Testimony: ‘I was caught up in a cult, and delivered out of deception 9 years later…’

“I was deceived but I did not know I was deceived. I was part of a cult but I did not know I was part of a cult.” – Sabrina De Muynck

A biography & personal account to help those under narcissistic leadership.
You can come out of them today!

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A touching and intense story of a woman whose experiences have been extraordinary; they need to be read to be believed….
Sabrina De Muynck wrote two books in order to warn the world. First her biography:


Out of deception: Biography  Kindle Edition

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Out of Deception


Biography - Out of deception by Sabrina De Muynck

A very exceptional story, detailed and intense. A touching story of a woman who gave up everything and gained everything.

If you believe that Christians cannot be deceived, if you believe that Christians cannot be caught up in a cult, or perhaps you think this would never happen to you, then this story is for you.

“I was deceived but I did not know I was deceived. I was part of a cult but I did not know I was part of a cult.”

Out of Deception is the true and open testimony of a woman who finds freedom in the Lord Jesus Christ after the traumatic challenges of her childhood of neglect and emotional abuse in the occult. Despite her physical suffering, she finds her joy and strength in God. Witnessing is her passion, and a group of wild ducks become her ‘evangelizing partners’.

After being born again for 19 years, she and her husband are lured into an even deeper deception. They give up everything to serve God, even each other! Their wilderness journey for the next nine years is something she could have never imagined.

Her experiences have been extraordinary, that need to be read to be believed. Her account is rich in detail. It documents her realization that began as a result of the work of the Holy Spirit starting in late 2020. She realizes that she has been under the mind control and abuse of an extreme narcissistic religious Cult leader. What happens next in December 2020 changes her life forever.

This book goes into great detail about how cult leaders can exercise the power of familiar spirits, and leverage circumstances, and even unique medical conditions, to deceive and control their members.

The aim of this book is not to cast judgment, shame, or embarrassment on anyone, but to help readers understand how people can be under the mind control and abuse of a narcissistic religious cult leader. Its purpose is to awaken, help and encourage others, or their loved ones, who find themselves in similar circumstances. ‘Out of Deception’ is relevant to all manner of organized religions that are falling away at this hour, which are leading many into a powerful and dangerous deception mentioned in the Bible, God’s Word.

Jesus gave warnings about false teachers, false prophets, and false christs in the last days. Deception would be widespread. He gave us His written Word for many reasons. One of these warnings was for discerning the truth, and expose the false prophets.

A salvation chapter is included at the end, for those who want to have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, also called Yeshua HaMashiach in Hebrew.
Extra chapter with related scriptures!


The second book is titled:

Why are you persecuting Me?  Kindle Edition

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Why are you persecuting Me?

Why are you persecuting me by Sabrina De Muynck

You love God with all your heart and you are open for the supernatural. What happens when you are suddenly awakened by the Holy Spirit who makes it very clear to you that the ministry you dedicated your life to is actually a cult? And what if your leader is actually a narcissist, or even a sociopath? What if you are deceived but you don’t know that you are deceived? What if you are in a cult but you don’t know that you are in a cult?

This is the personal account of a simple housewife who has been born again for 28 years, but who was majorly deceived for nine long years by a powerful controlling spirit and false prophetess who stole everything from her, including her husband.

Jesus warned His disciples that in the last days there will be many false prophets. Their power of persuasion will be so great that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.  Matthew 24:24

Most people think it could never happen to them… until it does!
These cult leaders may be very intelligent, well-educated, and have an outstanding ability to charm, seduce, influence, and control you with their mind control and ‘gaslighting’ brainwashing techniques. They indoctrinate you with new things, and repeat them often enough until you eventually believe them. They camouflage themselves in their Biblical knowledge, and they prophesy over you, then bombard you with all the ‘mysteries and oracles from heaven’. This makes it not so easy to discern that they are actually deceiving you, while they may exhibit behavioral characteristics or signs of extremism, narcissism, even sociopathic tendencies.

This book was written specifically for you in order to help you discern the techniques that may be used to entrap you, and to give you hope and a way out!

The key tool that we have in our defence against false prophets is, of course, the Bible. God gave us the Bible for many reasons, however, one important reason is so that we can discern the truth from a lie. His word is the truth and the truth will set you free.

And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.  John 8:32


The book ‘Why are you persecuting Me?’ includes:

MAIN CHARACTERISTICS & MIND CONTROL TACTICS – very detailed as witnessed in the religious cult

MARKS OF A FALSE MINISTRY – doctrines and manifestations, extreme narcissism, character assassination, etc.

HOW GOD HAS BROUGHT HER OUT – including her mistakes, the repentance she lacked, forgiveness etc.

SALVATION CHAPTER – at the end for those who want to have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ



Be encouraged!

Be encouraged to distribute unchanged copies of this book, ‘Why are you persecuting Me?’, through any means, electronic or in printed form, to help and advice others, cult members, or ex-cult members. You may post this material, in whole or in part, on your website, or anywhere else, but nothing can be altered or edited. Please include this notice so others may know they can copy and distribute it as well.

For any questions, or if you are in similar circumstances, and you have a need to talk to Sabrina:
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