This man went to hell and had burn marks to prove it | Near death experience

This is an account of Myron King’s experience in hell. He shares what he once believed – good people go to Heaven – and the truth he came to learn after being, literally, plucked from the flames of hell.


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Myron King (72) was full of hatred since childhood. However, after what he had experienced during his time in hospital, he couldn’t hate anymore. When he got home, he remembered again what had happened.

“I don’t hate nobody. That all went away! I can’t hate nobody! I never cried like that, and I never wet my pillow… just tears. I didn’t understand what was happening! So the hate went away…”

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This man went to hell and had burn marks to prove it | Near death experience

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‘It felt like if the weight of the world was on my shoulders… I had to tell what had come to me.
It didn’t come to me until I…

You are saying that something happened to you when you were in the hospital that you couldn’t remember, until you got home?

Until I got home. And then it came to me… What I remembered is being in hell.

Myron, could you please explain first how you viewed God, how you viewed Jesus, before July 14 of 2021? And just explain your spiritual condition.

Okay. When I was a young guy, my older brother got saved and was baptized. He used to take me and my sister to church and Sunday school. But my mom, I have only seen her walk two times, and I found out that God can heal people. Every night I prayed or I asked God to heal my mom, that I could see her walk. It never happened. So from my little… 10 years old… 8 years old, I hated God! So that’s where I was at for all those years. I’m 72 years old.

Then my heart… I had chest pain.

So my wife took me to the hospital, and they kept me. They had done a heart cath. And when I woke up, I asked the surgeon: “Well, did you put some more stents in me, or…?” He said, “It’s too dangerous; I can’t do anything for you”. So they recommended that I would go to Cleveland Clinic, and they took me in an ambulance to Cleveland Clinic. They had to take the vein out of my arm, about 12-14 inches long, and go from one side of my heart clear to the backside of my heart, and tie it in.

I’m lying there on the bed, ready for surgery, thinking:

‘I’m a good person. I’m either gonna get to come home or I’m gonna go to heaven’. Well, that isn’t the way it is, but that’s the way I believed it was. So, somebody came in the room… this person… He told me what he was; he didn’t say he was a minister or a preacher. And he asked me if he could say a prayer for me. I said I don’t reckon it would hurt anything, saying it sarcastically, because I didn’t need it, see? I was going to go to heaven, or I was going to come home!

They came and got me after he said his prayer.

He wasn’t a big guy, and he wasn’t a little guy. He was dressed in clothes I had never seen before. He wasn’t fancy and he wasn’t plain. I don’t know how to explain that, but he was dressed differently than anybody I ever saw before. So anyhow, he said his prayer, and he left. And shortly after, we went to the operating room. So then you go to sleep, and you think it’s a long time; it may only be 10 or 15 minutes, I don’t know…

I woke up, and my pillow was wet; I was crying.
Next day, I don’t know, I woke up, and (normally) I would hate people; I have always hated people. I don’t hate nobody. That all went away! I can’t hate nobody! I never cried like that, and I never wet my pillow… just tears. I didn’t understand what was happening! So the hate went away.

I went through the recovery part, and they started giving me sponge baths.

And she’d run her finger down my back, and I couldn’t figure what in the world that she was doing. So she went to get another nurse, and showed her. But they didn’t say a word. I didn’t know I had a burn mark on my back. I was going to have a walk, and she was there to help me… She’s tying the gown up for me, and she had seen that mark on my back.

You are saying that something happened to you when you were in the hospital, that you didn’t remember until you got home?

I got home, and then it came to me…

The first thing I remembered is being in hell.

I saw the big hole in the ground… and he lets loose of me. I remember I was wrestling with him, trying to get loose from him, the devil (a demon). I was wrestling with the devil. I saw a steel cage behind me, with the door open. When he flew me in there and dropped me, he let go of me, just like an eagle, you know, with one foot.

And he drops me, and it’s solid rocks.

When he lets go of me it’s like you step out of a moving vehicle, or off an old tractor. I had to take two or three steps, and he takes two or three steps. And then he gets a hold of me, and he’s got me. He is trying to put me in his cage. He pushes me backward to push me in the cage, but the door is open and my back comes right up against the door, and I am pinned there. I can’t get loose.

But the next thing I know, I look down and I’m on fire, I’m burning up.

I saw my flesh dripping on solid rock. The only thing I could do and I knew to do was scream for help! What else would anybody do? And in an instant someone… that angel that came to see me in the hospital, is who I think it was… that’s what I told my wife… – it was the same person that came in that room – jerked me away from that, and took me back and put me in that operating room.
She (the nurse) just said, “There is no way that… in an operating room I see you… anything. There’s nothing there that will burn a patient”.

When I was burning up, I was on fire. And that angel came and got me, away from the devil, and put me back in that operating room. Well, the surgeon told us that we probably would see him no more after the surgery. But he came to see us, and he had a story to tell us:

For some reason my stomach just swelled up greatly…
So he gets these light… they got that tube down my throat, and he is looking for blood, or what’s going on. So as quickly, as rapidly as it’s in my stomach, it left. That’s (the moment) when he (that person) put the fire out when he brought me back. He put the fire out after he put me back in that operating room!

Several days later, I take my first shower.
And she pulled the… like that were snakes shed their skin – she pulled the skin off my legs, that were blisters or whatever… There were no blister marks, but the dead skin was on my legs. She pulled it off when I took my first shower.

I went to hell, and I had to come back.
Now why did He do that for me? But He did! Jesus, God, brought me back to earth. And what my mission is, is whatever He tells. That’s why I got to tell people. I’ve got to tell this story. I believe every bit of it is true.

Based on everything you experienced, what would you say to somebody who either doesn’t believe that God or Jesus are real, or they believe they are real but they don’t think they have to serve them, and they think if they are good enough, they will make it into heaven? What would you say to that person?

I just, I would tell I felt the same way, and I am 72 years old, and I found out that I was wrong.
It doesn’t work that way. If you are not in the good grace of God, you’re not going to go to heaven. I know I’m going to heaven. Now all I did was say, “Help me, I need help!” I screamed for help, I asked for help, and I really needed it. He saved my soul; that’s what He has done, that’s what He did for me… You don’t have to go through what I went through.

He gave me the greatest gifts that anyone could give you:

He took that hate out of my heart; that was the first. I couldn’t even tell my own son that I love him. I couldn’t tell my daughter that I love her. He filled my heart full of love; it’s completely different than when I went to Cleveland. When I came back I was a different person. The greatest gift that He gave me is, I’m not in hell. I had to come back home and be on this earth. Now how long? I don’t know if it’s one day or one more hour… I don’t care, but I got to come back; that’s the main thing.

I got another chance; I got a new life at a brand new beginning, so… Now I might mess it up, but I’m going to try not to.’


Jesus was wounded that we might be healed

Being born again is an experience of unique importance. Unless you are born again, you cannot see or enter the kingdom of God (see John 3:3-5). But it is not a one-time experience; rather, salvation is an ongoing process. Part of salvation is being baptized. I don’t want to stir up controversy, but you can be born again without being baptized. If you want to be saved, however, baptism is a key part of the process, for “He who believes and is baptized will be saved”.  Mark 16:16

Being saved means much more than just getting your soul ready for heaven. Someone once said, “The evangelical concept of salvation is to get souls pre-packaged for heaven”. That may be so, to a degree, but salvation includes a lot more than being pre-packaged for heaven.

I want to examine a passage from the New Testament in which the writer used the Greek word for “to save”, which is sozo. If we look at where this word appears in the Scriptures, it will give us an idea of what is included in salvation.

The book of Matthew speaks about Jesus’ ministry to the sick, saying, “They… brought to Him all who were sick… And as many as touched it [His garment] were made perfectly well [“whole” KJV]”.  Matthew 14:35–36
The verb used for “well” or “whole” is sozo, but it is preceded by a Greek preposition that means “thoroughly”. To be “thoroughly saved” is to be perfectly healed. This passage is not talking solely about the condition of the soul; it is also talking about those who are sick. And as many as touched Jesus were totally saved. How total is our salvation?

Prayer response

Thank You, Jesus, for Your work on the cross. I proclaim that for me to be thoroughly saved is to be perfectly healed and that Jesus was wounded that I might be healed. Amen.



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