Breaking News Alert | Endtimenews August 14, 2022

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Just to share with you a few headlines 


Programming and conditioning: CDC shows its true colors by stating, ‘This guidance acknowledges that the pandemic is not over’ 

8/14/2022 – Large Earthquake M6.4 (M6.8) strikes North of New Zealand – West Pacific unrest obvious 

The Creators Of The Counterfeit World #Nvidia / Hugo Talks 

Around 1/5 of Dutch farms will be forced to shut down! 

Controlled opposition reports: Social Credit: This time next year you’ll be living in ‘China’ 

Glowing ‘STEVE’ descends on North America after surprise solar storm 

While there is primary water… Major rivers in Germany, Italy, and England – the Rhine, Po, and Thames, respectively – are drying out 

Freemason: ‘This Fall Will See Riots, Food Shortages, Massive Inflation, Social Unrest, Higher Gold Prices And Collapsing Stock Markets’ 

This man used DMSO dimethyl sulfoxide for about 2 weeks on his dog – Amazing results

This man used DMSO dimethyl sulfoxide for about 2 weeks on his dog - Amazing results 

To Uncover a Deepfake Video Call, Ask the Caller to Turn Sideways 

‘They’ push civil war by showing you this: Baby formula being destroyed (VIDEO) – I’m sorry for the language 

Poland’s second longest river, the Oder, has just died from toxic pollution (mercury) | Officials didn’t alarm anybody! 

Energy bills expected to hit £4,200 in January, according to dire new forecast 

Donald Trump Raided in 88 Ritual! 

NASA/NOAA Erase The Arctic’s 1940s ‘Warming Blip’; Rare Summer Snow Hits Alaska; Bering Strait Sea Ice Refuses To Melt 


A rare snow flurry in Western Australia as a cold snap sent temperatures plummeting across the state’s south! 

Greenland is gaining ice in the middle of Summer; by now, Greenland should be ice-free!


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