New Intel: US power grid to be taken down with cyber attack false flag kill switch (Transcript)

A fear-mongering emergency update hosted by Mike Adams, and Alex Jones, from so-called ‘super high-level sources’. They foretell you what is coming.

Basically, they told Alex Jones that there is going to be an engineered power grid outage in America.

Here follows some information mixed with New Age New World Order disinformation…
Remember, America, and the whole world, is held hostage by a satanic cult, called Freemasonry. Their code is to tell you what’s coming in advance, like Mike Adams is doing here:


Full transcript:

Mike Adams: ‘All right, welcome to this emergency update.
Mike Adams here. It is February 21st. I wasn’t even going to talk about this, because this is going to be a pretty dark, little, short podcast. I mean, it’s short but it’s dark. I got information from a source about something that I’m going to share here, and I thought, ‘Well, that’s only one source: I’m not going to talk about it, unless I hear from some other source’.

So then I was checking out The Alex Jones Show from the weekend…

I think it was a Saturday edition. And Alex said on air what I have been told! This is a paraphrase, but Alex said that, basically, they got ‘super high-level sources’ that told him that there is going to be an engineered power grid outage in America. And they are going to take out the power grid for a couple of months. I think that’s what Alex said. And then he went on to describe, you know, how difficult it is to live without electricity (chuckling). That’s an understatement. But what I’m going to add: what my source said is that this explains why Biden is so desperate to start a war with Russia. [Note: Mike Adams wants you to still believe in politics, Left and Right, etc., which is misleading.]

Because the grid down scenario has to be blamed on a cyber attack from Russia.

So in other words, we are not going to have a power outage, unless Western forces, i.e. NATO and Biden, are themselves successful in creating military conflict with Russia. And they are pushing as hard as they can! They have got the CIA mouthpiece, Washington Post, and The New York Times, and all the media pushing for war, pushing for war!

But then, the French government met with Russia.

And they have hammered out what looks like a ceasefire, even though it is not even an active war anyway. It’s kind of a ceasefire agreement. So it’s possible that this war may be completely averted, despite the fact that Biden is pushing so hard, by Biden’s handlers, i.e. Obama. They are pushing so hard to start the war.

So it’s not clear which way this is going to go.

However, if the war begins with Russia, then we should expect that we are going to be hit with what would be called a cyber attack on the power grid infrastructure, but will actually be, essentially, a deep state run kill switch of America’s power grid, run by the handlers of Biden.’


More about the so-called ‘Deep State’:
We are not wrestling against flesh and blood here.
What’s really interesting is that QAnon, among others, has stacked Right against Left, the Conservative against the Liberal. So now they are the enemy: the Deep State, this false New World Order. What do you mean? Now, first you create something that is false, because then a problem is created. Then you wait for the response, and come up with the solution to that ‘problem’. So the Deep State is the problem?! Those liberals, are they the problem?! No, they are not the problem, and they are not the enemy. They are the ‘mission field’!
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, Republican and Democrat, Left and Right, Conservative and Liberal, but we fight against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places!
One of the devil’s most successful tactics is to make us believe that he is not behind it, that he doesn’t even exist, so that we can fight each other and do his dirty work for him.


Mike Adams: ‘The reason they need to do that, it’s kind of like… you can kind of figure that out by watching Trudeau in Canada right now. Why does he need emergency powers? Why did he suspend parliament? Because this is the path to dictatorship, total control. They arrest all the political dissidents, they arrest the journalists, I mean, they beat the journalists, they trample people with horses…

By the way, there are numerous credible sources now…

reporting that some of the police, so-called police in Ottawa, are actually UN troops. And there have been UN planes that have been bringing in UN troops into Canada. I have also seen videos of so-called police with their names and their badge numbers covered up, so that they can carry out crimes against people, and not be identified. Well, that’s also something that you would do, if you were United Nations troops, pretending to be Canadian troops. And according to some reports, some of these police officers don’t speak English and don’t speak French; they are not Canadian. They are essentially sort of robots in this. I don’t mean cyborgs. I mean, just order followers, who are carrying out the will of the United Nations.

And they have Klaus Schwab out there…

bragging about how he and his W.E.F. organization have ‘penetrated multiple nations’, and that Justin Trudeau essentially answers to Klaus Schwab. So does Macron, and Merkel from Germany, and of course probably half the US Congress and Senate, the Democrats, and many other examples of that. Klaus Schwab is bragging that he is the puppet master who runs the world.

So what Biden needs is a big emergency!

Which could be the grid down cyber attack situation, in order to follow in the footsteps of Justin Trudeau, who followed in the footsteps of his father, Fidel Castro. [I don’t know if this is true but they sure want you to believe that.]

So what that looks like in America is, Boom, power grid goes down!

National emergency declared. Troops are put on the streets, major riots erupt in every city across America, lawlessness, chaos, of course starvation, you know: food scarcity immediately, water stops working in the cities. I mean, just imagine the scenarios. So the cities erupt. Martial law is declared. Troops are deployed across America. And from there Biden can suspend the Senate, suspend Congress, and operate from dictatorial, military powers, as the commander in chief of the military. And then they can go door to door, and attempt to confiscate weapons. They can do the round-ups of conservatives, Christians, church leaders, Trump supporters [note: Mike Adams is one of the Trump supporters], gun owners… throw people into the death camps, begin the executions…

This can go on for years!

Because where is there any mechanism for the people to stop it, or even for Congress to stop it, or even for federal judges, or anyone? The military leadership has been completely corrupted; not everybody inside the military, but the leadership has been corrupted. And Biden is a puppet of the globalists [just as Trump, Mike, and just as the controlled opposition!]. They are going to do everything in their power to create a massive emergency.

In that process, guess who is going to get hurt?

Well, obviously, there are going to be mass deaths of tens of millions, if not more, of Americans.

Isn’t it also convenient that this just covers up their vaccine crimes?

Because the deaths are starting to become very apparent. The life insurance companies are reporting huge increases in payouts. They are not going to be able to cover up the vaccine deaths for much longer. So they need a bigger emergency to explain the deaths of tens of millions of people. You know, ‘Oh, it was the great blackout, oh, it was the war with Russia, it was the nuclear weapons!’ And all of a sudden nobody is looking at vaccines anymore, because there are bigger emergencies right in your face! You see how that works? So that’s what Biden is pushing for.

Now, I made you a promise a month ago or so, that I wasn’t going to dwell on negative news.

And as negative as this podcast is here, that’s not the purpose here. I almost hate to report on this! That’s why I didn’t, until [until your handlers told you to do so?] I heard Alex confirm what I have been told ‘independently’. It’s just that, the need for preparedness now is underscored with a triple underlined. It’s kind of like:

We must prepare for a year without electricity.

Which means: a year without food, perhaps. A year without municipal water, a year without cell phones working. I mean, think about it! Maybe it’s only going to be a few months, but maybe it’s a year, or even longer. How long can you survive based on your supplies, and based on your current geographic position? Do you have a bug-out plan that’s legit? Do you have a safe place to go?

Because the cities are going to be collapsing Mad Max death zones; of that I am sure!

The cops are going to stick around. Cops are going to be prosecuted! In cities like Austin, they just prosecuted a dozen cops for trying to hold the line against the black lives matter protesters, back in 2020. These cops got prosecuted for doing their job! Do you think that cops are going to stick around in cities like Los Angeles, or St. Louis, or Detroit, or even Seattle, or Portland, or New York?

Every cop, – almost without exception – they are going to go home, protecting their families.

They are going to get out of Dodge. They are going to take, you know, whatever drug money they have stuffed under the mattress over the years, you know, from raiding drug houses, meth houses, and so on. They have all got cash stashed away. I mean, most of them. They are going to take that money, and they are going to hop in the SUV, and they are going to get out of Dodge, man. Because cops know! Cops are street-wise. And they are going to be bringing their weapons with them, for self-defence. They are going to protect their families. They are going to have backup plans. And there’s no cop, at least not that I know, that is going to stick around in the city, and just be, you know, like a shooting target for the criminal elements, that are going to be running these cities.

So, folks, no one is coming to save you, except maybe Jesus, you know.

[This is how Mike Adams thinks about you, and about Jesus, about whom he speaks very humiliating, almost mockingly!] I mean, ultimately that is true, but in the meantime, before Jesus shows up [mocking the Lord Jesus Christ again here], no one is going to save you.

You need to plan accordingly.

That’s why I’m emphasizing this right now. We all need to plan accordingly. I mean, this is one of the first moments that even I have come to realize, I may not have enough preparedness supplies [Oh, really?], and I’m, you know, I’m a super prepper. And I may not have enough for what’s coming, and given the fact that we need to support people around us, and help our communities and so on. I’m starting to think that I’m going to have to do more. So, think about solutions. I mean, I don’t want us to live in fear about this, but I do want to have a realistic view of what may be coming.

This is absolutely the time to be prepared, it’s absolutely the time to review your geographic location.

How close are you to a city? Because they are going down in flames, I can tell you, in one way or another! I think the Biden handlers are going to figure out a way to cause the chaos they want, one way or another. It may not be war with Russia. It may be a cyber attack. It may be nuclear terrorism, maybe something else that we can’t see yet, or that we don’t have any Intel about. But they are going to figure out some way to do it, and probably before the midterms. [The 2022 United States elections will be held on November 8, 2022.]

So that’s my take.

I wish you safety, and blessings, and prayers for your protection, and I thank you for all your prayers for my protection…’ (Advertisement).


Jesus said, “They do not know what they are doing”, about those who crucified Him.

Satanists and Freemasons have chosen for Lucifer (satan) and against You, Lord, consciously or not, but they are blinded. I plead for them and pray that You enlighten them with Your Truth and soften their heart, so that they repent of their wicked ways, and You may forgive them of their sins. That is what I pray for every satanist, every Freemason, every visitor of the website – from the highest to the lowest rank, child or adult. Deliver them from the grip of the devil! Father, grant them Your mercy, and heal their wounded heart. Open their eyes, and give them the courage to leave their circle. That they break their vows to satan and make a covenant with You. Protect them from the wrath of the satanists, Freemasons, etc. that they leave behind. In Jesus’ name, I pray.



Mike Adams, along with Alex Jones (Freemasons)

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