they went, they always turned the old gods into saints, so they keep the pagan followers following them.

Yes, people believe there’re two different worlds out there…

checking this world out, because we’ve had violent contacts and we’ve had non-violent contacts. Well, you see the teachings from the Necronomicon, which by the way, I read scriptures in the Mormon bible that are directly out of the Necronomicon. In the Necronomicon, it teaches: the first scripture in it is out of Genesis. And that’s the witches’ bible: the Necronomicon [Spellbook]. It says that the sons of God came down and knew the daughters of Adam, and there were giants in the land. They teach that, when the human race first started, great wise ones from another world came here and started a race, and (inner)mated. And that’s where the witches came from.
Well, the Mormons, of course, teach that Adam came down with a wife, and started everything. Where did he come from? So it’s all still based on this same.
And now, they’re believing, they’re coming back and checking up on us. And soon we’ll have a government of world peace [NWO], because they [satan and his demons] will help to do it all.

[Here follows a part with good booklets and books mentioned.]

How many of you have read this?

All right, as I repeat, nothing produced by Chick Publications is a book. It is a tract. It is meant for souls. All right? Now, I’m trying to set up something where every student at the school will get… How many are in junior or high school in this school? I want to see if you know what’s going on. I talked with the principal. I talked with the pastor. I know what’s going on in your school.

I want to find out if there will be a teenager honest enough to stand up and say they know it

How many know about the Spiritualism group, the Ouija Board group, that is going on after school hours? How many teenagers have kind of been invited over to this thing, or gotten a word on it around the school, that know what’s going on? Any of you? Have any of you been approached in the school about this? All right, if you are, please go to the principal. Please go to the pastor. There are teenagers who are fooling with this in the school, and are trying to spread this. And the pastor and the principal are going to take care of it. I told him whom I’ve spotted, and know who is fooling around with it.
Any questions?

The question is: What about Charles Manson?

Was he even possessed? The brotherhood that he belonged to is called The Process. The only brotherhood I worry about. They are so radical that in order to kill me, they would gladly give their own life up right in a meet. They will run out of England for human sacrifice. They have the Inner and the Outer Process. The Outer Process is a ‘good’ group. They have free coffee houses, free clothing, and so on. The Inner Process: they will sacrifice. They teach a four gods system: Yahweh as the evil God, Lucifer as the good god, Jesus as one being punished because he spoke against satan, and satan as the earthly god. And they wear a cross, big silver cross, with a serpent engraved on the cross, showing that satan and Christ all won through the cross. They were rode up, they had a contract; he was paid to do it. Kate was breaking away. Her husband knew about it. Her husband went over to establish an alibi in Europe. The money came down, $50,000 came down from Toronto to New Orleans, and poor Manson only got 2,000 of it, by the time it went through all the sticky fingers. But that’s what the Kate killings were about. The others just happened to be there. She wanted out, and you don’t get out, unless you come to Christ, and she didn’t think about trying out. And her mistake was, she warned him in a van. She was arguing with her having a baby, and she didn’t want the baby raised up in it, and she wanted out. And if you remember the trial script from the book, that’s the one thing she baked. She said she kept repeating over and over, “Don’t kill me, don’t kill my baby”. Her baby was what she cared about. And that’s the information that I have on it. I belong to the New Orleans branch. And he was called a filled disciple or an evangelist from the New Orleans branch. They were the people who first tried to kill me. The first incident ever happened from them. They’re very radical. They’re located, and they’ve got a few scattered undercover groups, in L.A., but they’ve got an open chapter in Frisco. Any other questions? Yes, I can only give you the names of the question.

Here are the names of the other people on the Council of 13

I can only give you the ones that were honest. There have been many assassinations. There is a war going on in the occult right now between the traditional and the modernists. The traditionalists and the modernists is, why I keep getting invitations to come back and join, because I was one of the traditional leaders. And they thought that I got out, because the traditionalist was losing or something. They didn’t start losing till I left. But this is why they Fork? and son in. He’s the leader of the tradition. But the leader of the Grand Council, as it stands about a week ago, is Gavin Frost. He’s the leader of the modern, the evangelical of the group, the one who says that everybody can be a witch. The girl who took my place is Yvonne Collins, or Legina is her name. Now, many names I’ll give you are witch names, okay, because I don’t know their real names. That’s the law in which they don’t choose to tell you. You can’t ask! And even the Council doesn’t know the other council members’ correct names on it. Jesse Bell, who lives in Florida, is the name. Lady Sheba Sibelique. Dr. Raymond Buckley, who used to lead it. Laura is still on the Council. Louis Sugner from Los Angeles is on the Council. Dora from Chicago is on the Council. I think the others that were on it at the time are off. Mrs. Morgan from New York, and Levina from France, are still on the Council. The others, I think, have either been killed or resigned, or what? And others have been placed in their place.

Question to clarify the distinction between the traditional and the modern witch

The traditional witch believes you must be a hereditary witch. Okay? That means you must be born into a family before: an hereditary line.
The modernists want everybody, particularly the Christians most of all, to be witches! Okay?

Question: Can you tell us about UFOs and your sister’s connection?

There’s a story that Jack Chick told me first, and three years ago, that I had told him that my sister, before my wife came around, used to be leader of the state of Ohio, the high priestess there, of the whole state. And her little pastime was calling up, supposedly filling the sky with UFOs, and watching everybody’s excitement. And some of the most outstanding sightings were in the early ‘70s in Ohio. And she used to laugh about it, because she’d be standing in a circle out in the field somewhere, calling up demons. And that’s all they were. They were angels of light playing games in the sky!

Remember a demon?

Get a little spooky picture: they are a fallen angel, an unclean spirit. They can assume any form, or go into anything, except a Christian who walks in the Spirit all the time, knowingly, in other words, a Christian who keeps it under the blood, and so on. But they can assume forms, including spacemen, or solid objects, like flying saucers, and so on. That’s why when they appear on the radar scope, and a jet gets up there, they vanish right in front of the pilot’s eyes, because they’re nothing but a spirit!

A question about possession, obsession and affliction, related to the Christian

Let’s trade the words around a little. Possession, oppression, obsession, and depression, okay?
Possession means: absolutely total ownership! You’ve seen one of the few. I’ve seen four or five cases in my whole life of possession. And the young lady that we prayed for at the end of the service was one of those that was possessed. That’s how many in five years. And I have set in or been part of close to 1,000 deliverances. You don’t see very many cases of possession. Possession means: that person doesn’t breathe, eat, talk, say anything, that the devil, that’s inside of them, does not allow them to do. Maybe you’ve seen them, if you’ve tried to get somebody to pray. And they’ve actually wanted to pray the prayer of salvation, but they can’t get it out. That’s possession! Son of Sam: possession. John Todd, five years ago: possession. Charles Manson: possession. Let me explain…

You know, this Legion was possessed

And the girl in the 16th chapter was possessed. You know what they did? They wanted help. You know what they did? They went and they challenged God. The most they could do was fall down and foam, and get the minister’s attention. I’d been in meetings where they couldn’t ask for deliverance, because the spirit wouldn’t let them. But they could create a commotion by resisting the devil. What they would do is they’d start thinking they wanted to be free, and the devil would start manifesting. And that would draw the attention of the minister to them. However,

Most of ‘possessed’ people are ‘possessed’ [under demonic influence], not so much because the demons are possessing them, but they are possessing the demons

I mean, most of the cases I meet, the demonic activity does not want to give up the spirits. Remember, how much you crossed give up particular spirits in your life you just did not want to give up? She did not want to turn them loose because she liked them. That may seem unusual to you, but it goes on. Think of the man who likes chasing women. He doesn’t want to give up the demon of lust because he doesn’t want to give up chasing the women. Okay? Now, possession is impossible for a Christian. Don’t let anybody ever tell you that a Christian is possessed. That’s an absolute lie of the devil!

The next step is oppression

That is where the Christian can come… Possession resides in the spirit or the heart of man. Oppression resides in the soul or the mind of man. Obsession resides in the flesh or the body of man. Okay? That would be the best way to describe it. Depression is outside; it’s permitting spirits from the outside. Unless it’s a demon of depression, then it’s inside. But usually depression can be just you, not depending enough upon the Lord. So you’re allowing the devil to depress you. I’m very funny. I don’t allow any in between. I’m not a fence traveler. It’s either God or it’s the devil. There isn’t any in between! And that’s the Lord’s own words. You’re either with Him or you’re against Him. Okay? That’s the definitions of them.

I get Pentecostals and Charismatics upset because I call Kathryn Kuhlman a witch

They want proof. The inquirer. Anybody whom an article is done on about faith, healing, or supernatural power in the Inquirer[=666,222,111,69] must appear in person before the Council of the Grand Druid. How many know about Kuhlman’s article, several years ago in the Inquirer? You don’t get in there without proper approval from the Board! All right? That settles it right there as far as I’m concerned.

You have got symbols

Without going in for a long time on symbols, witches and Masons identify their ownership of things for the others [in the club] by their symbols! They must do each eight things to perfect themselves. It’s 6,000 years old. Two of them: one is drugs, one is alcohol, and one is immoral sex. That’s three right there. Without even going on any further, that’s one symbol that symbols all over the thing…

The holy year to the Illuminati is the birthday, May 1, 1976

76! Anybody recognizing that on a sign somewhere?
Another beautiful one is Montgomery Ward and Mobil are one company. Mobil belongs to a company that owns Standard Oil, Exion, and all of them. It’s probably 40% of the money, that comes to the Illuminati, comes to that system of companies. So naturally, those are going to be built up and protected more than others. And what can I tell you?

I met a PR man recently who told me he is the public relations man for the new Star Wars sequel

He’s a homosexual. He told me there is not one star that’s a major star in the new movie that has not gone to bed with homosexuals in order to get the role. He also said, the majority of them are being kicked from the top of soap opera in the country. Does anybody have an idea of what that soap opera is? ‘Young and the Restless.’ Reason? Brad, for those that watch it, is a Christian who cancelled to astrology! And one of the new stars is Snapper, the doctor on the show that will be in Star Wars. And the guy told me that instead of 45% of the Star Wars thing being on the force, 99% will be about the force!

And for the guys who like Country Western music…

and think they’re safe because it’s not Rock, come and see Hall. He has just brought out the bestselling song in a long time. It’s called ‘The Force’ [Tom T. Hall – May The Force Be With You Always] about good witchcraft battling bad witchcraft.


It’s coming from China, and it’s classified along with Laetrile. And there is no medical evidence that it heals you; it’s pure psychic energy! And it has no scientific evidence that Laetrile heals, but it heals. People who were healed from cancer by Laetrile were tested on psychic powers. They all raided in the 75. The faith in this healing chart is healing them. Now, who’s healing them? Right, the devil! If you think that the devil can heal, well, sorry, he can’t, and he is giving you something worse along the line.

Within five square mile area of where I live is where they’re dumping all the bodies

The Louise shooter lives in the same area. I don’t know, I can’t get any information. I can’t get any information at all. So I don’t know. They’re holding things back. But I will tell you what is involved. The same spirit that was in the …? The same spirit that was in the Tragedy? killer who said that he killed 34 young boys after raping them, so he could become the top mass murderer in the world, and break the record.

These are demons that are going to come in in the next years!

You think this is something? Where do you pick up the newspaper every day? And if a new killer is struck, you’re going to have killers all over the place that are trying to break each other’s records, because you’ve got demons all over the place trying to break each other’s records, okay? That’s the best I can answer you. I don’t know if it’s a cult. It may be, but since there’s no report of blood loss, I doubt it.

Fake energy crisis is going to cause World War 3

Last time I was here, I mentioned the schedule that the Council of 13 had for domination of the world, that will be fulfilled within eleven years from 1972. And he asked me if the state – can I add that word ‘fake energy crisis’? – had anything to do with it. What do you think started it? That’s what’s going to cause World War 3.

You’ve got to get out of the system of thinking ‘This guy over here is a bad guy, and this guy over here is a good guy’!

You can’t do that! It’s not a football game! You can’t pick the Rams over the Vikings. You can’t pick America over Russia! You can’t do it. You’ve got to look to the guy who’s calling the screen/scene?. His name is Rothschild. Okay? Remember now, the guy who is called the man of peace right now, Jimmy Carter, the one who wrote a book about Israel. Who set the whole thing up? Jimmy Carter. Don’t lose sight of it. You say, he is losing popularity? He has never had popularity. He is not a Christian. He said, “Sorry, religion and politics don’t mix”.

Martial Law

And if you don’t think the President of the United States can do it, you’d better do some research. He can, overnight, by picking up the telephone, he can place us under martial law to suspend everything. He’ll do it, because it’s going to be the time.

I hate the way Christians pray today

Now I lay me down to sleep type of prayer, you know, 5 seconds, and you’ve done your duty for the day. I don’t know what it is. I guess it’s my habit in the occult: I had to spend hours, meditating and reading every day. So why can’t I do it for the Lord? I mean, the Christian church is wondering why the witches are walking all over them. Because the witches’ prayer life is stronger than the Christians’ prayer life!

You’d like me to talk about Salem and the Inquisition, and also about the Masons and their contact with the occult…

I would love to but I think that will take the rest of the evening. How many have read history or were taught history on the Salem witchcraft in school? Sorry. I’m going to disappoint you. No witches were killed. Christians were! The witches did the execution. And if you want to spend a few thousand dollars in about a month, like my wife and I did, go to the Essex Museum in Salem, and if you can trick your way into the library like we did, – but you’re not supposed to be able to – and look at the original manuscript, you’ll find out that the Collins and the Putnams, and others that were there, were involved in the witchcraft. And the main charge, which never comes out in any of our history books, was that the people that were executed were all from another town, were holding Bible studies in their home, teaching the born again experience, and also discussing the Book of Revelation, which was outlawed. But that didn’t come out in the history books! But that was some of the main charges.
The next thing that went on during the Inquisition was: none of the big witches were ever killed. Most of the people that were killed weren’t witches, but the witches sure use it against us. It’s like Salem. Now, they know that in Salem, no witches were killed, but they use it against Christians. They also know that in the Inquisition most of the witches did the execution in there, but they use it against them. The bad point is that – and I want to give it to you, in case it’s ever thrown at you – they used John Wesley against us. Because before his salvation, he was a paid for witch hunter in England, who was responsible for thousands of people’s deaths in England. But that was before his salvation, and they neglect to bring that up, since they don’t believe in salvation. Now, the good one:

For four years now, I’ve been talking to Jack Chick that the Masons were initiated just like witchcraft people

And I guess it never really sunk through to his head that it was so. I got the blackboard out the other day, and I drew him and told him, word for word, step by step, the initiation into witchcraft of the first level, when you join the coven for the first time. Okay? “Hey, John, but that’s what the Masons do!” That’s what I’m trying to tell you… the vow of secrecy. I’ve had Masons deny that there was a knife pointed at them, when they were led by the summoner to the challenger at the circle to be initiated. But the knife is there, just as it is in witchcraft! They are blindfolded; they are bound, just like in witchcraft. They are led by the summoner to the challenger, to a circle with a five-point star. They’re led through the gate at the same point, and exit the circle at the other point, and it’s called that they’re being reborn. The only three points that are different is: we receive a new name to sprinkle baptism, a completely new name when we’re initiated into witchcraft. We drop our robes, so that we are nude when we walk in the circle, and we are rewrote because we’re born again in the circle. That has been changed now because of the modernist …?, just like with the Masons. The other thing is: our wrist is cut. But they’re doing away with that in witchcraft now. So the only difference between witchcraft and the Masons now is a sprinkle of baptism, and given a new name. The initiation, word for word, from the time you walk up to the circle to the time you leave – action for action – is the same as that that I took, my wife took, or anybody else took when he first joined witchcraft! It’s what a Mason does when he joins.

Now you tell me that the Masons are Christians?

The Masons were formed as a catalytic organization going undercover in order to protect themselves from persecution of witchcraft, when witches were being persecuted. And that’s how they were formed. And that’s their right.

Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley, which some of you may know about, some of you may not, left the Golden Dawn, which is the private coven of the Rothschild, and formed his own group. He didn’t drop all the Illuminati, but he almost got himself killed because he published two books, (one) called ‘The Order of the Golden Dawn’. They didn’t mind any of it, except he drew the temple of the Rothschild personal coven! He drew all the banners on the wall where the Order was set up, but the people caught everything. And it just so happened, there was a book out on Mormonism at the same time, that had Masonry in it that had the very same picture in of a Mason temple. That’s my statement on Masons there.

Yes, almost all of you are financing double Mind Control, Alpha Mind Control, a lot of the different legs?, the literary groups, that are involved in it…

Besides, meditation will lead you, if you go on in, particularly, Yoga, to Transcendental Meditation, or Projection… another thing. The problem with the meditation group is, they give you half of truths in the beginning; it’s just like in witchcraft. And then, as you go deeper and deeper, all of a sudden there are things they told you they didn’t do in the beginning that they’re now teaching you, if you stay with them. And I personally believe that one of the best ways to fill yourself up with demons is to go into a meditation group.’

We’ll have Jonny Todd back again, the Lord willing, in about three months. We want you to pray for him on his mission tour.


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