Breaking News Headlines | Endtimenews & Exposé of the week June 12, 2023

Breaking news updates | Latest and current news headlines | Expose of the week 


Patriot911 (=99) reports: NASA Warns of Internet Apocalypse that Will Disable Internet for Months 

The Defender (= 55, 111): Genetically Engineered Salad Greens Coming to Grocery Stores — and They Won’t Be Labeled 

Many Masonic websites report to your face: ‘WEF Bans Natural Conception: All Babies Must Be Lab-Grown By 2030’ 

‘ChatGPT chatbot’ = 144, 99, 77! Hundreds of Protestants attended a sermon in Nuremberg given by ‘ChatGPT’ (= 33), which told them not to fear death 

Thousands of dead fish wash ashore along Texas Gulf Coast 

Smoke in NYC, Diablo IV, Alleged Wild Fires in Canada, and Looming Climate Lockdowns 

Canada Wildfires: Data vs Hysteria 

Breaking911 (= 33) reports, WATCH: NY Gov. Kathy Hochul suggests residents wear a mask indoors 

Alerts Issued As Cold Front Smacks Western Australia; Freezing Lows Sweep New Zealand; June Snow In Colorado; + ‘Gold Rush 2.0’ Thanks To California’s Historic Snowpack 

The Trump Theatre Continues – Indicted in Classified Document Probe 

£1600 A Month Universal Basic Income / Hugo Talks 

Section of I-95 Highway in Philadelphia Collapsed by the Numbers 

Apple Releases First Major Product Since 2014 The $3,499 ‘Vision Pro’ Mixed-Reality Headset That Will Immerse Users In An Alternate Universe 

Freemason Dr. Mercola: Omega-3 May Lower Alzheimer’s Risk In High-Risk Individuals 

Website run by Freemasons: ‘Could This Common Supplement Be the Answer to Tumors?’ – NAC 


Exposé of the week  


NTEB Prophecy News = 201

Now The End = 33  [Notice that these words are highlighted in white]

NowTheEndBegins = 66

NTEB = 333, 22 

Now The End Begins on TV?
NTEB Recording Studio Featured In TV Interview, And We Still Need YOUR Help In Reach 

When I showed her the new NTEB Recording Studio we are building…. 

NTEB Recording Studio
as seen on: NBC (90% Illuminati) and ABC (100% Illuminati) NEWS? 

NTEB Recording Studio as seen on NBC (90% Illuminati) and ABC (100% Illuminati) NEWS - First Coast News - Geoffrey Grider

Is First Cost News really on your side as they claim to be?
No way!

Let me explain why not:
Two of the major Networks in this country are completely Illuminati owned lock, stock and barrel: ABC and CBS. And NBC is 90% Illuminati [back then in the ‘70s] And then, most of the Christian TELEVISION I don’t watch, because they receive large donations from them!

And what about so-called ‘christian’ RADIO, today in 2023? Think about that. 

Also, note the glorification of Donald Trump, making you believe in politics… pro-Trump

The Santa Rosa Correctional Main Unit and Annex In Milton Florida Holds 2,500 Inmates And Their Chaplain Just Contacted Us Looking For Bibles

It might interest you to know…
that some of your tax money pays for a chaplain in every federal prison in the United States: a chaplain of the Witchcraft church! They have an altar and a service every Sunday for all the witches in the federal prison. And your taxes paid for the chaplain, and all the instruments that he uses during the service. Nice to know, huh? Now, in fact, they got started at Folsom and San Quentin. They were the first two prisons to do it. And Folsom is a state prison, so some of your state taxes are going to the two. That was Jerry Brown’s idea. You might consider that when you vote for him next time. Now they’re not publishing that on the television commercial, when they say all he’s done, have they? – Again, this was already the case in the ‘70s

Flight #777 equals 33, and also notice the important number 777
with ‘Jesus’ showing his back in the image? 

And why are they almost promoting the following Apple product:
Apple Releases First Major Product Since 2014 The $3,499 ‘Vision Pro’ Mixed-Reality Headset That Will Immerse Users In An Alternate Universe

The Day Of Wonders And Virtual Reality

Notice the video length of 3:33 minutes; this is no coincidence. 

Who is the owner of NTEB?
NTEB is owned by Geoffrey Grider, sitting down with The Soul Trap.
The Soul Trap… soul trap? Soul… a trap? 

Strange wording here in orange (= 33), isn’t it?
I think I don’t like it so much.

Finally, the ‘Now The End Begins’ Banner on YouTube:
‘The war is real, the battle hot, and the time is short… to the fight!!!’ = 777, 222(0)

How they love their numbers!
Test, test, test, always


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