Verbazingwekkend waargebeurd verhaal: Bijna-doodervaring en bevrijd van verslavingen door Jezus!

Tony K. van A Minute To Midnite wordt vergezeld door Holly M., die haar getuigenis deelt over hoe God haar op wonderbaarlijke wijze transformeerde van het leven van een alcoholist en drugsverslaafde, die vreselijke trauma’s had ondergaan, zoals molesteren, verkrachting, wurging, overdosis aan drugs, occulte betrokkenheid, en meer.

Luister naar het aangrijpende getuigenis van een vrouw, die vandaag de dag de Heer liefheeft en dient met passie…


Amazing True Story: Near death experience, and freed from addictions by Jesus! – Holly




This was  a big step for Holly to do a video like this and share her story, and she was quite nervous to “public speak” in a sense. We planned to do this quite some time back, but she had some health issues in 2019 which she has now recovered from, and so I am excited that we finally got to do this! I’m sure she’d appreciate some encouragement from you all, being that it’s her first time doing something like this, and she has lots of passion to share about the Lord. I am hoping this will just be the first of many things she will share in the future. Sorry for the 3 second “black blank” spaces here and there in the video. in my hurry to publish it I hadn’t noticed to after I had published it. It doesn’t affect the audio though.


Thank you, Holly, for sharing this with the world; I sometimes had tears in my eyes due to your real, pure testimony, and I think it will touch and change many lives!




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