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Clown Planet (=999) just laughs about us and brings it straight to our face: When the cash runs out… 

Joining forces to inject every child: ‘The Big Catch-up’ (=201, 111, 66, 223 = 322) of the WHO, UNICEF, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, along with Immunization Agenda 2030 and many other global and national health partners 

‘The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica’ (=201) ‘factchecked’:  three-parent baby using MRT and IVF  [that is, fallen angel technology] 

Zelenskyy Meets Pope Francis  [Great exposé! Please pray for Cindy so that she can come back this Summer] 

Joran van der sloot, suspect in disappearance of Natalee Holloway, to be extradited to U.S. 

5/15/2023 – Very large earthquake activity due this week – Don’t be scared, BE PREPARED  [TPTB would like to @rrest dutchsinse and put him in j@il] 

Winter Arrives Early New Zealand; Record Cold Australia; Cold Czech Republic; Warming ‘MUST’ = Cooling 

JPost (=33, 55, 322): Grim Reaper spotted at King Charles’ coronation. Who’s he looking for?

Grim Reaper spotted at King Charles’ coronation


‘Daily Hodl, News and Insight for the Digital Economy’ (=222): US Government May Freeze American Bank Withdrawals As Currency Panic and Capital Flight Mounts 

Canadian Prepper (=666): BREAKING NEWS! STATE OF EMERGENCY, Moscow BURNS, NUCLEAR PLANT EVACUATED, RECORD WILDFIRES RAGING  [CP being part of the Club, and having no cen$orship, tells me that reading their Headline is enough.] 

NBC News, run by the Illuminati, reports: ‘Social Security advocates brace for U.S. debt default with payments to beneficiaries at stake’ 

Elon Musk Names Fake Convid Lockdown Propagandist and WEF Taskforce Puppet Linda Yaccarino as CEO of Twitter  [Sorry for his language] 

ECB (European Central Bank) calls for digital ID, authentication experts to develop rules for digital euro 

The power of this hail can be deadly 

World Stage Puppet Tucker Carlson to ‘Relaunch’ on Twitter 

The Navy Went Queen – 7grainsofsalt 

Emergency responders already want self-driving car gone because they are dangerous 

Title 42 Immigration Policy Expires, May 11, in the U.S. 


Freemason Dr. Mercola, working along with other Freemasonic websites, reports: Plastic is everywhere now, including your brain 

Harmful and toxic aPEEL or Edipeel technology: Bill Gates owns synthetic fruit coating — what’s in it?  [Don’t fall for their lie about ‘Politics’ or ‘Biden’ for they are gatekeepers!] 

PATH  [Download the video before it’s gone! Cindy has NO fake cen$orship, please SHARE 


Exposé of the week 


On Watch in Washington, Intercessors for America are Gatekeepers, CONs, double agents 

Notice blue & red, 3 five-pointed stars, and the Washington DC building in their logo. 

IFAPray = 222, 113 

IFAPray is an alternative so-called ‘christian’ website, fishing for you money, your opinions, your data, etc., in order to track real Christians, and those who (will) oppose the coming NWO. 

Intercessors For America = 77, 1111, 136
News. Prayer. Action. = 99

They make you believe in Politics, in Left and Right. There is not such a thing; it’s the same bird, the same belly. They are in the same Club as Sid Roth, John Ramirez, whom they promote (who is still a satanist): wolfs in sheep’s clothing!
They work together with the Freemasonic website Epoch Times, etc.
They are tracking your very data which is worth gold; don’t share any data with these Freemasons. Stay safe. For example, this lie, among many other lies, was found on their website: 

Satanic High Priest Turned Evangelist | Amazing Testimony 

On Watch = 33
in Washington = 63, 66

‘IFA President and CEO Dave Kubal interviewed John Ramirez. A former satanic high priest turned evangelist. John shares the in-depth story of how the Lord met him while he lived in the dark. He speaks on how Christians must have an intimate relationship with the Lord and how to evangelize to their own saved family and friends. John’s life was dramatically changed, God has freed him from so much, and this episode will surely encourage you as we are headed to the holiday season!’
However, John Ramirez is still a satanist, and doesn’t answer your email, plus one mostly evangelizes to the lost, not to already saved people. 

They really want your opinion so that they know what you stand for, and especially, whether you are a true Christian: Trump Found Guilty in Sexual Abuse Case — What Do You Think? From The Epoch Times 

However, we know it has all been set up, a play, an end-game, in order to deceive you. Some truths mixed with lies, sometimes many lies. 

This border crisis is caused by the Illuminati themselves; don’t be fooled!

They work together with Tucker Carlson, the controlled opposition, playing both sides, probably paid by the UN, also paid for this website.
You know, once the famous puppet for FOX = 666, still being a puppet… of course!

Tucker Carlson promotes (a movement) which equals 222, an extremely important number for the Illuminati. You can find it all on the Facebook page of IFAPray, even the promoting of the false ‘christian’ website CBN with the eternal flame (from Lucifer). 

‘10forAmerica, 10 minutes of daily prayer for America’ = 666, 322 (like Skull and Bones) 

They promote Freemason Kelsey Grammer… ‘he has seen many trials, but he has come through them with a solid faith in Christ. Praise God that a man like him is in the film industry!’
Remember: Lionsgate (=322) reports: ‘Jesus Revolution’ (=99,555) is a fun movie about grace, forgiveness [deceiving the whole world]. And please also remember that the whole film industry has been taken over by the Freemasons and satanists, controlled by the Illuminati, controlled by witchcraft, controlled by satan himself. 

Remember that Derek Prince was deceived by the Catholic church, very sad. He also told us that no one is immune to deception; that included himself. 

So what do they believe, among other things? ‘We believe in one holy catholic and apostolic Church.’ Now, there you have it. And: ’they embrace a charismatic expression’. Another red flag! 

“The other thing that I did was to pass out money. I would receive checks, starting about a half a million dollar figure, and working up cashier’s checks, from three main banks in New York City. They would come by, armed messengers; it would be my job to place them in people’s hands. Most of the people that received these were in the Charismatic movement! That’s why I don’t like the Charismatic movement. I don’t know why some of the Baptists don’t like it, but I know why I don’t like it. I don’t like it because I had to pay most of its leaders off. And we bought most of the big churches that are Charismatic churches today, like Melody Land and Calvary Chapel. That’s why I don’t like it. The occult world does not spend money to their enemies. They give it to their friends! So you might consider that, if it ever crosses your path, or if it has. So that was mainly my functions.” – John Todd mvrdered for the full truth 

They know very well that their political leaders are all Freemasons, no one excepted.
So this too is to fool Christians, but also unbelievers: 

And do you really think that the White House chaplains are Christians? Please, don’t be fooled: 

“It might interest you to know… that some of your tax money pays for a chaplain in every federal prison in the United States: a chaplain of the Witchcraft Church! They have an altar and a service every Sunday for all the witches in the federal prison. And your taxes paid for the chaplain, and all the instruments that he uses during the service. Nice to know, huh? Now, in fact, they got started at Folsom and San Quentin. They were the first two prisons to do it. And Folsom is a state prison, so some of your state taxes are going to the two. That was Jerry Brown’s idea. You might consider that when you vote for him next time. Now they’re not publishing that on the television commercial, when they say all he’s done, have they? – John Todd 

‘Oh Marion, Christianity is full of hypocrites, misleaders, State of Israel-worshippers, Jew-worshippers, “don’t eat this!”, “don’t drink that!”, must believe the world is flat, must worship on Saturday, must obey the government, must love Donald Trump, must use the name “Yeshua” and not “Jesus”, etc… the list goes on and on, all of them being seduced by doctrines of demons and having their itching ears scratched by false teachers, all over the world! It really does put such a strain on my heart. Nevertheless, we must carry on, trusting in the Faith that was once and for all delivered to the saints.

“And I’m afraid that, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, so your minds may be corrupted and you may lose your single-hearted devotion from the simplicity that is in Christ…”

I just want to commend you again for your fantastic work on your website. I also love that you read the Bible out loud. We are unfathomably blessed to have been summoned by our Good Shepherd. His sheep will recognize His voice, and soon He will permanently separate the goats from His own flock.’
GodLove, and JesusWins.


And also good to know: 

‘Hello again Marion,
It’s lovely to receive such a considerate response from you. And yes, indeed, there are so many deceivers, it is mind-boggling. Even the most un-likely, like John Ramirez, are liars. Some people do it just for money, as Christianity is a big business. Yep, totally aware of Jessie Czebotar. Disgusting. You may be aware of this already, but look at the extent they go….’ – Altiyan Childs

(I Marion once made an article about Jessie Czebotar on my website Eindtijdnieuws dot com with real evidence that she is not what she seems to be; she or they made me take it down. You can email me about that. The Contact page works fine again.)


‘Dear Marion,
Great to hear from you again. I’m glad to know that some of the information I supplied was beneficial for you and your purposes. Please feel free to use my name anywhere, if you so desire, for I could scarcely put myself out there any more than I have. I do not fear any consequences, and would be privileged to die for Christ. Please know, however (and as I clearly stated in my video), I never reached the 33rd degree of Freemasonry. For those who have a deep desire to know the truth, this degree does not need to be acquired [in order to know the truth about this degree], only access to official literature within the Lodge and outside the Lodge, a keen eye to connect dots and an understanding of symbolism – including the guidance of the Holy Spirit.’ – Altiyan Childs

Have you been deceived?
Many Christians have been deceived, unfortunately. Their truth no longer comes from the word of God, but from the mouths of lies from false pastors, false teachers, false prophets, New Agers, Freemasons, satanists in a christian jacket (like John Ramirez), governments… All is not what it seems!

Because the deceptions are so great, most are walking blindly and are in the dark. Many feel confused today! They cannot plan properly, because they do not understand the real issues, and what is at stake.

Armor up in the spirit
That’s why we need to pick up our full armor of God, and ask the Lord for a spirit of discernment. Then He will certainly give it to you. Pray for the blinders on your eyes to be removed, and for your ears to be unplugged. Then, with eyes wide open, you will be a formidable foe to the enemy of your soul, satan.
The spiritual war is great, and most people don’t see it. But how can you win a war, if you don’t fight? If you don’t fight spiritually, then you are overcome. Daily spiritual warfare prayers are crucial these days.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge… says God’s word in Hosea 4:6.

Watch out who you listen to… who you believe
The agents of deception are spinning their webs of lies and witchcraft. They are trying to control and manipulate. Once under their spell, you will be led astray. That means that you will be far from your Shepherd, Jesus, so that you no longer can hear His voice.
Seek for the truth which only can be found in Jesus Christ. Or do you still rely on man’s truth, even if he calls himself a ‘true prophet of God’, or ‘the only true prophet of God’?
Do not go down the path of destruction by coming into agreement, aligning yourselves, and believing in false narratives.

Don’t forget, Freemasons pray too, Witches pray too to another god (Lucifer, satan), yes, even more than most Christians do. 

Shared with you in love in order to warn you of the great deception. 

Most of this exposé was first shared with Elizabeth Marie who promoted this ‘christian’ organization. Again, not any response back. It’s such a pity.
Christians who contact this IFAPray organization might be in great danger, especially regarding the safe havens that Elizabeth Marie wants to offer them.
She also deleted my friendly warning against IFAPray under a recent video of her. So she clearly has been misled by the media and Freemasonry, but I pray for her. Not answering friendly emails is one of the fruits of a tree, of her spirit.
A non-Christian, like Hugo Talks, I noticed, is much more alert than she is as a Christian. Also pray for Hugo that he will find out that talking about the Bible doesn’t make you a Christian, or saying that you are a follower of Jesus. We also don’t become a ‘good’ Christian by keeping the 10 commandments, the Law mentioned in the Old Testament. That’s not what repentance and faith in God through His Son Jesus Christ is!

And… going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than going to a garage makes you an automobile. I agree with that; it was a quote from Billy Sunday. 😊 

I, through the law, died to the law, that I may live to God. – a quote from a Christian


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