Nuclear war but not in Ukraine?

February 16, 2022  What lights up the sky and is shaped like a mushroom?


‘Nuclear war is on’, says the article here…

The mystery is not solved

The voice in the video is saying something that means something different in several languages. Also, when I went over the weather in various places, there are several candidates that match that amount of snow on the ground, and that much melt on the road. There are really only two possibilities here, Syria – because it could be kept a secret – and Siberia… but the snow melt is not quite right for that, but it could be kept secret and send a message to the west at the same time.

So I don’t know where this was

If the media was honest, we would know. This would be on every TV everywhere, if the media was honest. Who owns the media? Well, that’s who is not being honest. That puts Israel nuking Syria right on top of the list of possibilities.
Another article says: ‘Solved because the voice in the video says ‘weird’ in Arabic. This is Israel nuking an Arab country, probably Syria, which Israel managed to keep secret via total ownership of the world’s media and Western governments’. Well, I don’t know about that but that could be true.

Censor bots are working overtime…

which is probably why you have not seen this elsewhere by now.
The image is showing the mushroom cloud from the first nuke being lit up by the second nuke. The video is so ‘sensitive’, that some ISP’s are censoring it, and all platforms I know of are.

Look at the clouds in the video

This is a huge event, off in the distance, twice as tall as the clouds.
The actual video is clearer than the capture.
The video on the site is now censored at its original source, says the article. It did not take long. All videos out there now are re-posts of what I grabbed. The video is super high quality. Not blurry UFO footage. There is absolutely no question about what this is.

Nuclear war: something huge is happening

Trolls are saying this is fake, but it is not fake. That is not the sun providing full daylight; that is a nuclear blast. The second nuclear blast. It is lighting up the mushroom cloud from the first nuclear blast.

Old footage?

This is so iconic that if this was ‘old footage’, it would be in people’s avatars and 5,000 memes. That’s where it is headed. This would never go under the rug.


Note: the source of this article is run by Freemasons; just watch all the symbols and texts.
Plus, Steven Ben-nun from Israeli News Live claims the following in a video today, talking about his Patreon again, eager to get you to sponsor him. The title of that video is:

‘Russia warns Israel to stop bombing Syria’:

‘Russia warns Israel to stop bombing Syria, and Syria seems to be using weapons that Israel can’t detect. Could they have received technology from Iran?’

Don’t be scared; be prepared



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