Proof that Donald Trump is initiated into Freemasonry and remains loyal to the fraternity

I’d like to share the following encouraging and confirming information with you. Many have been duped by Trump and his phony heart. 


Dearest Marion,

‘Thank you so much for your email. I’m immensely grateful that you have taken my painstaking presentation and sustained it with more life on your wonderful website. I’m so very impressed with it, especially in the area of Donald Trump, as Freemasonry has duped so many by him. Your further insight that you share with others on your site is truly great. I’m so pleased to know that you are sharing this world with me and fighting the good fight in Jesus’ mighty Name.

In case you or your viewers need more evidence of his phony heart, I would like to share with you some things that maybe you want to in turn pass on to another…

Donald has most certainly been initiated into Freemasonry

He remains loyal to the fraternity.

How to tell…

There are two telling ways to confidently speculate on who is pretending to be, and who is in fact being a ‘hero’ of the people. You see, it’s easy for Donald to publicly speak of ‘dark forces’, ‘Satanists’, ‘the elite’, ‘globalists’, and ‘paedophiles’, etc., but what about mentioning the ‘Masonic Lodge’, of which we can actually locate, and within which the actual brain of this evil machine resides?
No, Donald Trump will never do that. And the reason he won’t is because…

Donald Trump is a part of the brotherhood of Freemasonry

The other way to tell if they are real hero’s or supplied ones is to see whether or not they lead you into the arms of the supernatural Gospels, or do they just superficially mention ‘God’ and the ‘Bible’ as ‘believers’. Well, Donald has been sold to us as a ‘Christian’, but let’s take a closer look.


Proof that Donald Trump is not a Christian

‘Have you ever asked God for forgiveness?’

While Trump was still President, he was once asked by a Christian interviewer, “Have you ever asked God for forgiveness?”
His answer was basically “No”.
Now you tell me: what kind of a disciple of Jesus Christ has never asked Him for forgiveness? Well, I can tell you what type: a Masonic type.

A pure gold toilet seat

The second giveaway about Donald is somewhat different, but still very relevant. In the bathroom of his New York penthouse, Donald has a toilet seat made of pure gold. A pure gold toilet seat… for his bottom, while 30,000 children die from hunger per day. If we are being brutally honest, any humble Christian, living in humility, would absolutely shudder at such a thought.

Donald Trump is not a Christian - his luxury and penthouse exposed


‘Order out of Chaos’

The façade is the undetectable tactic of their ‘Order out of Chaos’ method. At an inauguration luncheon, Donald Trump even made the guests stand up and give a round of applause to Bill and Hillary Clinton, and said that he was “very, very honoured” to have them in the room. And then said that he “has a lot of respect for those two”, yet only recently before that he was telling the nation in a public debate against Hillary that she is a criminal, and that if he becomes President he’s going to put her in jail, remember?

Did Trump put Hillary Clinton in jail?

No, instead, he was “honoured” to have her attend the inauguration luncheon, and told everyone that he has “a lot of respect” for her. Do you see the theatre? 

Political Freemasonry = where two sides are formed in opposition to each other…

and the centre grows by mediating those differences. I am so proud of you for not being drawn into the left or right wings belonging to the same bird, or one of the two heads of the double-headed eagle, both of which feed the same Masonic belly.


Trump threatens to put Clinton in jail if he becomes president  [before presidency]

Or watch the video here.


Trump Full Speech at Inaugural Luncheon: ‘Honored’ by Hillary Clinton’s Attendance  [after presidency]

Or watch the video here.

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Why Trump ordered the re-erection of the statue of Albert Pike

What about how Donald personally ordered the re-erection of the statue of Albert Pike, after it was vandalized by some actual Christians and patriots? This is the same 33rd degree-Albert Pike featured in my video who wrote that ‘Lucifer is light’, and longs for the death of Christianity, and the establishment of a New World Order! This same Pike is the one who constructed the actual 33 degrees of the Masonic rituals during the 1800s. Donald should have left his statue overturned, after all, Albert Pike was a confederate soldier who fought for the upholding of the institution of slavery and a Luciferian Freemason.

Trump 'personally ordered the statue of Confederate soldier Albert Pike to be put back up' in DC after it was torn down by protesters on Juneteenth


Trump: ‘Christianity and the Gospels are Anti-Semitic’

Lastly, and most disturbingly, on December 11, 2019, Donald Trump issued an executive order, containing the allegation that Christianity and the Gospels are Anti-Semitic. Here is an example, referring to the Christian Cross (this has not been passed into law yet, but it will be; you can count on it). The full text of the ‘IHRA Working Definition Of Anti-Semitism’ is available online.

IHRA Working Definition Of Anti-Semitism - part

-> ‘Using the symbols and images associated with classic antisemitism (e.g., claims of Jews killing Jesus or blood libel) to characterize Israel or Israelis.’ <-


Do you see what the ‘Christian’ Donald is getting away with, and in fact helping prepare for?

There is only one weapon we have which the enemy does not possess. It’s not prophets, ministries, pray, church, or sacred writings… The enemy has all these weapons at their disposal too. But the only one they do not have access to… is holiness.
Jesus said, “If you love Me, keep My commandments”. Every command relates to holiness. And that is the main reason that God is hated; because He is so Holy.

Please try to trust the Gospels [Scriptures] when they say that ‘Satan deceives the whole world’.’


I, Marion, found one of the many Bible verses for you about Satan being a deceiver and a liar:

And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceives the whole world…  Revelation 12:9a


‘Well Marion. Thank you again for reaching out and fighting the good fight with me.’

GodLove, and JesusWins


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