Breaking news: Celeste Solum on what is in the virus and in the Gates vaccine! (FULL TEXT)

From all the research that Celeste has done, she believes that Covid is a Nano-Fusion of biological life and robotic construct. It has a hollow belly, with payload capability. Depending on the frequency it can deploy a toxin, a poison, a bacteria, a virus, a fungus, an explosive, a curse, or other spiritual elements, such as demons. It’s important for you to know that different particles were released around the world. We’ll be getting into the whys and all the particulars that you’ve wanted to know, as well as this dangerous vaccine.


Hi, this is Celeste and this is the Celestial Report, and a special broadcast, just for you, on the vaccines. And then I entitled this from what the military says is coming in 2025: ‘The Bots, Borgs and Humans welcome you to 2025 AD’, and obviously I am doing the presentation.

It is One Hazard, One Health, One Medicine, and One World.

That is why we are currently in the situation that we are in. I just got this this morning. I’m going to be giving you my take on what is Covid and the vaccine at this time. You need to realize that this is a ‘very fluid situation’. Every day, moment by moment, I am getting new information!

We’ll be getting into the whys and all the particulars that you’ve wanted to know.

One of the things I just got this morning, was this particular journal on nanoparticles. I want you to notice a couple of things:
One down here, there’s conductive hydrogel in order to create artificial nerves, and then the graphene which we’re going to be talking about, helical micromotors, and of course as you can see, they are going to infiltrate your brain with a plethora of different nanoparticles and Syn-Bios.

I also want you to notice up in the left-hand corner that there is DNA. I want you to pay attention to the yellow rectangles; those are called ‘the golden gate bridge’. And I’m going to be talking to you about that.

And then on the right hand side through the A N O, I want you to pay attention to that particular formation in the sky. Basically as I’ve been telling you for the last few months, the researchers and scientists and the powers that be are calling upon the sweet influences of the stars, to amplify and have a synergism with the vaccine, that they are deploying right now. This just happens to be a rough formation of the Pleiades star system. So we’ll be getting into cosmology as well.
Like I said, I am making this available to you, so you don’t have to be scribbling a million miles a minute. And I’m thankful that I don’t have to squeeze this presentation today into 30 minutes, like I did on Saturday. So let’s go on.


BREAKING NEWS: Former FEMA operative Celeste Solum on what’s in the virus and the Gates vaccine


So what do I believe Covid is? 

From all the research that I have done, I believe that Covid is a Nano-Fusion of biological life and robotic construct. So that is a fusion of biology and robotics. It has a hollow belly, with payload capability, and depending on the frequency it can deploy a toxin, a poison, a bacteria, a virus, a fungus, an explosive, a curse, or other spiritual elements, such as demons.

It’s important for you to know that different particles were released around the world.

This map came from I think it was December 21st, 2019, and we were all told in the United States, ‘1. that it wasn’t in the United States at that time, but 2. that it began in Washington State.’
However, as you can clearly see, it’s in the heart of America! And do you know what lies in the heart of America?

Plum Island, a biological warfare center

It is the ‘new Plum Island’.

If you’re not familiar with Plum Island, it is a Biological Warfare Center. They are moving it from Plum Island, which is off the New York coast, to Manhattan, Kansas. They are in the process of that transition. That is where the particles were deployed in the United States. You can see that there are different colors. So what was deployed in North America is different than what was deployed in Ecuador, and it’s different than what was deployed in Europe; and China, Australia, and New Zealand have their own ‘brand’, as well as Africa. This particular slide came from You can feel free to go to that site, and you can look at it. They have all sorts of statistics there for you to explore.


Covid was constructed from:



*Civet (Cat-like animal)

*Pangolin (Schubdier). Pangolin is kind of a weird animal; it’s kind of looks like a duck-billed platypus.

*Snake. Original reports had snake in it. I do believe that the final iteration of the vaccine will include snake.


*MERS, which is the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome


*SARS-Like, which means it is totally a synthetic


*unknown elements

I believe that the final construct of Covid will probably include 21 different ingredients, elements, to it.


Here’s the take on the vaccine; this is the latest information.

The vaccine includes:

*Aborted fetal cells from Caucasian males. This is important because they are easier to edit than female cells. It also causes physiological stress to your body, it induces fear, and it compromises the immune system, and it will probably do other things, but these are the most important things for you to remember. Now if you are a Caucasian male, it is not going to cause as much stress to your body as if you are a female or a person of another race. Then it is going to cause more stress. Because of our faith, belief, we really shouldn’t believe that we are going to be blessed with health by aborted fetal cells, and using aborted babies as spare parts for our health!

*The mRNA messenger. The news is making it sound all very natural, ‘that it’s just Fatty Lipid. You know, you have fatty lipids in your body. Well, this is going to be a special fatty lipid, just for you’. In this fatty lipid, – and I do have the documentation on this – is hydrogel, the mRNA messenger edits, – so that will change your DNA, – tardigrade material, – and we’re going to discuss that in a little bit, – and a special delivery package. And I’ve the chemical name for the generic hydrogel down there, in case you begin to start reading labels, which you really all need to be doing.

*Hydrogel/Quantum Dot, which includes at least 33 Classifications of robots. These are very, very tiny, and we’re going to be talking about that too.

*Humanized mice. What’s a humanized mouse? It has human blood, it has human organs, it has a human immune system; it’s basically a human in a mouse suit.

*Humanized plants. Plants have a vascular system, which is very similar to our circulatory system. So what they did is, they injected human proteins into these particular plants. Then they are putting it into their concoction.

*Luciferase Enzyme

*Sterilization chemicals by UN mandate, that every man, woman and child on the planet, that gets vaccinated, will be sterilized. The result: the only way that the so-called human race would go forward would be in a laboratory!

*‘Drug cocktail’ by UN mandate to combat NCDs, or Non-Communicable Diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, obesity, or diabetes. Each manufacturer of vaccine is going to have a different combination or drug cocktail; they’re not going to specify, because it will be labelled ‘proprietary’, such as a patent medicine that is protected by secrecy, patent. It will be unique to that particular manufacturer. So you’re not going to know what you get, what drug cocktail is in it! And the problem comes in, that if you’re getting something for heart disease or obesity, and you don’t have heart disease or obesity, then what is it going to do to your body?

*New: may include Tardigrades, or the Resurrection Plant for Biostasis in a thermal experiment in the fatty lipid, and we’re going to talk about that in a little bit.

*Miscellaneous adjuvants, such as we’ve known before: aluminum, thimerosal, and the list goes on.


Basically you are going to have a special delivery bottom line.

This is a picture of the lipid fatty bubble that they’re talking about, and it’s nano particle! You can see that it is has a spiked protein. You can see the hollow belly here, with all the payload, as I call it. And this one only says it contains the mRNA, but it has a lot more than just the mRNA! Like I said, it has the hydrogel, the tardigrades… it has all sorts of goodies in there for you.

Forbidden technology

So what is the bottom line? Basically using forbidden technology, technology that mankind never should have had! And they are including it in the Covid vaccination. It’s ready to gut your physical body like a fish, and make your body a habitation or a container for demons, fallen angels, aliens… you could put hybrid life, whatever. So basically they are gonna gut out the spiritual part of you, and just leave your physical form. That’s not going to be for too long, because the main purpose of this is depopulation. But in the interim between now and the time that they depopulate you, you will be a habitation for these entities.

When you take the vaccine…

Everybody now with hydrogel and Quantum Dot, you need to know that about a week ago I got a 232 page military document. So this PowerPoint presentation, for the most part I used three sources. One of those was this 232 page military document. It said that everybody who gets the vaccine is going to have an AI Neural Attendant, kind of like a chaperone, and we’re going to be talking about that later.

So how they put it, is: your mind is already being cavitated, that is: hollowed out.

You know, for any of you that have carved a pumpkin, that’s kind of what they’re doing to your mind. When you have taken the vaccine, it has already started to be cavitated by various chemicals, neuro- weapons, and the PsyOps. Basically your mind and body are going to be a container, that will ‘dream the New World Order’ into existence. And I’ll show you proof of that in just a second…

The AI Neural attendant captures records and evaluates and reports in a counterfeit book of life.

Now if you’re familiar with the books in the Bible, it says that our every thought, or every deed is recorded in the Book of Life, the book of the Lord. And this is the satanic version! Believe me, I can tell you right now, that even with as much technology as we have – and we have not taken the vaccine, – everything that we do is being captured, recorded, evaluated, and reported to the powers that be. But when you take the vaccine, you accept a transfer of ownership of your immortal soul, and you transfer your body to alien masters! You need to understand that, and I’m showing you proof…

NASA Strategic Issues Warfare 2025

This is from the NASA Strategic Issues Warfare 2025 document, talking about this ‘Imagination Engine’, or the ‘AI Attendant’, and I’ll give you a second to read that. Another thing you need to know is that a virtual earthly domain is being set up. At this pivotal moment in history there is a military convergence of autonomy, robotics, biotechnology, AI, and neurotechnology to create a digital twin architecture, that will forge a virtual earthly domain.

digital twin

A Digital Twin

This comes from WikipediA: A digital twin is a digital replica of a living or non-living physical entity. Digital twin refers to a digital replica of potential and actual physical assets (physical twin), processes, people, places, systems, and devices that can be used for various purposes.
So what is going to be happening is that there is God’s earth and His Kingdom. And this digital twin is the satanic kingdom! Through technology, – that is the bridge – we enter into the satanic domain. And the more that we use technology, we become immersed, as we might say, in this satanic kingdom or domain, until we take the final step that seals the ‘deal’, kind of so to speak. And then we can’t go back to God’s Kingdom. So you can think about it that way.

It’s really important for you to realize, or keep in mind that there are ‘two worlds’.

A lot of you talk about the twin stars; that’s basically what’s set up right now. We are being encouraged to just go into this digital virtual augmented domain. What would be the purpose?
There are many different purposes for this technology!


Again this comes from the NASA document:

*They want the demise of the US ‘underclasses’.

*They want to create wealth through invention, created out of nothing, kind of like the federal reserve.

*Stabilization of the world’s population: may sound good but that’s actually depopulation.

*Rapid technology diffusion: of course you can see that.

*Equalization of the haves and have-nots: that sounds pretty good, but if you knew that what that meant is: a handful of people will be the haves, and everybody else will be the have-nots. This is confirmed through the military, and we’ll be seeing that a little bit later.

*Altered Political/Military outlooks worldwide, which changes ‘everything’.


Magical Graphene Material

One of the things that they’re really going to use is the Magical Graphene Material. Graphene yokes, whatever it’s in, to artificial intelligence. So AI will yoke humanity, using this magical graphene material. And what is it? What does it do? What’s the danger of this that nobody ever talks about?
It is called a PNT, a Positive Navigation and Timing for precision targeting and kill system, that replaces GPS. So this kill system is based on your personal genome. If you’ve been tested, or if you get the vaccine, this kill system can hone in directly on you, and kill you! Graphene plasmonics, and devices, such as smart contact lenses, are allowing new frontiers of computing, navigation, communication, nano-sensors, and human to machine interfaces in devices by 2025.
A lot of these were 2030, but now they’ve moved up the timeline to 2025.

This system is going to require a change from 5G to 6G, fairly rapidly.

They are already putting 6G satellites. You need to understand that 5G is just very momentarily, and we’re off to 6G. It’s the only way that they can keep this system together. Don’t invest a lot in computers, because we are actually going to quantum computers: that is the next iteration.

That quantum computing is going to be an AI human.

So you are going to be interfacing with the internet through your body. You won’t need a laptop. You’re not going to need a wearable. You’re not going to need a cell phone in the future, very soon.

There are some critical timelines that you need to understand to see, how this developed.

In 1966, One Health was coined by Calvin Schwabe. It was a unified approach against Zoonoses, that uses both human and veterinary medicine. Basically it is one of the pillars that Agenda 21/2030 is designed for, and uses. Zoonoses are diseases that can be animal to animal, or animal to human, or human to animal; that’s what a zoonose is.

In 1975 there was the Asilomar 1 Conference near Monterey, California. The decision was to genetically modify all life on earth. They said that they would not be asking the people permission. So this is all being done without your permission!

In 1998 they started something called the PhyloCode. That was to change the classification of life from the traditional and historical Linnaeus system to the PhyloCode, which makes way for new life forms in the classification of life, like synthetic life forms, hybrids, aliens, demons, dinosaurs… that type of thing. So it took a little bit longer than 10 years, and it started in 1998. But guess when it went into effect… it went into effect in the year 2020, with the arrival of the Covid-19, which was the first deployment of a particle construct under the clade system. It uses a phylogenic nomenclature, using clades instead of families. And basically ‘humans are in the family of arthropods, birds, dinosaurs, and a few other things’. I don’t know about you but I’ve never considered myself a bird. I would like to fly, and someday maybe I will, but not in this body.


Furthermore, here follow some headlines only…

In 1999 there was the Society for Tropical Veterinary Medicine and Tropical Diseases, and they held a conference in Key West, Florida, for the control and prevention, in the context of the New World Order. What I just showed you from the World Economic Forum was by the Tropical Veterinary Medicine association as far as I just received it this morning in dealing with the vaccine. So they knew all along in 1999 that this was going to happen in 2005!

There are actually 4,500 pages that manage all the ‘animals’ on the planet.

And yes, in the United Nations’ view, you are an animal!

In 2010 there was the Asilomar II Conference, again held in Monterey, California.

A lot of occultic practices go on there. Basically it’s for terraforming and geoengineering the earth for new life forms. They knew that this was going to be happening, so they were going to help it along a little bit.

2016  Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine is another word for One Health, and it basically changes from traditional medicine to precision medicine, based upon your personal genome. And that kicked off in 2016.


3 Pillars of NAIS

*Everything belongs to an entity, and is issued an asset code

*All biological life is electronically identified

*24/7 surveillance


Memorandum of Understanding

The Memorandum of Understanding merged the science of veterinary medicine with the medical association. So basically you are treated as an animal! And that was their big thing: denigrating the primacy, which God gave man over the animal kingdom.

What are some of the other dangerous things that this vaccine can do to you?

One thing is that they are establishing Autonomous Robotic colonies, that are network based, and they are converging within your body, once you take the vaccine. NASA was really concerned about this proposition; they said that they were very concerned about the uncontrolled and uncontrollable, get that! Uncontrollable self-replication! Now remember when I talk about hydrogel, the first thing that happens when it gets injected into you, is: it starts to assemble. Another word for assemble is self-replication. So that’s what they’re talking about here!
They’re also talking about ‘brilliant’ robots; that’s the 33 Classes. There might be more, for one would have to keep up on this stuff on a daily basis. Brilliant robots, not just regular robots, but brilliant robots! Like artificial light they’re trying to be ‘the light’, but there is only One Light. NASA was also concerned about the Nano-Replicators; that’s replicating throughout your body, these autonomous robot colonies!

It’s almost like…

We look at science fiction movies about going to Mars, and establishing colonies on Mars. Well, just think about this within our body!
And then Rampant Recombinant Biologicals: this is rampant… We have let the genie out of the body, you know, and we can’t control.

Autonomous Robotic colonies

Basically these autonomous robotic colonies can live in very austere and hostile environments, and otherwise uninhabitable societies or landscapes. It’s scalable, so it can scale down to a single cell in your body, or it can be scaled up to a robotic colony on Mars for instance.
There’s also development in biomimicry, autonomous swarm navigation; that’s a DARPA special. They absolutely love their swarms! Those swarms are scalable, like I said; it could be like within your body, like in the 1966 movie ‘Fantastic Voyage’. It really was telling you what they were going to do; it was predictive programming! They also use it for under sea surfaces, land, water. You can look at these nanoparticles as autonomous vehicles. They can actually be light like photons, or they can use dark light. There’s quantum sensing. They have graphene battery development, so they really come with their own battery pack, or they harvest it from the environment that they are in. And like I said, these robotic colonies are unmanned civilizations, possible even within your own bloodstream! And this is what they are planning to do, when you take a vaccine!

The Holocaust was completely ‘legal’.

The annihilation of the Jews was done ‘legally’. And so you might want to ask the question: ‘Is this legal what they’re planning to do? Yes, it is legal. It is known as a Lethal Autonomous Weapon System. That’s why your ICD-10 code says that you can be stabbed with a sharp object and that it is legal, a legal and humane form of execution.


What are some of the other things that are legal in the days to come, that you’re going to see?

You really need to take a look at this:

*Microwave and Radio Frequency Anti-Functional Weaponry. What is anti-functional? It means: it disables you!

*Anti-Personnel Weaponry, which means: it can kill you!

*Chemical Anti-Functional Weaponry Chemicals, that will make you sick, to the point that you cannot be functional, either mentally or physically.

*Chemical ‘Physiological Effects’ via the Sensory Organ Weaponry; that’s legal, as in smell.


Now what is one of the things that we are being told about COVID-19?

It affects the smell! Dr. James Giordano already told us that we have been dosed with psyop chemicals. These are affecting our smell.


Chemical Personnel Incapacitation Weaponry

*Then there’s the Chemical Personnel Incapacitation Weaponry (non-warfare). It’s all war right now, the psyop war, and any of you that don’t think we’re in a psyop war, you need to see my two hour video on gaslighting.

* Acoustic Weaponry. A lot of you have tinnitus; that’s ringing in your ears, or being able to hear ‘things’… This can be accomplished with Acoustic Weaponry.

*Mechanical Micro Dust, which many of you probably know as smart dust. We’ll be going into that shortly.


LAWS: Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems

Stealth swarm robotic systems will operate at below detection thresholds by 2030. However, 2025 is more realistic. God forbid that you’ve got the vaccine. So if you have these robotic systems swarming inside your body, you go to your doctor because you’re sick. He takes a blood test, but even though you’ve got swarms of them in your body, they operate below detection threshold. So your doctor would never see these swarms! And chances are then that you’d be ushered over to get some psychological help. This robotification of biological life, including you, will all be perfectly ‘legal’.

We have humans and machines working together right now.

And if there is a situation where someone needs to be assassinated or killed, a human makes that decision. Robotics is more and more with artificial intelligence (AI), taking the human out of the kill chain, so that a kill decision can actually be made by an AI robot, or whatever! So no human has ever made that decision here.


Manifest Destiny for a New World in a new century

The technological elite transforms Manifest Destiny, emphasizing:

*The special virtues of technology, and we’re really seeing that today.

*The mission is to redeem and to remake humanity into the image of satan. We see that in the ‘twin reality’, that I talked about earlier.

*An irresistible destiny to accomplish this is essential duty: to basically remake the world into the image of satan.


Soft Robots

Soft Robots are created from the convergence of nano- and bio-technology, and allow for ‘embodied intelligence’ of synthetic life or humans.
Soft robotics can be combined with tissue engineering and synthetic biology to create bio-hybrid systems.
Bio-inspired soft robots have the potential to expedite the evolution of man into gods.

What they are going to do…

They will gut you like a fish, and fill you with robotic. Once you’re gutted, the humanity, your soul, and your spirit, and all the parts that make you human, are removed through vaccination and other processes! They will be introducing synthetic technology, like for soft robots, that will rewire and retool your body, but you will no longer be a human at that point This is why DARPA is experimenting right now in the subterranean challenge: they are perfecting their soft robotic technology.

Robotic Societies

Like I mentioned, they’re going to set up robotic societies. It’s far-reaching; they even talk about moral and ethical implications in the military, in some of the conferences that I’ve been at. These societies can repair damages, using graphene and hydrogel. And that’s what they’re going to sell you on it: ‘You’ve got arthritis, you’ve got a broken leg, you’ve got a bad spine, you’ve got a disease, whatever… we can fix it with graphene and hydrogel!’ You just have to make this ‘small, little compromise’, that you are no longer human.
We can see this technology described in Revelation, Chapter 13, of the bible. And remember, the head of the beast was wounded, and it was healed. That is hydrogel or the Quantum Dot. That is the very technology that we’re talking about.
Also, this technology will exploit and mine all biological life on the earth and in the sea, in order to harvest and mine the resources, and that includes your body! If your body contains something that the elite wants, it will be harvested, siphoned off and sold to them.
Something that you need to know is the following: the fallen angels and the Nephilim came to and were on earth to harvest earth’s resources. They were the very ones who taught mankind various aspects of technology, like how to mine in the first place: metallurgy, agriculture, how to use herbs, and a lot of different things.

Genesis 6:4  talks about the Nephilim

The Nephilim were in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God (the fallen angels) came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them; the same were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown.

What does hydrogel look like?

The alternating magnetic fields response diagram of composite hydrogels

This is composite hydrogel under an (electron) microscope, when it is exposed to an alternating magnetic field. And this is important, because our magnetosphere is collapsing, and we are exposed to many different magnetic fields, both within our environment and through this technology, that they are going to be injecting into people.

The FDA Approval of Graphene as a Biomaterial

You probably are thinking, ‘Certainly the government is going to keep us safe!’
The goal of the UN and the medical community has long desired the ability to resolve chronic disease, illness, and injury. And technology is going to make this happen, using graphene as a biomaterial. They’re also going to use it for other purposes, not just for human health. Highways are also being constructed with it, buildings are being constructed with it, cars… and I don’t think transportation, that type of thing, because then they would be able heal themselves.
The UN has had a particular interest in chronic disease, because they don’t want the burden of chronic disease to use up the precious resources of the health community.
The FDA has recently acknowledged the importance of advancing approval for tissue engineering and printing for clinical and public use.
Cellink is a company that has elevated graphene infused human cell printing. So that’s like your 3D printing! It’s for the purpose of metamorphosis, and it’s no surprise that in 2019 the rich elite who sponsor the Burning Man, had ‘metamorphosis’ as the theme of Burning Man in 2019.

I guess a question right now that you need to ask your loved ones…

and those that you know, is: ‘Will I allow myself to become a synthetic entity in order to save my life?’ And what would you do to save your life?
They are going to promise you everything, from mental, physical, and even immortality. But it’s a lie, and you are going to be no longer human! Is it worth it? Yes, you need that operation, yes, you need that medication, but is it worth it, if it changes you into a synthetic entity?
Jesus Christ came to save humans, not synthetic entities. So you really need to think about that, and pray about that, and have some very hard discussions with your loved ones about this. By allowing graphene into your body, and graphene is Quantum Dot, hydrogel, you begin a metamorphosis process from being a human, created in the divine image, with the breath of life from God, into this synthetic entity, much like a caterpillar into a cocoon… and then comes out a butterfly. However, you’re not going to be a butterfly (so to speak)!
It was not coincidental that the sponsors of Burning Man believe in the process of changing man into beast; they believe in that.

Quantum technology

You need to at least know that this is some of the technology that they are using. It involves subtle trickery, and we know who is the trickster (satan) in this world! Just read the slide here.

Quantum mechanics

Quantum mechanics offers the potential to enhance the security of communication through quantum protected Cipher keys. Cipher keys are being inscribed into the substrate of the NanoCubes in the hydrogel and the Quantum Dot. So basically you have a foundation substrate. And then using lithography, they are writing – I believe it is ownership: a seal of ownership! They may even be signing their names in it. We don’t know all the messages that they are writing into the NanoCubes. And then they are sealing it with encryption. This is a called a NanoCube. It is in the hydrogel and or Quantum Dot, injected into you, and you have taken the seal of satan. So these Cipher keys are going into the vaccines, but they are also going into medications, food, water… and they have begun to be aerosolized. So just not taking the vaccine is not going to get us out of the woods! We really need the Lord’s protection for us.

Changing the spin of the atoms and the magnetism in our body

There are two things that they were doing, when I studied the nanoparticles. They were going to change the spin of the atoms in our body, and also the magnetism. If we change the spin of the atoms and the magnetism in our body, what is that going to do to us as biological human beings? How’s that going to affect our physiology? I’m still working on it; I got this document, and had to get this information out!

Back to Quantum mechanics

Notice the last sentence in this is that these nanoparticles are put in your body for eavesdropping. You can think of it as your personal Watergate moment. They are going to eavesdrop on everything that you do. It’s going to this: they’re going to eavesdrop on, ‘are you having a glass of wine? Are you taking supplements? Are you drinking the adequate water? Are you taking medications according to prescription? Are you exercising? What type of air are you breathing? What is the quality of the air you’re breathing? What is your sugar level?’ And the list goes on and on. Conversations: I mean, you can take the battery out of your cell phone, or even go into a Faraday quick cage type situation, which I don’t advocate after doing some of this deep study, but these little babies, these nanoparticles, are communicating with their handlers, no matter what you’re doing, no matter the environment that you’re in! So the more nanoparticles that you have in there, the more information they are conveying to the handlers.

Quantum computers

The practical application of this mind-bending version of reality is most obvious in quantum computers. While digital computers store data as bits, the ones and zeroes of binary.

Quantum repeater

Another thing that’s being established is a quantum repeater. Companies will produce a single photon quantum repeater, prototype by 2022. That is really only a year away! A quantum repeater is a device that can extend the range of quantum communication between the sender and the receiver. That means that in the prototypes, probably for next year within your body, if you get a vaccine, your body will literally become a quantum repeater, sending and receiving messages to the governmental handlers.
So you need to ask, is hydrogel and the Quantum Dot in the Covid vaccine a component of the quantum repeater, designed to communicate directly with the quantum computer?
Time will tell. And I would say, after seeing this recent information come in, that the answer is Yes, you actually become a quantum repeater, much like the Ham repeaters out there, if you’re familiar with those.
The next iteration of the internet is going to be the Quantum internet, and it is made possible by the Quantum Initiative Act.

Alternative to GPS available for the Navigation and Telecommunications

So it’s not only a kill system, it’s also a system for navigation and telecommunications. The bottom line of this is that the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and DARPA – that’s the Black Military Operation – are changing Atomic Clocks, the time and frequency division. It restructures time!
I’m going to let you look at that for a moment… this is what will literally change time in the future. The atomic clocks of the world are going to be changing to an optical frequency.


It’s the idea that we can create devices and machines all the way down to the nanometer scale, which is a billionth of a meter, about half the width of a human DNA molecule.

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology involve the ability to see and control individual atoms and molecules. That would be possible in anything, but we are specifically trying to think about what’s going to happen in our body, if we took the vaccine. Nanotechnology provides the glue. You need to understand the glue at the atomic level for the convergence of an almost infinite number of technological advances. So basically every god is the glue right now, that holds your body together in a particular and unique way, with certain barriers and protections. However, when you take the vaccine, then that nanotechnology becomes the glue, and it ousts God!
A lot of people ask what is the size? I just want to give you here some perspective of the sizes that we’re talking about…

Plasmonics, and how that plays a factor with the vaccine

‘What in the world is she talking about?’ I guess the most important thing that I want you to see out of this: this is called the Golden Gate Bridge (see image presentation again). Plasmonics contains the Golden Gate Bridge. You need to understand that the Golden Gate Bridge was very occultically named. The Egyptians, Freemasons, and occultists speak of ancient philosophers, who regarded the soul of man having its origin in Heaven.
The Gate of God was known and referred to as the Golden Gate. The Greek writer Macrobius called these Gates of God, which is the worship of Baal: Gates on the elliptic, through which the souls ascend and descend to heaven, the Gates of the Sun…


In Egyptology the goddess of the Milky Way was ‘Bat’. One of the animals that they used in this construct was a bat. So it wasn’t by accident. I’m repeating that nor is it accident that the researchers and scientists are calling upon the sweet influences of planetary and cosmological alignments, in order to potentiate and amplify the vaccine, that will change mankind from a human to a synthetic entity.

Cyronegic vaccine

The majority of this information I got just last December by Homeland Security and DARPA presentation.
Graphene (hydrogel or Quantum Dot) electrical conductivity and thermal stability, coupled with the creation of a two-qubit logic Golden Gate, makes it highly likely that the cryogenic and vacuum limitations of quantum computing will be solved by 2025.
Graphene plasmonics – that is our Golden Gate Bridge, – we should remember that graphene plasmonics is occultic!
Think about that this vaccine needs to be kept at cryogenic temperatures. You’re talking like minus 70 to over minus 100 degrees! And the golden gate of graphene is eventually going to solve that problem. How is that going to happen?

GMO patented humans?

It’s going to happen this way. You’ve heard of GMOs, and you’ve heard of patenting of humans, but I bet you’ve never heard of being GMO-ed and patented, and your genes being fused together with these little Water Bears (Tardigrades). So that’s how they’re gonna make it happen. And we are going to talk about that.

human cells fused with tardigrade genes

Human cells fused with Tardigrade genes

So as you can see, human cells are being fused with Tardigrade genes. Instead of making the vaccine stable in a normal temperature, like perhaps 65 or 70 degrees Fahrenheit, they instead decided to genetically modify the humans with Tardigrade cells. Tardigrades can live in very hot climates or in these super frigid climates. And part of this is so they can get these super cold vaccines into you without damaging you!
Also, if you know they say they’re going to Mars, and they’re reaching to the stars and all this, why not just GMO humans with tardigrade? And then you can live on Mars, or you could live on some, you know, Alpha Centauri or the Dog Star, or wherever you wanted to live. Anyway, you just need to be aware of that. I just learned this in December from Homeland Security and DARPA, and I do have the evidence (see video).

Overcoming the thermal barrier

This tardigrade is going to be put in that fatty lipid, along with the hydrogel and the edited messenger mRNA. So here we go… Now you know what they’re trying to do: overcome the thermal barrier using the tardigrades.

Disordered proteins

Tardigrades have these disordered proteins to survive desiccation. They really even thrive in enriched desiccation. I found that really interesting, because geoengineering, – those trails up in the sky – have desiccation particulates in them. And I have noticed a hyper hydrophobic soil lately; that’s why all the natural microbes in the soil are dying. They’ve been desiccated!
Not only do these tardigrades survive super-hot or -cold, but they can also be dehydrated and then resurrect.
They can also use something called the ‘resurrection plant’.
In the dictionary disorder is a problem or illness, which affects somebody’s mind or body. And you have to keep that in mind, because they’re going to be injecting disordered proteins into your body, into this fatty lipid in the vaccine.


The process that they’re talking about is Biostasis. That was the name of the conference that I went to. Basically it is a program to extend time for life-saving medical treatment, often referred to as ‘the golden hour’.
They’re talking about survivability, that’s biological survivability, but spiritual survivability not.

You know that there is an occultic side, and the elite really is passionate about the word ‘golden’.

From the writings we are now entering the second Golden Age…


There are some terms that you want to know; one is cryptobiosis. You can read that…


and two, hydrobiosis. This is coming from the Greek for ‘life without water’.
Now you think about this. They’re telling us that our water is in short supply. So not only do we have this desiccation material particulates, coming from the sky, we are also not going to be given water! And so that’s another reason to merge our genes, and make a hybrid between us and those little water bears, the tardigrades. This isn’t new. Back in 2004 they were actually applying this to vaccines!
Here’s the tardigrades where they’re going to GMO you with tardigrades disordered proteins, in order to stabilize cell function against freezing and desiccation stress, that they’re giving you through vaccination and geo-engineering.

Here’s another one that you need to be aware of.

This is a DARPA project, and Phase 1 has been completed, and Phase 2 has been completed. So we are at Phase 3, and that would be for the next 12 months and the 18 months. What that means is that the human trials are beginning with this vaccine. And that leaves us 3.5 years, which has biblical significance.

You can inject, ingest, or inhale the delivery package

With this particular nanotechnology they have this particular unnatural color, these vibrant colors. And almost anything that you see, whether it’s food, or a flat screen tv: the color does not seem normal, it’s abnormally bright or saturated. This usually means that there’s Quantum Dot in it. Not so much hydrogel, but Quantum Dot.
Now we basically have entered human trials.

Some sensor ‘swarms’

You’ve heard me talk about the nanotag, placed on everything; they are everywhere! They are for identification and status information. You need to know that. They float in the air, they are combined with sensors, communications, and they have their own power supply. And yes, they can be on insects too.

Smart Dust

The FDA is going to approve internal human smart dust monitoring devices, signalling mass  commercialization over the next eight years.
Penn State’s College of Earth and Mineral Science defines smart dust as ‘tiny computers that are designed to function together as a wireless sensor network’. In other words: you are your own cell phone or mobile device!

NASA: Nanoparticles could be explosive

Now back at the beginning I mentioned that these nanoparticles could be explosive. I’m showing you proof. NASA considers them explosive and that they have explosive potential.

NASA: Micro Dust Weaponry

Mechanized Dust which is distributed as an aerosol, and inhaled into the lungs.
Dust mechanically bores into the lung tissue, and executes very various pathological missions: a wholly new class of weaponry which is legal.

Smart Dust Data gathering

Smart dust is really gathering a lot of information about you and your environment, and this bottom bullet is really important to realize. Once smart dust is distributed, or ubiquitous into the environment, it is essentially impossible to recover. And once it’s in your body, you cannot get it out! That’s kind of like how fast is technology emerging! It’s emerging very fast in the neurosciences.


Neurotechnology is defined as an assembly of methods and instruments that enable a direct communication of technical components within your nervous system. These technical components are electrodes, computers, or intelligent prostheses. Neural signals are translated into electrical inputs for brain computer interface (BCIs). So this is the linkage between you when you take the vaccine, when you take hydrogel or Quantum Dot. It links your brain with the Quantum computer! It is an intelligent prosthesis.

DARPA & Neuroscience

DARPA was awarded research funding to six commercial and academic organizations as part of the Next-Generation Nonsurgical Neurotechnology, or the N3 Program in 2018. The project is rooted in applications for active cyber-defense of networks and controlling of the drone swarms, and that includes the drone swarms that would be deployed into your body, either using Quantum Dot, hydrogel or Smart dust.

The ‘rewards’ for biotechnology are tremendous!

It would solve disease, eliminate poverty, age gracefully… it sounds much cooler than Facebook, but it’s all a lie!


Note: Covid-19 was designed to be fingerprintless, and so are many other different things.


Moving science fiction to reality

*DARPA controlled cyborg insects

*Designer babies to resist HIV, implanted into us by the vaccine

*Inserting human DNA into primates, making it a ‘real Planet of the Apes’

*Non-traditional medicines

*Novel vaccines, such as we’re seeing with the deployment of this Covid-19 vaccine


Gene drive pesticides to eradicate invasive species (Humans)

A gene drive is a pesticide. Yes, that gene drive that’s put in that lipid that they are saying is natural, is actually a pesticide to eradicate an invasive species. And yes, my friends, you are in the terms of the United Nations an invasive species.
Widespread gene drive is likely to be fielded for the control of pestilence species by 2025. And I would say it’s starting now.

Daisy Drive

They’re going to use something called the daisy drive to do that! The daisy drive gene editing is known as a pesticide. You need to understand that, and you need to educate your friends and family about that.

NASA: Biological Warfare (BW)

BW is Biological warfare, and you can see how we really are at war. And the ‘Then Year’ in this NASA document is 2020… (see image presentation)

As far as this Coronavirus – that’s why I showed you the World Economic Forum, –  they’re going to fight to the death to get it into all of us!

Remember the ‘Then Year’ 2020… Connectivity is key, for you’re going to have connectivity by the military, you’re going to have ubiquitous commercial overhead, and you’re going to have scientific systems overhead. So all of these are going to be tracking you in real time!

Enabled Ultra-High Speed Autonomous Vehicles

We’re looking toward the sixth generation (6G) wireless technology that’s scalable to autonomous vehicles, that are within your body to outer space. So it’s scalable, it’s hypersonic, it moves at the speed of light, and it’s autonomous AI connected, which means there is no human in the loop. And this is the name of it: it’s 3GPP, The 3rd Generation Partnership Project. If you want to look that up, do your own research. It’s basically the 6G quantum computing!

Jumping from 5G to 6G

So 5G is just a stepping stone to 6G. And 6G will likely change how the world views the internet, wireless networks, and proximity. And this is interesting, it will act using collaborative AI in a symbiotic relationship. So AI will have a symbiotic relationship if you take the vaccine in your body with you! I don’t think that’s very symbiotic.

Satellites & Lasers

Like I mentioned, there are satellites and lasers. It’s at the point that they get the 6G system in that lethal autonomous weapon system. They’ve got the capability of taking you out now, but then it’s really going to be easy and feasible to just laser you out! They are tuneable, and these lasers can be in different forms; unlike right now, they can be gas, liquid, or solid state.
Look at this image about robots for a few minutes…

Robotics and soft robots

So robots and the field of robotics refers to the development of machines, capable of carrying out tasks without a human operator. Robotics is influenced by the developments in autonomous AI, IT, nanotechnology, biomimicry, and advanced material design and fabrication.

Here’s one of the soft robots that squish around…

So by replacing a hard physical, like you, your physical body, with fluids, shape memory alloys, electroactive polymers, or stimuli-responsive materials, it is possible to add in ‘design and control strategies, focused on the ability to have safe physical human robot interactions’, which basically means that you become the soft robot, and you are re-tooled and rewired inside of your body.

3D Printing of Soft Robots

They also look forward to a time when soft robots are 3D printed, and they are magnetically actuated. They want to make a robotic human, that would be able to walk itself away from the printer when it’s done. And this would make it easier to print more synthetic human robotic containers faster. If you think it’s not possible? This is from These are bio-inspired robots, or synthetic humans, and they are going to be widely available by 2027. I would say, they’re probably widely available right now!

Biological Robotic Snakes

Demonic spirits and entities desire and seek physical habitation, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and DARPA are experimenting with undulating bio-inspired robots, that are called snake bots that match the capabilities of their biological human counterparts, and will be widely available by 2027. This is why I believe that part of the snake genome will be added to the final iterations of this biological robotic construct. They are serpentine, and they can hunt in various domains.

An assembly of a thousand-robot swarm

a thousand-robot swarm

You can look this up. This image also gives you an idea of what the nanoparticles are doing in your body. It’s interesting that the robotic swarms are more than the sum of the parts. It is highly likely that soon small, cost-effective, and mostly autonomous multi-robot cooperative systems, known as swarms, will come together in a way that the whole will be equal more than the sum of the parts. That’s the synergistic part, and it’s also the basic of global fascism: the Beast-system or New World Order.

Old Humans vs New Humans

Why did they move up the timeline? That’s because they need to get rid of all of the old humans, – those are humans created by God – by 2025. That way they will be bringing on the new humans. What is a new human?
A new human is a human that was created in a laboratory, is augmented enhanced and one with artificial intelligence. It has no soul and it has no spirit; it is not eligible for salvation. And these new humans are in process right now, as the old humans get depopulated and the new human is going to be a ‘digital native’.

New Humans born in Tech by 2025

Old humans had to learn and adapt to this technology, while the new humans will be born through and in technology.

Information Assimilators vs Information Gatherers

It’s important to know that these new humans will be information assimilators, where old humans were information gatherers. Through AI-enabled virtual entities, new humans will carry targeted, predictive, and continuous learning assistance with them; that’s those AI assistance that we talked about in the beginning. They will observe, listen, and process everything of relevance to the learner, and then deliver them information as is necessary. So it’s not going to be like you get free reign of the internet anymore! They will have what is specific information for them, and not go out like we do now for information.


NASA: What does the future look like?

It will be war against all biological life; that’s what we’re up against:

*Information warfare, and Information operations are at the top of the list

*PSYWAR ‘in the large’; that’s all of us humans globally

*Anti-Functionals; they’re going to try and take out what it means to be human, through microwaves, chemicals, biologicals, nanoparticles

*Anti-personnel MW/RF, and Micro-Mechanical


I want you to pay attention to NASA’s second bullet point in this slide:

The capture and torture of Americans in living color on prime time television!


NASA: What 2025 will look like

*Machines as creative/smart as humans; actually there’s not going to be many humans left in 2025, just a remnant. Robotics are the norm!

*Zeroth order ‘warstopper’; it’s gonna be Binary Bio into the nation’s agriculture and food distribution center, in every home and every foxhole: they are going to have binary bio weapons in there, which are the nano kind of weapons.

*It’s going to be ubiquitous: everything is going to be censored and has weapon swarms in it.


So how do you handle the information that I just presented…

‘It’s too hard, it’s in the too hard box, I don’t want to think about it, it’s not being done yet by anyone; therefore it will not be done, they would not do that, we have to hope that they would not do that, why go there, we can’t do anything to defend against it…’ And that I would disagree.

You have some major choices to make.

Say No to these emerging technologies and societal upheaval demands.
Share information about the virus and vaccine as much as you can!



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