using UV light in order to scan you - two hands
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Mijn droom over het Merkteken of de voorloper van het Merkteken van het Beest

Een profetische droom, die werd gegeven toen de pandemie nog maar net begonnen was…

Ze heeft het niet eerder willen delen, omdat het zo’n controversiële kwestie is.
Zelf was zij slechts toeschouwer; ze vertelt u precies hoe ze de dingen zag in de droom:

‘Dit is een droom, die ik rond mei 2020 had gekregen. Ik zeg geenszins dat het Covid vaccin het merkteken van het beest is. Ik documenteer alleen een droom over wat mij werd getoond, toen deze pandemie begon. Ga alsjeblieft naar het woord van God, en oordeel zelf. Dit is wat ik wil zeggen: de belangrijkste boodschap is dat we volledig op Jezus moeten vertrouwen, niet op een persoon, ook niet op mij, maar op Jezus voor leiding en richting. Gods zegen!’


My dream of the Mark

Of bekijk de video hier.

Translation => Options (gear wheel) > Subtitles > Automatic translation > Choose your language 


Ook ikzelf ben er nog niet 100 procent van overtuigd, dat dit het merkteken van het beest is, maar dat het ermee verbonden zal zijn, of er op de een of andere manier in zal veranderen, of een voorloper van het merkteken is. Ik adviseer mensen om het absoluut niet te krijgen of te nemen, wat het je ook mag kosten! Zelfs geen Coronatest met nanovezels in het wattenstokje.

Onderstaande bemoedigende opmerkingen kunt u zelf in de Google Translator stoppen, of op een andere manier vertalen. Eén van de manieren is deze: klik ergens op een pagina met de rechtermuisknop > kies: ‘Vertalen in het Nederlands’. Succes 😊


Some comments:

Great video. God is really using your because you are selfless in nature. God gives you these dreams because he knows you aren’t going to turn around and use them for your benefit, but simply to share the message he has given you.

My daughter had 2 dreams recently, one in the last couple months. In one dream she was literally being chased by “people” in white lab coats screaming “THERE SHE IS, GET HER,” and she said they were chasing after her, pointing at her and screaming “SHE NEEDS THE V.A.-C-C*I.N*E!!!” Then in another dream she said she was standing near a pond with her friend when “people” in PPE saw them and stood across the pond from them, and one of them had a small handheld technological device, like a zapping device that resembled a scanner. She had a knowing of the name of the device and it was called The Storm. Well one of them in the PPE zapped her friend with the device (from a distance) and she fell out on the ground.
I hope that everyone heeds the warnings that have gone forth and I pray that everyone has their own personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This is it. The Life is in the blood. You change your blood, you change your image. We were created by the eternal Living God. We are made in His image. DO NOT GIVE IN. ABIDE IN CHRIST. HE IS WITH US UNTIL THE END OF THE AGE. THIS IS THE TEST. MAY THE LORD BLESS AND KEEP US ALL. 🛡⚔📖💒🔜👑

Just saw a Vid about the purple/black lights being installed in a city somewhere lately. I’ve seen people showing their veins w/a light after the shot.

Thanks for sharing sister, good to see nurses that are Born again and Spirit filled and know the truth about the Gov. pushing of the Vaxx; the NWO reset is their goal. God bless you and family and kitty too! 🙏🙌😇

The crescent moon and the “sun” w rays around are both symbols of ancient Babylon, and these guys are 100% into that ancient religion… basically paganism, satanism. So both marks makes sense. Also the WEF crescent also mimics the Dec 4 eclipse moon that most logos have. I’m pretty sure that date is significant to them.

As soon as I saw a man hold up a black light to his V site, and his hand and his vein in his hand glowed, I knew this would be the way they check to see who has the mark. They may even put it in a camera that views you upon entering a place or simply at a stop light since they all have camera’s now to see if you have been V’d or not. I knew this is the way they will check to see if you had the MOTB and if you didn’t you will not be allowed to buy or sell.

Your body is the Temple of the Lord. Do not contaminate it, keep it holy. He bought it with the price of his sacrifice.

Sis…..🤯😳 people ARE using this uv light, and their veins are lighting up. There are several videos in circulation, but keep getting removed. Uv street lights are popping up in cities.

Someone else just mentioned to me after I posted this! I had no idea that’s what was being used to see if you had the V 😳🤯 thank you Jesus I have received so many confirmations this is another one so thank you for sharing.

Thank you! I actually have it on my telegram. Well, one of them. The gentleman is using a small “black” light (uv). And people are videotaping and questioning why all these street lights are uv. I live in Florida and noticed while driving eastbound on I4 that the lights were uv. I would link my telegram here but my comment would just get deleted. Some are actually recording themselves scanning the area and a “connection” of some sort occurs. Yes. Father is confirming your dreams. So surreal. Shalom sweet sister 💕 🙏🏽🌾

Rfid chip, made at 666 5th Avenue, NYC. Owned by J. KUSHNER, also Trump45 stepson.

I heard that Google and YouTube and going to forbid any prayer for healing on their sites. They are saying it is practicing medicine, or something to the like. If you pray on their site, they will remove your account. Any confirmation or additional info on this?

Best not to give blood.

I just wanted to do something selfless with the spare time I had today 🙁 clearly the Lord put a stop to it and didn’t want me to do it because a friend prayed and asked to stop it if I wasn’t suppose to and I should have prayed on it myself before making that decision.

I am not God so I cannot say 100% either way. I’m just simply relating the message as a messenger to what I was shown and advising to Err on the side of caution and not allow anything to enter your body, your temple.


Interesting note: COVID spelled backwards = DIVOC

DIVOC is an open source project created in India to help rapid rollout of digital credentials for vaccination programs, manage core registries to support vaccination credentialing, and optionally collect post vaccination feedback from citizens.

Divoc is also a term derived from the Hebrew word ‘dybbuk’, which is an evil spirit capable of possessing other creatures, and it’s believed to be the suffering soul of the dead. The dybbuk is the soul of an evil person who’s soul wants to evade the punishment and tries to stay on this dimension by possessing another body.

Divoc implies in Latin… separate, divide/disturb, partition, tear away/open/separated, destroy/in two.



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