Soybean shortage & Cyber-attack on food supply chain

The world is running out of soybeans after drastic crop losses. This has severe implications, which the establishment will use to further their Great Reset. Furthermore, a warning of a coming cyber-attack.

A strategic cyber-attack on the food supply chain — part of the ‘Cyber Pandemic’ the WEF has promised is looming — will be used both as an excuse for food rationing, as well as the motivation for the ‘Great Reset of Food’ for which the WEF/Rockefellers/elite have been calling. A recent attack on Americold offers a perfect case study of this Achilles heel in our food supply. There is a lot to digest here.


Soybean Shortage & Cyberattack on Food Supply Chain: Achilles’ Heel



Be aware that Christian Westbrook is a Con (Controlled Opposition with many, many connections).
These prominent figures: 1. know more  2. give partially disinformation  3. make you have more and more fear  4. lead the truth movement as Con’s, Controlled opposition or Shills, etc.  5. have connections, they don’t work alone  6. are sponsored, for ex. by the UN, or ask for donations which are very important to them  7. make you very rebellious and make you use violence against the police and government  8. lead you into the New Age New World Order (of David Wilcock among others, and Dr. Carry Madej, Sacha Stone, Kennedy, and I could go on and on and on).  9. (most of them) you recognize already by their logos, by their using certain numbers 10. when they masquerade as christians, you don’t see or feel any of the Holy Spirit in them.


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