Satan’s Throne location exposed in Jerusalem right under the Temple Mount

From Germany, the headquarters of this copycat moved to Israel, where it is now. Not in Germany, and not in CERN. Not open to the public; sounds come from deep within the cave.
June 27, 2024


It’s indeed an amazing journey to learn here…. taken from the Neshamah Presentation, Leipzig, Germany – August 2013

Amanda: …. So I call Doug…. I asked, “Doug, what I’m doing next?”
It’s really an amazing journey to learn here.

Doug: And we do nothing if it doesn’t work.

Amanda: There must be fruit. OK, so if you need to bring something forward, whatever it is, whatever it is that needs to appear, whether it is the 13 year old, or the [so-called] ‘Nephilim part’ of you, or whatever. This will unlock the door to the preconception domain: to begin to reclaim the foundational aspects of the person’s Neshamah, human spirit identity, that Satan stole, and is holding captive. ‘Jesus was in prison’ [we can read in the Bible]…. Can you see the parallel?

So here the glory of God was held captive by Satan, and placed under Satan’s throne in Jerusalem.

There we have Satan’s throne in Jerusalem (showing you a picture).

A couple of years ago I was in Jerusalem.

One of the ladies that stayed there took me to Zedekiah’s cave. It was closed to the general public. But she knew the guide that was working there; he was a Christian Arab. And this man, when he was checking the caves after the public had gone out one day, he makes sure that everything is okay. And in the morning he goes [again], and he checks before the public comes in. That’s his job!

One morning he went to check, and he goes deep into the cave….

because there are areas that the public can walk, but there are other areas that are blocked off with like the red and white tape, where the public is not allowed to go in. And so he has got his flashlight and he is looking to make sure everything is okay.

And he finds a ritual: bones, fire….

He could see something had happened. So he picks it all up and takes it to his boss. And his boss was so angry! He said, “Take it back, immediately! Take it back!” He wasn’t supposed to find that.

So he took us behind the tape that is normally just for public.

And he took us to a secret corner, where there is a table with chairs, where the New World Order meet. He took us right into the corner of…. it was dark, dark, dark! And he put his flashlight, and there was this hole. And when you flash up, you see this ancient writing burnt into the rock. And he said:

“I don’t go in here. There are noises coming out of here.”


Now this goes right under the temple mount!

He was very afraid. And so I took pictures, and I, you know, I saw what I saw, and I left it. Oh, I anointed the table and the chairs.  🙂

I visited Doug about two, three years later.

They told me about this birthing place under the Temple Mount in Zedekiah’s Cave! And Dan [a generational SRA survivor and Christian] has a memory where he was dropped in that hole with a rope, up and down, up and down, as part of the rituals. And Doug was so excited because they had proof of what was coming out in the memories! And I did not know anything about that! Isn’t God amazing? God puts people together for His purposes! So I could show them the pictures of the photos that I took.

I never knew that the Nephilim were actually born there.

Every country would have a throne [of Satan] that is then connected to Jerusalem.

And we know that Satan is a copycat. And so his throne wouldn’t be in Germany; it will be in Jerusalem. The main throne was here [in Germany], but at a stage he moved it all to Jerusalem as the headquarters.

Every country will have an altar, which will then be linked with Jerusalem.

And these precious people who came with Doug, who told us their stories, have memories of this monument in Germany. You can just see the whole thing that we spoke about: the structure of the circle, and then in the middle. Now this is Germany, Leipzig!

In South Africa we have the exact replica!

There it is; this is the place where Doug and others went to pray with the South Africans. Again, the circle. There’s a coffin…. it’s all death. And all the SRA, DID, Neshamah, of South Africa, was captured here in this altar….’


Where was Satan’s throne originally?

Satan lived and had his office in Pergamum long ago.
Revelation 2:13  ‘I know where you dwell, where Satan’s throne is; and you hold fast My name, and did not deny My faith even in the days of Antipas, My witness, My faithful one, who was killed among you, where Satan dwells.’ – Jesus



The Neshamah Presentation – Leipzig – Aug 2013 (#10 of 10) Edited

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