Prophecy of floods coming to the USA; the second flood will be a flood of foreign soldiers

Even back then, ahead of the Holocaust, the Lord God sent prophets in order to warn of the upcoming atrocities. The days ahead for the USA will be the hardest in history of our nation.


Transcript video:

Good evening, friends. It’s September 8, 2021. Friends, I want you to share this message today. This morning the Lord Jesus Christ, the One who has called me to prophesy to the nations, He asked me to put this message out. He asked me to ask you to share it far and wide, especially if you live in the USA.

This morning the Lord spoke to my heart that, even ahead of the Holocaust, He sent prophets to warn of the upcoming atrocities. And if you live in the USA you are also being warned that the days ahead for the USA will be the hardest in history of our nation! He said to me this morning that there are two floods coming.

One is a flood of water upon the land, ocean water. The ocean water will come upon the land. And it is not in the same proportion as in the book of Genesis, but it is a flood orchestrated by the superpowers. The New World Order will use their weather technology weapons in order to bring a large surge of water upon the land of the USA. Their goal is to cause further destruction of homes, businesses, further economic collapse, and an open invitation for foreign troops to come in assist with the cleanup.

These troops, they are coming to help, but they are coming to stay. And I want to repeat that: these foreign troops, who are coming here to help us with the cleanup process, they are coming to stay! So in other words, what the Lord was showing me, is that the second flood will be a flood of foreign soldiers. Every nation that has resources will come to aid the USA in the cleanup process.

People will be moved around. They will have to re-establish their homes. The low-lying areas of the USA will be unrecognizable after the first flood!

When people are moved around, it makes them more vulnerable. Their food storage, their everyday tools, the things that they have gathered for survival, could be lost to the floods. And at that time, those affected, they will have to make some very serious decisions about how they will move forward.

How will they live their lives from that moment forward? Will they surrender their all to the Lord Jesus Christ? Will they roll up their sleeves, and be part of an end-time revival? Or will they become so distraught, that they oppress the weak?

These are the items that the Lord placed on my heart to share with you this evening. Please understand that the most important thing on the Lord’s agenda is lost souls. He wants your heart. He doesn’t care about your comfort, or your financial security, if your soul does not belong to Him. He wants all of mankind to come to Him. He doesn’t want anyone to suffer eternal torment in hell. Hell is real, friends! Jesus spoke on hell more than any other Bible character. Hell is real. Please come to the Lord Jesus Christ now! Hear what the Spirit of the Living God is speaking… Get right with God! Repent if you are not worshipping Him in truth in Spirit. Repent, if the things of this life are more important than your relationship with Him! Draw close to the Lord Jesus now, and He will surely draw close to you.

Alright friends, that’s all for today. May the Lord help us all as we as a nation prepare for the Coming of the Messiah.




Test the spirits

Don’t assume everything you hear and see is always true, but test the spirits and examine the things yourself. This website is also a shout-out for His people to be praying diligently like never before, for our brothers and sisters globally. Those who hear His voice know what is truly going on all around us right now. Pray that people will be able to escape what is happening. Pray that many will wake up from their slumber because the deception is huge.


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