Absolute Zero Carbon future Plan on Energy Emissions -> 2020 – beyond 2050

What is a zero-carbon future? What does it look like? To imagine, turn off your heater. No airports. No shipping. No animals. Perfect surveillance state…

In this Ice Age Farmer special report, Freemason Christian breaks the ‘Absolute Zero’ plan, and how governments are actively taking drastic steps every day in order to meet these dystopian goals for:

* Transport (cars, rail, flight)
* Travel
* Shipping
* Energy
* Manufacturing
* Recycling
* Food
* Water
* Surveillance

We must understand the reality underneath their flowery philanthropic language.

And that is, absolute slavery!


ABSOLUTE SLAVERY: Zero Carbon Agenda deconstructed

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Intro to Net Zero: (0:00​)
Road Vehicles: (3:54​)
Rail: (8:25​)
Flight: (14:15​)
Shipping: (17:56​)
Heating & Appliances: (22:42​)
Food & Waste: (26:34​)
Materials, Construction, Recycling: (35:32​)
Electricity & Fossil Fuels (43:22​)
Water (45:00​)
Perfect Surveillance/Enforcement (46:46​)
Closing (49:58​)


Absolute Zero document

Energy Emissions - Absolute Zero (page 7) - 2020 up to beyond 2050

Page 7 from Absolute Zero  (bigger picture can be downloaded)


This is all going forward in real time!

All of these things are lurching, for it is a blitzkrieg of just pure economic onslaught across all of these vectors. However, it’s not building towards a clean air pristine future, like they want you to believe. No, it’s one of global totalitarian fascist communist state, with total surveillance from above and from below, where we’re forced to eat bugs and lab grown meat, we own nothing, but we’re happy anyway!

You’re going to upcycle food that was food waste, and you can eat that too now. It’s a circular economy; there’s no such thing as garbage. We just turn it into something else now.

You’re going to have a social credit score, based on how well you perform, if you take your vaccines. And if you do your Sunday worship of Gaia, then maybe you’ll get a little bit of fake meat this week…

So let’s take a look at these industries, and let’s talk about what’s going on right now. And let’s start with the ‘Zero car’… (Watch video above)



Be aware that Christian Westbrook is a Con (Controlled Opposition with many, many connections).
These prominent figures: 1. know more  2. give partially disinformation  3. make you have more and more fear  4. lead the truth movement as Con’s, Controlled opposition or Shills, etc.  5. have connections, they don’t work alone  6. are sponsored, for ex. by the UN, or ask for donations which are very important to them  7. make you very rebellious and make you use violence against the police and government  8. lead you into the New Age New World Order (of David Wilcock among others, and Dr. Carry Madej, Sacha Stone, Kennedy, and I could go on and on and on).  9. (most of them) you recognize already by their logos, by their using certain numbers 10. when they masquerade as christians, you don’t see or feel any of the Holy Spirit in them.


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