Joseph Jordan on the best kept secret in the UFO & alien realm (Transcript)

Research findings, and the now most powerful evidence, of the true nature of the entities behind the so-called ‘alien abduction’ experience: the unwanted piece of the UFO puzzle!
November 1, 2023

The deception that we are being sold is humongous….
for the information that you are about to read is probably the best kept secret in the entire ‘UFO/Alien abduction’ realm! The information shared here may challenge many. We ask that you do not trust us personally. But trust the research findings and the evidence, and especially, ask the Lord God whether this is true or not. The evidence has been tried and tested for over two decades now, and is even repeatable…. The most powerful evidence in the world today, showing the true nature of the ‘UFO/Alien abduction’ phenomenon!

Joseph Jordan reveals this unwanted truth about the so-called ‘alien visitors’….

Crucial evidence that they are not extraterrestrial biological entities from other planetary systems showing advanced technology!
If alien phenomena are being largely driven into our minds through suggestive programming by the Military industrial complex’s entertainment, Media & New Age, what is the difference between aliens and demons?

Joe found people experiencing ‘abductions’ were able to permanently end these by calling on Jesus

Above all, they never went anywhere. Hallelujah!
I, Gabbi, have seen fallen angel attacks cast out instantly in the same way.


Joseph Jordan on the best kept secret in the UFO & Alien realm (Headlines)

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Transcript most important headlines:

Gabbi: Welcome, everyone. Today we have Joseph Jordan joining us. I recently came across Joseph’s work. I was just blown away by the research that he has done into a very interesting area, and something that’s kind of been playing on my mind for many, many years through my experience.
Joseph Jordan is an environmental, health, and safety specialist for a leading aerospace company in America’s space program. He is a 27-year member of the Mutual UFO Network, the world’s oldest, largest, and all-volunteer non-profit civilian UFO investigation and research organization. Joe heads CE4 Research Group, an investigative research group that has studied the so-called ‘alien abduction’ phenomenon from a Christian perspective now for over two decades! The research findings of CE4 Research Group, which is now the most powerful evidence in the world today, of the true nature of the entities behind the so-called ‘alien abduction’ experience, have been published in over 37 authored books over the last two decades. Joe Jordan, along with another CE4 researcher, Jason Dezember, has recently released a new book which is called ‘Piercing the Cosmic Veil: You Shall Not Be Afraid of the Terror by Night’, where the published findings of CE4 Research Group lean towards a more likely scenario of so-called ‘alien visitors’, being of a localized, interdimensional or spiritual nature rather than ‘extraterrestrial biological entities from another planetary system’, showing advanced technology. It’s such an earth-shattering paradigm change, kind of going from this technology and extraterrestrials to spirits as a paradigm as well.

Often aliens are used as a cover

And I just find this so interesting because I speak to a lot of survivors of a different type of experience of MK Ultra and SRA, and in the programming, often aliens are used as a cover! So it can be quite holographic; it can be: survivors ‘being taken to ships and being experimented on’, etc. And a lot of survivors, as they’ve actually had the recall, and integrated those memories, have come to find that that was actually a cover for Black Ops, Military projects, Intelligence projects, etc.
You’re speaking to survivors of so-called abductees compared to the survivors that I speak to of childhood abuse as well. So I would love to hear how this all came about and how you realized this completely different viewpoint from what we are really being sold so gregariously in society that there are aliens, aliens, aliens. It’s quite amazing!

Skipping Joseph’s intro here due to time… and starting after around 30 minutes in the full video. Here it becomes pretty interesting; you don’t want to miss this!

Joseph: The thing between my girlfriend and I at the time was: she was a professing Christian; myself, a New Age practitioner. We got along fine until that day in November of ’96, when she realized I was kind of exhausted from all of this. And we had a couple of cases that were very dark in nature, I guess, I can look back and say now. I wasn’t understanding what was happening.

“You need some protection in this realm”

She pulled me aside one Saturday in the early part of November ’96, and said, “You know, you need some protection in this realm”. And I said, “Well, I got my protection. I got my gemstones here. They all have their purpose”. She said, “No, I mean real protection from what you’re dealing with here, because I really don’t think you understand what’s happening!” And I went, ‘Oh’. I said, “So, what do you got?” And then she grabbed a Bible, and handed it to me. And I said, “Oh, no”. We agreed not to go there. And she said, “But I think the answer is in here for you”. And I said, “No, we talked about this”. And then she called me out [challenged me]. She said, “You tell everybody you’re the most open-minded, objective researcher investigator there is!” And I said, “I like to feel that I am”. She said, “Oh, then you’ll take a look at this”. I just been had [‘cheated’ by her but in a positive way]. So I said, “Okay, show me what you got”.
And it was fascinating, because living around the world with my parents was such a fascinating thing. But they were involved in the Protestant church, and I was too, because of them. But I just never accepted it as being, I guess, real. I didn’t take it personally.

I left the church involvement in high school my senior year for some crazy reasons, but I knew what the Bible said. I knew the Gospel message! I understood what it meant, but I didn’t take it to heart. Well, she shared with me that simple Gospel message of what the Bible was about, and the available protection that’s there for us, and the hope that’s there for us. And I said, “You know what? I want that protection”.

And that Saturday, in November 1996, I gave my life to Jesus Christ

Two weeks later, I was baptized in my parents’ church that they were going to. I thought, ‘Who better needs to see this? The oldest son, the bad boy of the family’. But then I was questioning not just to her, but my parents and everybody else.
So what’s a Christian? What is this? And I’ve grown up to be an inquisitive person, and interested in answers for things. And I wanted to know more, real fast! I wanted to know who I was now. And I also was questioning, should we even be involved in this UFO stuff anymore? But not questioning it to the point I was ready to just give it up yet, but I was just wondering, was there any reason not to be? As I brought these questions up, one of my other investigators working with me, the one that helped me form CE4 – he was a Christian too, and he had been working with me all along. He never saw an issue with UFOs and the Bible connection. So I kind of brought it to him, and he was listening to me. And he said, “I got this friend that I work without at the Space Center. It’s got this Bible study program, he has talked about. It’s 14 VHS tapes, two weeks’ worth of study. And it’s very intense. And we could get together, watch one a night, and take you through a really fast understanding of what Christianity and the Bible is about, if you want”. And I said, “You know, this is perfect timing”. Because the company I worked for, we had two weeks that we shut down at Wintertime, so that maintenance could take care of a lot of facility issues. And it would be like a vacation time during Christmas and New Year, but two weeks long. So we set it up to do this at his friend’s house, and they were all excited to help me out. So first couple of nights, we sat down, plugged a VHS tape in, and started into different areas of study on Christianity and the Bible. And I thought, ‘This is really good. This is going to go fast. I’m going to learn a lot, probably a lot more than sitting in a church for 50 Sundays’.

And everything was going good until about the third or fourth night….
And then they plugged the tape in, and the guy that’s doing the lectures on the tape, he goes, “We’re going to talk about spiritual warfare”. And I thought, ‘Well, that sounds pretty cool. I don’t know what it is, but it sure sounds cool’. And he started with a verse of Scripture from the Book of Ephesians, chapter 6, verse 12. It says, ‘For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the spiritual wickedness in the heavenly realm….’, but he didn’t make it halfway through that scripture….

And I got this vision right in front of my face,

while I’m sitting there on this guy’s couch in his living room, watching his TV: this vision, as clear as can be, right in front of me, of an alien grey. But as he finished the scripture, and got to the end, it was morphing and changing into the most horrific thing I have ever seen! And I said, “Stop that video!”, and they’re both like, what? And I said, “Stop the video. I got to tell you what I just saw”. Well, you know, 4 years in New Age, everybody wants an experience in New Age. It’s all about experiences. I really didn’t have anything per se to speak of; it’s super supernatural, and here I become a Christian? Can I get a vision? Something like, you know, come on now, this is not the way this is supposed to work.
So I shared with them what I had seen, and they were like, “Wow, what does that mean?” And I said, “Well, I got this gut feeling that this is something we’re not supposed to be part of, that these beings are not aliens. They are something far more sinister! I don’t think we should be dealing in this area as Christians. My partner looked at me, and he said, “You might be right”. And I said, “I’m going to shut this work down, let people know that I’m not going to do this anymore. I’m going to focus on being a Christian”. And he goes, “Okay, I’m with you”. And that was our plan.

But a couple of weeks went by as we got back to work, and I get this small still voice….

I was hearing…. I figure, my conscience or whatever is weighing on me. I don’t know what it was, but it was: “You need to take this back to where you came from”. And I was thinking, ‘Well, is this a guilt trip or something? I’ve converted people into the New Age and metaphysical realm, that shouldn’t be there; maybe I got to go back and fix all that?’ That’s what I was thinking, that my conscience was really playing on me here. And I’m going, ‘No, no, no, that ain’t happening’. And it just kept coming, it kept coming.

Then I got to thinking as a new believer, ‘You notice God speak to you; nobody said anything about that!’
So I was thinking, ‘You know, if this is God I’m gonna let Him know that I can’t do this, I can’t take this back to where I came from – due to this truth that I now know’. So I spoke to Him out loud. I said, “God, I can’t take this back to that area. These people don’t believe Your Word. They don’t believe the inerrant Word of the Creator of the universe”. You know, they think it to be totally something different, made up by old men on smoking who knows what, over periods of time. “You got to give me something better than this to take back”. And I thought, ‘Okay, that’ll do it; no more’.
A couple of weeks went by; it was quiet…. and then all of a sudden….

That voice was back in my head, and it said, “You already have what you need”

Now I’m puzzled…. ‘What do You mean, I already have what I need?’ So I went and talked to my Christian partner; I’m gonna explain it to him. And he’s just looking at me like going, ‘You’re hearing voices?’ Well, not really, but thoughts, you know, trying to explain it to him. And he said, “Well if we already have something, let’s go look and see what it is”.

So we went back and started looking at what we had….

And the only thing we had was videotapes, recordings of people’s interviews. So we started looking back and seeing if we’d missed something. And lo and behold! We came across this one tape that we started watching, that we had done about 6 months prior to me becoming a believer. And there it was! We didn’t understand it at first, but there it was. This guy is telling in his testimony about an experience he was having, where during this horrific experience, he calls out “Jesus, Jesus, help me! Lord Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!”, and he abruptly wakes up in the bed….

Experience: dead, it stopped! Back to reality!

And I’m like, “Wow, do you remember this?” And my partner said, “Nope I don’t remember this”. We sat here and recorded this with him, but we didn’t even remember listening to hear it, or it just like it went right over us at the time; it wasn’t time for us yet.
So we re-contacted this gentleman, talked to him, tried to find out what his relationship as a Christian was, and found out that at that time, that he was talking about, he was a new believer. And something he had been taught in the church – in a short time that he had become a believer – was, you know, if they’re ever in danger, or [in danger] from spirits, or whatever, call out to Jesus and He will be there for you. It’s the only thing that he could think of to do, and it worked!

Well, this goes against everything we have been told about the abduction experience!

So I thought we either got a misunderstanding, a hoax, or something that’s really powerful, because if it’s real, this is going to be huge! This is something, if it’s real, I can take back with the Word of God to the realm that I came from! So I contacted the leading abduction researchers in the realm at that time, back in the mid-90s. I called them up, talked to them at their homes, and said, “Hey, I got a case here that I don’t understand. Could you help me with it?” They said, “Sure! Tell me what you got”. I started describing the particulars to the case, and they go….

“Ho, can we talk off the record?”

And I said, “Yep, we can talk off the record; I don’t mind. Just help me out here”. And in case you, listeners, don’t understand ‘off the record’, it means that they are asking for anonymity. That means, I can tell you what they said, but I can’t tell you who said it. As a MUFON member, we’re bound by anonymity when it’s asked for; we have to keep it legally. So I’ve never shared who this was; I only can tell you what they said. Each one that I talked to asked the same thing: “Can we go off the record?” Each one that I talked to said that they too had come across similar cases in their research, where people had either a Christian tune, recited scripture, said a prayer, called to Jesus…. and the experiences stopped. And I said, “Wait a minute! Everything out there that you guys have put out, says otherwise! Why is that?” The answer that they came back with was, “We didn’t know what to make of it”. And I would have been fine with that answer, because that’s a good honest answer. You just don’t know, except for some reason, they told me a second reason, like, they weren’t comfortable themselves in their own heart of what they [the people] just said. So the second one excuse that they gave me was, they were afraid to go there, because it might affect their credibility in the UFO research realm!

So what are we talking about?

Leading researchers whom people trust for the truth. Not the government. Leading secular researchers in the realm that people have been relying on for the truth, withholding information! What’s that called? That’s a cover-up! The same cover-up term that everybody’s been pointing at the government for. Well, this cover-up has been amongst the leading researchers all along, because they don’t like what they saw compared to their preconceived notions of what they think it is. So I told them politely, “Thank you for your help. You’ve let me know that this is not something that’s unusual, maybe just not recorded. This is a piece of the puzzle I see that’s not being documented. So as a researcher, I’m going to take this piece, and I’m going to pursue it, and I’m going to document it”. You know what they all said?

“Please do, because we can’t.”

And off I went. So now, what I needed to do, was gain more testimonies than just the one. It wasn’t long before we came across it.

Once we started posting them on the early internet this whole thing took off with the testimonies coming in!

So over the next few years, as we started building and building, and getting more testimonies…. the more we would get, the more we would put out, and the more we would be able to get opportunities to talk about it. So that in return would get more opportunities for people to hear the truth, and go: “I too have that testimony”, and they would share.

It wasn’t long down the road when we started, but I got that one email that changed everything from where I thought we were headed

As we were posting these testimonials, the evidence that people could have their lives back to a normalcy through Jesus Christ, we have that one email come in, where that person said, “I’ve seen these testimonies; I’ve been reading them. My life is horrific because of these experiences. Can you help me?” And I’m thinking, ‘Oh-oh, that wasn’t in the plan’.
At that moment I could only think, ‘We can look at what’s worked for all of these people, case after case after case’.

“I’m not getting any information that any other belief system or name works

Krishna doesn’t work, Buddha doesn’t work, Allah doesn’t work, Muhammed doesn’t work. I’m not seeing that anywhere! I’m seeing one way that works, and all I can do is share with you what I’ve documented and found”.
Well, here is where things changed, because he [the person who asked for help] took the advice and it works.

So what do we have now?

Now we have something in the research realm that is called ‘repeatability’. So not only do we have cases upon cases upon cases…. People can come and say, “Can you help me?” And they can look at how it’s worked for others, if they follow what the others have believed and taken for the way they do it. It works for them; that’s a repeatable event!

There’s nothing else repeatable in the UFO phenomenon

There’s nobody that calls the same craft in twice; it doesn’t happen that way! But we have something that we showed it works, and we can show a little work for the next person, if that’s what they want!

Calling on the power of Jesus

Gabbi: That’s incredible, calling on the power of Jesus! That’s something that people going into the New Age for answers just wouldn’t even have access to! You can imagine these survivors of these experiences being so traumatized by them, particularly, if they’re bad experiences, and their whole world has literally just imploded upon itself. What important work that you’re doing to give people this information!

Joseph: Well, we were able to tell people that, Yes, there is a way to stop these experiences! What we already understood in our research was: not only does Jesus’s name stop an experience, but through a personal relationship with Him, it can terminate the experiences as a life pattern! None of the others can do that! So that was the fine line difference. You want to complete it? You want to continue to deal with it one on one, case after case, experience after experience, or do you want to just shut this down and get your life back?

Now we’ve got hundreds of cases we’ve built up to be able to start running queries on for answers….

and start looking at things that aren’t making sense, you know, that need to be looked at: those red flags! So we started looking at the question: What’s the connection between these people? Do we have enough answers here and testimonies, that we can start saying, “Hey, why did this happen to all of you in the first place?” Well, we found answers; I say answers because it wasn’t just one answer. It was either one answer or a combination of three that we found.

The first group was: the person asked for the experience

Do people really do that? Yeah, people do that. Be careful what you ask for!

The second one was – the biggest group: people were unknowingly dabbling in areas that the Christian Bible, the Word of God, tells you, don’t mess with!

Those areas that they were dabbling in were the occult, the supernatural of any type, metaphysics, New Age…. All of that was an open door to this experience!

But then there was a third one that popped up, that puzzled me for a while….

It took me at some scripture reading to get to that one. There were adults coming to me, saying, “I don’t fit those first two because I remember having these experiences since I was a small child”. I said, “Okay, valid point, so let’s re-look at this”. So I had to investigate their cases a little different. Instead of going back and talking more about their experience, I said, “I want to talk about what you remember about your family life”.

What I found, matching what scripture says, is: the open doors were with the parents in the family

Because scripture says that the spiritual head of the household is the father. If the father is not keeping a covering for that family, a spiritual covering, through his relationship with Jesus Christ, then that family and its other members, children included, are open to the wiles of the enemy. And that’s exactly what we were seeing, case after case after case.

Gabbi: That’s right. That kind of connects with our survivors of SRA and MK Ultra, because these people are coming from generational families of abuse.

Joseph: Yes! And it’s not a genetic generational issue; it’s a social environment generational issue. It’s like alcoholism. They say that alcoholism is hereditary. It’s not hereditary genetically; it’s that when you grow up in that environment you’re more susceptible to becoming an alcoholic yourself as you get older, and carrying it on to another generation. And that’s what we were seeing.

Gabbi: And we could talk about addictions and alcoholism as often being entity-driven and passed down as well. Like I experienced, these same kinds of abduction experiences, when I was growing up between about 5 and 7 years old, – and I’m from a generational family. There was abuse going back at least four generations that I can see.
During the nighttime, I would be taken to a ship, and I’d be experimented on. So I would have a lot of pain in my lower abdomen, a lot of pain in my teeth. I’d have things stuck really painfully up my nose that would just be horrific. And then at the same time that that was happening, I would also be remembering being carried out of the house at night by men with really short hair, which was really different to my father who had long hair, and kind of always thought he was a rock star. And this was all happening at the same time. And I just remember telling my mum about what had happened to me at night, because this was a realer than real kind of dream! She’d just be like, “You’ve got an incredible imagination! One night you’re dreaming you’re on a UFO, one night you’re dreaming you’re getting carried out of the house by someone”. That reaction shows how clever this programming is, because my mum pretty much shut it down! She was just like, ‘It’s a dream; forget about it’. And I was like, ‘No mum, it’s not, it’s happening every night’.

They came across another piece of the puzzle

Joseph: We also came across another piece that took some really deep investigation, too. I started working with a Christian peer researcher. He said, “You know, there’s a connection here between stage hypnosis, the effect of it on a person, and this abduction experience”. So I’m thinking, ‘How can I look at this and understand it?’ What I did was, I went back. This time I re-listened to people’s testimonies of their experiences, but I said, “I’m going to do this a little differently. Now I’m going to ask you questions as you’re telling me the experience”. During the experience I don’t do hypnotic regression; I never have, but I have learned, as a researcher and an investigator and also from my work as a safety professional, how to ask the right questions to get to the root cause of an accident, per se a safety accident, so that I can get to the real reason why the accident happened. Because if you don’t get to the root cause you don’t know what the right corrective action will be to keep it from happening again. I learned how to get people to give more information than what they were remembering, just by asking the right questions, okay? So I went back and did this with a lot of the experiencers that I was working with. We’d sit down and I’d take them through. As they were reliving the events in their mind, I’d say, “Well, stop there. Now what do you see to the right? What do you see to the left? Do you feel the ground below you? Is it soft, is it hard? Do you feel temperature? Is it warm, is it cold on the ship?” These are the things that they’ve never talked about before. These are the things that I wanted answers for! But these are the things they didn’t have answers for. And I’m thinking, ‘This is that area that these other researchers, that use regressive hypnosis [which is occult and forbidden], these are those areas that they’re saying: ‘areas that the beings [demons] block in their memory, so that they can’t remember the whole thing’. Well, I’m realizing now that these are not blocks: these never happened! The information was never there!

Here’s how I’m thinking this works

If I ask you about your last birthday, you could remember what you did on your last birthday; you think you can. What you remember up front is the most sensational memorable things to you. That’s what you would tell me, and probably your whole day of your birthday you could probably tell me in 10 minutes. But if I sit you down, and I started asking you more in-depth right questions, we could probably stretch it out to quite a few hours, of things that you never thought you remembered, because they happened, and they’re recorded right here [pointing to the brain]!

The difference is, during these so-called ‘abduction experiences’….

A lot of things aren’t there because they never happened! In other words, what I realized is that nobody goes anywhere! These experiences are visionary, spiritual visionary experiences, that are put into the mind! The only thing they remember is the sensational aspects of the experience, enough convincing sensational aspect to believe ‘it’s true’.

Here’s how I’ll tell you this works

You’ve ever been to a play? So you go to a play; you’re sitting in the audience. All of a sudden, they’re doing a scene change. During the scene change things start to pop up; a couch is there, a recliner, an end table, some pictures on a blank wall, a window…. and you’re going, ‘Oh, this is a living room scene’. It didn’t take you long to figure that out, because impacting sensational first things to hit you with don’t take a lot, but it’s not the same as what your living room looks like, is it? Because it doesn’t need to be. It only needs to be impacting sensational to be super memory upfront in your mind. All those other details don’t need to be there!

The question in what we’re dealing with is, Who is the playwriter?

That’s the important question!

I think we were given one of the best examples of an abduction experience ever by Hollywood

Nobody caught it because when Hollywood gives us something, people go, ‘That’s just Hollywood, that’s not real’, and we blew it off, but they [TPTB] gave it to us. The best example that I’m telling you, about what I’m describing right now, was given to us during the first Matrix movie! When Neo went to the submarine the first time, and they laid him on the table – that recliner – and they plugged that thing into the back of his head, instantly Neo is in this whole area of bright white. What shows up next? A couch, a chair, a TV, just like when you were watching that play, right? And then Morpheus shows up. Now, let’s stop right there. That’s all I need to give you! Where’s Neo?

Gabbi: He’s still where he has always been; he’s plugged in!

Joseph: Thank you! He never went anywhere, but he sure believes he did! That’s your abduction experience! That’s the experience. And I’m telling you as a MUFON researcher of 30 years, there is no evidence in existence of anything on this planet that we can say: ‘Extraterrestrials are visiting us from another world’! No evidence! Or we wouldn’t have this discussion, would we?

What these testimonies show is that we’re dealing with something else that’s coming in the guise of an ‘otherworldly being’

Keep in mind those red flags I told you about. They start adding up, and the more red flags you got, the more you have to question the reality of everything that’s happening in this phenomenon. Why do no two crafts look alike? That’s insane! Over close to a million reports that no two crafts are identical…. that’s insane; that’s a red flag! No two beings are identical; that’s insane. To even think about that seriously, logically…. that doesn’t make any sense, because these experiences are meeting what the person needs to see, in order to make them believe the experience; they are personally tailored.

Do you want another red flag, a good one, that people don’t even talk about?

One of the big things that you hear coming out of the mouths of the circuit UFO researchers, that are on this UFO circuit of talking and speaking and all of that…. First, why are they on the circuit for so many years? Because they ain’t got nothing to tell you, or we wouldn’t be dealing with this. They’ve turned it into a marketplace, because there’s never anything really new or earth-shaking. People just got to be entertained by them! So it’s turned into a business with entertainment. I don’t do that; I work for a living to support myself. 

The alien theme has changed

People don’t even realize how much it’s changed, from the mid 50’s, when it first started coming out and we had our contactees that were saying that they were having contact experiences with beings from other planets in our solar system. Now, what did these beings look like? They looked like us, right? They just had futuristic clothes on.
Now they backed off to where they said they were from Zeta Reticuli, 39 of light years away, and then in the early 70’s, we get this change in appearance from Hollywood, saying that they look like these little 4-feet greys: Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Well, from then on that has been the appearance, pretty much.
So we were kind of conditioned! That’s two major changes in what we were seeing here from one phenomena, but it started changing again in about 2008 and later, when it was originally ‘extraterrestrial biological entity’ (E.B.E.) to now they started questioning around 2008: ‘Could this be something different’? And now here we are, another decade later, a little more, a decade and a half now, and they’re actually saying, ‘This looks like an interdimensional alien’!

So this whole thing looks as though we’ve been conditioned to make this transition

The transition I think they’re heading for is that ‘these are spiritual entities, but they couldn’t come out and say it at any time earlier, because of so many people being against Christianity and the belief in Christianity’. Now you see all the stuff with the Vatican, trying to bring other isms together in unity. I think that’s where this whole thing seems to be heading now!
You see that they’re trying to bring that together to the point to where now we have CE5, with Richard Dr. Stephen Greer. He’s saying that these are ‘beings that can be contacted’. So we’re one flip of the word away from ‘interdimensional to spiritual being’, to where people are going to be accepting of it, of something that Christians have talked about all along. And then you look at the abilities of these beings, and they mirror everything out of Biblical scripture: of manifestations of angelic beings that the Bible talks about.

They talk about this ‘being a worldwide event, the UFO phenomena’

It is and it isn’t. I took it [bought the lies] hook, line, and sinker, just like everybody else, until I went overseas for 11 years as a contractor for our military, as a safety professional, and got to live in that environment, you know, the rest of the world. And as I did I realized this isn’t a worldwide phenomenon as they say it is, because when you think and listen to that you’re thinking, ‘The numbers must be as big, as the country’s reporting it, with all the countries’. Well, that’s where it’s not.

What I realized through my research….

and if you look at it honestly – you’ll see that this UFO alien abduction phenomenon is primarily a westernized, modernized, Christianized nation phenomenon, and it’s racist! I said that word, didn’t I? The reason I say racist is because it primarily affects people that are white. People of color are not high participants in this phenomenon. The other aspect of the whole thing’s been turned into a racist scenario. Look at the beings that are involved: ‘the greys, the reptilians’…. Beings of color are the bad guys! Your beautiful blonde ‘Nordics’ that are supposedly the ones of higher stature, are all ‘pure white’.

Gabbi: This reminds me of the Nazis, really pushing Atlantis, and: ‘We want to have Aryan features’. That was just a justification for complete racism and genocide eugenics!

Joseph: So the whole movie, the whole TV show ‘Ancient Aliens’, is based on that same thinking! The whole concept is racist! So this whole thing is based on racial ideology, the same racial ideology like you said of the Nazis.

People ask me, “What is this whole [alien] phenomenon about?”

And I say, “My findings show that anybody that gets involved in this phenomenon, in any aspect, the outcome is the same, just on how deep it goes, but the outcome is: it takes their eyes away from the one true God of the Bible. That is its purpose, that is its intent, and that is the effect it leaves. It gives you doubt of God’s word! Once you doubt God’s word, the most supernatural book on the planet, in the universe itself, once you doubt the one book that is the most verifiable at the same time, the most that’s had prophecy fulfilment than a thousand fortune tellers brought together, the one thing that can be trusted throughout history, once you doubt that…. what do you have? You’ve got no foundation! That’s what I’m seeing and that’s what we have found in our work.

Now when you start looking at the UFO phenomenon, what’s its connection?

There is a connection. How does it connect? It’s another part of this delusion. I believe that’s what we’re seeing here is a delusion that’s being perpetrated upon humanity by sinister, lying, deceptive entities that, as a Christian I say, are spiritual entities. They’re not from our realm. Secular people say “It’s interdimensional, from another realm, okay?” [I then answer:] “Got it, I understand it. You just don’t understand who they really are, and what their purpose is!”

As far as the UFOs, the stuff that they’re seeing….

The ones that the physicists are now standing back and going, “Hey, these things are not obeying physics as we know it; they must have a new physics that we don’t know about yet”. No. That’s science fiction they’re thinking with, not science. The reason they talk like that and they say that, is because they don’t have answers with their mathematics and their science to explain the one thing a Christian does understand….

And that’s the term manifestation

I’m talking about biblical manifestation, where you see in scripture stories of spiritual entities that manifested into our realm, most of the time in human form or a burning bush or a cloud by night or cloud by day and a fire by night. These are manifestations by spiritual beings, okay, into our physical realm.

Angelic beings can manifest into whatever form you need be

The ones that appeared as messengers of God to God’s people, they appeared as human beings. Were they human? Absolutely not. Were they human form in every way that we are? Most likely not. You say, “But they sat and had dinner with them”. Well, keep in mind that it doesn’t mean they were hungry, it doesn’t mean they needed food. Having a meal was customary; it’s something you do, so it fit that thing that was happening at the time.

Looking at this from this third perspective – as a Christian….

looking from it through God’s word, has given me more answers than the first two perspectives! I had an opportunity to look at this through, but I can still say that I’ve taken an honest view of this phenomenon, and luckily having the ability to see it from three different perspectives. Most people never have that opportunity. So I come at this as a researcher, and saying, this is what I found, and there’s more similarity between what we’re experiencing here between these beings and God’s angelic beings, which are created as we are by Him, but live in a different realm. And the stories that we have in His word, of people that have experienced Him…. I don’t think we’re dealing with any technology of any kind!

I think what we are seeing here is natural ability of angelic beings, perpetrating a delusion

As a Christian, I also have to try and look at: why this delusion? Why is this even happening? Does Scripture talk about it? And lo and behold, it does! We know that there was a war in heaven, and many of those angelic spiritual beings rebelled against God. Their purpose has always been to deceive humanity to try and make God look like He’s not as big as He thinks He is.

We also understand that what God’s word says, that He has made opportunity for choice for humanity:

to choose Him or to choose a lie. And those that choose a lie will receive an eternity of damnation. For those that receive the truth, they are going to have an eternity with Him, something that’s a hope that’s greater than anybody can imagine! The Bible itself – for those that aren’t believers of that Bible – it’s two things in one. It’s a story of a war between these beings and God from the beginning of creation to now, not just a now, to a now that’s still to come. And the Bible tells you who wins!
On the same hand, that same Bible of that war, that’s been going on since the beginning of time, it’s also a love story between the Creator and His creation; that’s us…. and how that creation became separated. But at the same time it’s a love story of hope, of how He gave us an opportunity to come back into communion with Him.

You’ve got a guy who wrote one of New York Times bestsellers ever!

He entitled the book ‘Communion’ and it was about having communion with these beings. This is not a true Holy Communion in any way! This is not the communion with God that we have the ability to have with the Creator himself. These beings are not our creator in any way; they’re liars, they’re deceitful, and there’s no hope with them! What we’re seeing here is the scariest part of it all, and it’s not just that the aliens are scary. It’s who’s behind this delusion. It’s not just that the demonic realm is perpetrating the delusion, but the question is:

Who is the puppet master?

[I would say, who is the ultimate Master, for God doesn’t act like a puppet master.]
If you go into the Bible itself, into the New Testament, and you look at 2 Thessalonians, chapter 2, you will see who the puppet master [or Master] of this delusion is, and that’s God himself. It says, ‘God will send a strong delusion’. He is using the demonic forces to perpetrate it for His purpose. He sends a strong delusion, so strong, so powerful, so complicated, that if it were possible even the very elect – that means the true believers in God – would be deceived if they could. That’s why this is such a complicated phenomenon to understand; it was made that way by God himself.

This delusion is going to separate the true believers in God from those that aren’t!

And this could be your final chance to choose God. You could be choosing that wrong side, and that’s what this delusion is about! It [also] says that God says He’s had enough; He has given us everything we need in order to know Him and accept Him as our Creator [and Lord and Savior]. For you who want to believe in something else? Here you go. Believe me, there’s an eternal damnation that comes with it….

That’s what this phenomenon I believe is about!

Gabbi: Wow, it makes so much sense, and I think the New Age and social engineering has really conditioned us to think that we don’t have to choose God. There’s all of these other ‘choices’, there’s all of these other ‘solutions’, and all of these other ‘answers’ to whatever you’re looking for out there! But what we don’t realize is, when we step away from our connection with God, there is so much mess out there, there’s so much deceit, there’s fallen angels (demons), there’s humans that are working for those forces as well. You might think that you’re just dabbling with a few crystals, and watching some ancient alien presentations, but who’s controlling that, you know? And they use mind control. It’s just reminding me so much of all of the history in the lead up to World War II as well. It’s just history repeating.

Us finding God, and that being our center point, that’s just so powerful in these times!

Well, thank you so much for your time today, Joseph. Is there anything that we haven’t discussed that you wanted to finish up here?

Joseph: For those of you that are more interested in the evidence itself…. the evidence that I bring forward is the testimonies of people’s lives changed from this horrible experience of abductions to a life of peace and hope and joy.

I’ve got hundreds and hundreds of testimonies over the years that I can share

I finally had an opportunity to put my work together in book form that you can have in your hand and share with other people: ‘Piercing the Cosmic Veil: You Shall Not Be Afraid of the Terror by Night’. And the way that I put it together is: my story you heard here, from how I came across all of this until now; it is the first section in the book.
The second middle part of the book – it’s in three parts – the middle part, I wanted to try and answer as many questions as I thought people would ask. So when I did this project back in 2020 I put the question section out to my followers on my Facebook page CE4 Research, and I said, “I’m going to make this available. If you want to be in my book, give me a question you think needs to be asked and answered in the book for those that are still looking for truth, and if you’ve got a question that nobody else has come across, that I can put in there, I’ll put your name in the book for asking it. So they thought that was a cool idea, and that’s what I did. I got about 34 – 35 questions. Some of my peers Christian researchers like myself had already answered the questions better than I could answer – so I let people know that I may not answer the question for you; I may use what my peers have already done to answer those questions. So it shows that it’s not just me that’s seeing this; it’s many of us are seeing this. On certain questions and topics they were so much better at putting it together, so I thought let’s do this.
The last part of the book – the biggest part – is the evidence itself, and I included over 60 testimonies that I had never shared before. I’m still sitting on about 200 that I have yet to put out there publicly. I just got to get the time to get them up on the internet.
I’m working on a second book; there’ll be more testimonies in it.

Feel free to contact me if you have a testimony or if you’re in need of help….

and you’re looking for, like that person: How can you help me? How can I stop this? Reach out, I’m there. [email protected], that’s my email. I try to answer everybody as I get time. I get testimonies every week; they’re still coming in, so this is not something that was just fly by night back 30 years ago.

‘The Unwanted piece of the UFO puzzle’

Yeah, that gets people’s attention. It’s also the truth; it’s been the unwanted piece, because they’re afraid of this piece. Because, if it’s true, it changes the picture that they thought they were putting together.


Why is strong delusion sent by God?

The coming of the lawless one [the antichrist] is according to the working of satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.  2 Thessalonians 2:9-12



Gabbi Choong

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