Why did Boris Johnson call for turning off the lights for Ukraine? | Origin of Christmas

Was it a test… a data harvesting exercise? Why will the EU provide Ukraine with 18 billion in financial assistance for 2023? And more about the origin of ‘Christ-Mass’.

23 december 2022


How well did it work? How many appeared to have been captivated and spellbound? Ask them to stand outside; then you get your hundreds of media companies, worldwide, to watch and report back how many people will be coming out and clapping.

Many people bought into it, so they knew they could get away with applying step two, and then step three… It seems like a test to determine how far they can go with the next step:




Partially and freely transcribed:

‘So yesterday we had the entity, known as Boris Johnson; we had the BBC, the UK government, politicians, asking people, asking the public, to switch off their ‘Christmas’(=133) lights at 8 pm for an hour, in ‘solidarity with the Ukraine’ (=133)!’
Note that ‘government’ equals 133 as well.

‘And there are loads of other articles requesting the same thing.

So they want you to switch your lights off!

It says festive lights as well, because oh, no, we don’t like to say the word Christmas (?). They don’t like that word. And on some of these other reports, it just says ‘switch off your lights’. I mean, are they expecting people to be sitting in the dark for an hour, for Ukraine, walking around the house in the dark? What are they going to do? Trip? Fall over? “Oh, let’s call an ambulance. Oh, no, sorry, they’re all on strike!”

It’s a mad world

Now, this is a Psyop, right? It’s a Psyop rerun (a program which is run again) of the club… ‘Clap for the NHS!’ at the start of the pandemic. Yeah, right? Which of course was a complete scam. And now we have this, which is also a complete scam. The clap for NHS was part rainbow brainwashing exercise, but was also to measure the consent of the public in order to measure how much of this propaganda they were falling, hook, line and sinker for. And here we see a rerun of this now with Ukraine. Of course, the comedy actor, Zelensky, who, you know, when he isn’t going to visit America, which he’s doing at the moment, or appearing at the Grammys, or at Glastonbury, or as a hologram, or being interviewed by David Letterman on Netflix, or entertaining Hollywood Peekaboo club establishment SHILLS, like Sean Penn, Tom Cruise, Ben Stiller, or numerous other Hollywood actors, or the UN, and the EU leaders flying in and out of this supposedly war torn country. Yeah?

Talking about how they want to turn Ukraine into a big Israel

When he isn’t busy doing that, he’s talking about how he wants to turn Ukraine into a big Israel. And it says here: Zelensky says that he wants Ukraine to become a ‘big Israel’ (=322, like Skull and Bones). All those billions being pumped into it… Here we see ‘Ukraine eyes role as major European tech hub’.
But what about the war? What’s going to happen? Well, it seems they already know: It’s going to become a big Israel!

‘EU to provide Ukraine with 18 (=666) billion in financial assistance for 2023’

This is all about turning Ukraine into the tech center of the world for the New World Order (NWO). And in the meantime, it’s also an excuse for manufactured food shortages, for the energy price crisis shenanigans, the climate change propaganda, all of it to further the agenda of crippling the independence of individuals across the world, and bringing in digital currency, CBDCs, and the digital trap!

This is a data harvesting test and exercise!

Anyway, this ‘turn your lights off to show solidarity with Ukraine’ is a gullibility, a stupidity test, and, especially, a data harvesting exercise.

When they asked people to stand outside their house and clap for the NHS, it wasn’t about showing support, or thanks. It was for them to be able to clearly see how many people were still buying into and believing the lies they were telling them through the fake stream media. And what better way to find out than to actually get them to elect to choose to go outside of their own house and clap in the street! Yeah?

Oh, and stick a rainbow picture in your window as well! It’s all about them measuring how well the brainwashing psychological black mirror hypnotizing program is going! How well is it working? How many have been captivated and spellbound? Ask them to stand outside; then you get your hundreds of media companies up and down the country – actually worldwide! – to watch and report back how many people will be coming out and clapping.

At the start of the plandemic…

there were a lot of these people doing this. So many bought into it, hook, line, and sinker, so they knew they could get away with applying step two, and then step three.

It’s a test to determine how far they can go with the next step!

And here we see it with the Ukraine! How many people can we get to switch off their lights at 8 pm, for one hour? How much of a decrease in power consumption will be reported by the energy companies for that specific time? Because they want to know how many people are still buying into this Ukraine nonsense! How much can we get away with when we go to the next step? Can we go to the next step? It’s to analyze and measure the public, and see what number of people are still believing this gobbledygook. Please, pay no heed to this crap, okay?’

I’m thankful for the creator of this video, with some humor in it. However, I think Hugo misses the mark a bit on the following point, Christmas.
Please, pray for him, that he may learn to know Jesus as his personal Savior. And pray that religion, such as Catholicism, including Mary worship, does not get a grip on him.


What is the origin of Christmas?

Or shall we say, The Origins of Christ-Mass: Catholic-Paganism? And when did it start?

Regarding the period when Catholicism originated Christmas, the Catholic Encyclopedia says it was not among the early festivals of the church. The first evidence of any observance of the birth of Christ (says this same authority) appears about 200 AD in Egypt. It was not earlier than 330 AD that December 25 was chosen by any ‘Pope’, and it was not universally accepted till long after that, for the position and authority of the ‘Pope’ was then still far from established.

In the Schaff-Heroz Religious Encyclopedia, we are told:
‘From the beginning of the fourth century, when the restless searchings of the nature and persons of Christ drove men’s minds into many singular errors, the Eastern Church began to feel the importance of emphasizing ‘the actual birth of Christ’ by a separate festival… The date once fixed, Christmas gradually became one of the three great annual festivals of the Church.’

And from the Abbott-Conant Dictionary of Religious Knowledge:
‘Christmas seems to have first appeared in the Roman Church after the middle of the fourth century. At a somewhat later period it spread into Eastern Asia. It was not received with equal readiness by all the churches. Some denounced it as an innovation… It was not till the sixth century that anything like unanimity prevailed as to the day to be observed.

The manner in which this festival came to be observed in the Romish Church, and through it to the other churches, is as follows: In this season of the year, a series of heathen festivals occurred, the celebration of which was in many ways closely interwoven with the whole civil and social life of the Romans.

These festivals had an import which easily admitted of being spiritualized, and transformed into a Christian sense.

First came the Saturnalia, which represented the Golden Age, and abolished for a while the distinction of ranks.

Then came the custom, peculiar to this season, of making presents, afterwards transferred to the Christmas festival.

After the Saturnalia came the Festival of Infants (Juvenalia), at which the children were presented with images. [Juvenalia, otherwise known as Ludi Juvenales, is a branch of the Roman Ludi, otherwise known as festivals. Ludi were a display of theatrical greatness, as well as exhibitions, games, and contests. While usually held in honor of the gods, Ludi were also held in celebration of individuals of high status, as well as festivals for the deceased.]

Next came a festival still more analogous to Christmas, that of the shortest day (Brumalia), the Winter Solstice1, the Birthday of the New Sun, about to return once more toward the earth… Hence ‘the celebration of the Nativity of Christ’ was transferred to December 25.

In the Romish Church (Roman Catholic Church), Christmas is a very high festival!’
So, Hugo, ‘they’ actually appear to love the word Christmas.


How the early Christians felt

Regarding the attitude of early Christians toward such things, Auld says:

‘As for the first believers, they had not the slightest interest in anything of the kind. Hope in the Lord’s imminent return from heaven in great power and glory was the flame that fired their devotion!’….

I’ll try my best to translate the source of Christmas into Dutch soon.



Boris Johnson supports turning off lights as sign of solidarity with Ukraine

The Origins of Christ-Mass: Catholic-Paganism

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