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UPDATE May 6, 2022  The doctors you’re going to see are very much anti-jib-jab, while Donald Trump himself is the opposite of that; he is very pro-jab. Two great videos that say it all!
5 mei 2022


All aboard the Trump train…
It doesn’t make any sense, does it?
Hugo asked the question about all of these doctors that we have seen appear in the last two years… and how many of them are on the ReAwaken American Tour, which is funded by Trump supporters!

At these events, the doctors are very much anti-jib-jab, while Trump himself is the opposite of that.
Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump, has spoken at them as well, so it’s clearly a pro-Trump tour.

Operation Warp Speed

In fact, Trump is the person who signed off the Operation Warp Speed which provided 10 billion to start the production of the jabs, giving billions to Pfizer, Moderna, and so on, in order to produce the jib-jabs. And he bought them for the USA.

They are all linked to Sacha Stone who is interlinked with the UN

Many people are being deceived. There seems to be much more to what’s going on than at first it may seem. Two important videos that one must see, very well explaining what’s going on!
So as we will see, many of these doctors are united with Sacha Stone:



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Or watch the video here.


‘The Trump doctors’

Now what I want to show here is how much all of this, all of these doctors, the Trump doctors I call them, how much all of this is attached to the New Age and to Trump, even though he is pro-jab, and he has called himself the father of the vaccine, but also is interlinked with so many of the presenters as well.

Digging and trying to connect things…

It sounds also very similar to the New Age mantra you see coming from the Lucis Trust, formerly known as the Lucifer Publishing, which is the spiritual foundation of the United Nations. The Lucis Trust who maintain the United Nations meditation room, a room that is dedicated to what they call ‘the god of many names’.

How are they all interlinked with one another?

For example, we saw there recently Stew Peters. He released a video with Dr. Bryan Ardis, called ‘Watch the Water’.
Bryan Ardis has his own show, the Ardis Show, which is sponsored by Mike Lindell, the pillow man, the financier of Trump, and part of the pro-Trump ReAwaken American Tour.
The Stew Peters Show is also sponsored by Mike Lindell and his pillows and socks, just to connect the dots! Stew Peters has many doctors on his show, many that are also part of the pro-Trump ReAwaken America Tour. All of these speakers are against the jab, but are at a pro-Trump rally, funded by Trump supporters, while Trump is pro-jab, not anti-jab… doesn’t make any sense.

More names, mentioned in the video

Vladimir Zelenko
Alex Jones
Del Bigtree
Peter McCullough
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Joe Rogan
Robert Malone
David Martin
Reiner Fuellmich
Sherri Tenpenny
Andrew Kaufman
Christiane Northrup
Judy Mikovits
Carrie Madej
Pierre Kory
Jane Ruby
Dolores Cahill
Imani Mamalation
Zach Bush
Mark Steele
Kate Shemirani
David Icke
Sean Stone
Jason Shurka
Charlie Ward
Kevin Jenkins
Larry Palevsky
Tom Cowan
Karen Kingston
And I could keep going on forever.

They also do a lot of conventions together, tours, and what not

The Save a Generation Tour… You can get a photograph with them for 250 dollars.

Tour organized by ‘Take Action for Freedom’

Now, this tour is organized by Take Action for Freedom. The other main thing it’s aimed at is encouraging people to get into crypto, so, encouraging to adopt digital currencies! Basically, getting them to accept a cashless society! Cashless society and everyone enslaved to their phones, is what the establishment wants.
There are loads more of these types of conventions and tours and special weekends with these doctors, that have been going on for the last year or so.

‘How to spot energy vampires’

Dr. Christiane Northrup, for example, has made numerous appearances on the Trump supported ReAwaken American Tour. This is a doctor who is linked to numerous New Age ideologies, which you don’t really associate with doctors. Here we see ‘How to spot energy vampires’. Here she is hanging out with Tarot readers. Here she was at the Great Awakening 2020.

‘The New Earth’

Here, Imani Mamalation is being interviewed talking about building the New Earth with Sacha Stone. She has a YouTube channel with the hamsa evil eye logo, and has co-hosted events with Sacha Stone, involved with this Brave New Life website. Here we see New Earth creating a New Earth with New  Earth communities. She is connected with Earth Heroes TV, the Emancipation Series. She is connected to the Sacha Stone New Earth thing, called Reclaim your lives. It’s all about building a New Earth.

Sacha Stone, founder at Humanitad Foundation

Sacha is also the founder of intergovernmental renewable energy organization. He is also executive producer of the MDG Awards, which were launched at the United Nations General Assembly on the 17th of March 2009. So we are getting a lot of New Age vibes here. They lure you into world meditations, and are all networking together and all linked to Trump rallies.

Academy of Divine Knowledge includes… channeling

Last year, a website was launched, called the Academy of Divine Knowledge. It was a website, an organization set up so that people could pay to join, which would have seminars, and video conferences, and videos from tutors, and speakers explaining stuff. As you can see, the logo is a star of David hexagram kind of thing. It says here it’s focused on catalyzing humanity’s conscious evolution through expansive teachings, enlightened events, tune into expansive meditations, awakening people around the world, including channeling, mysticism, energy healing, healing, extraterrestrial life, meditations, astrology, and science, etc., etc. So you know, it’s sounding very New Age, right? And once again, we see the same names crop up!

The Unity Rally

They would also set up rallies like this one here, the Unity Rally, to unite human beings of all religions of all races and all ages. It sounds very United Nations, One World government, One World religion! You know, Alice Bailey who formed the Lucis Trust, originally called Lucifer Publishing, who are the spiritual foundation of the UN… yes, formed by Alice Bailey who had a 10-point plan, a 50-year strategy of the New Age movement, in order to fulfill its ultimate goal to establish a One World government, a One World economic system, and a One World religion.

Jason Shurka, founder of the Academy of Divine Knowledge

He is connected to Sacha Stone, talking about a pyramid cult… There are connections with many prominent doctors, as you can see. Here Jason Shurka is with Dr. Bryan Ardis, the snake venom guy! Here he is talking with Reiner Fuellmich who is supposedly taking the governments to court; don’t know how that’s going. He is talking about global meditation for ‘The Age of Love’. He is teaching about creating a New World, or should I say, creating the New World? He is teaching about ‘The Language of Energy’, and ‘It’s time to integrate the light’, and ‘Rays of Knowledge’.

And it goes on and on after around 19 minutes of the video above, perfectly aligning with the Lucis Trust. Don’t miss it; it will save you from a lot of misleading! 

The next video is a follow-up of this video; it exposes even more satanic lies that most believers and non-believers have bought into:


The Aquarian LUCIFERIAN Agenda / New Age Doctor Network Part 2 / Hugo Talks

Or watch the video here.


These people are leading you right into the occult New Age New World Order…
speaking a lot of truths mixed with some extremely cunning lies!



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