Horrific images of new-born babies with one eye and tails, deformed by ‘vaccines’

Turkish TV channel Beyaz was at a press conference showing photos of babies born horribly disfigured after their mothers were injected with the Covid ‘vaccines’ from Pfizer and Moderna.

This cutting-edge information will also be translated into Dutch:

‘Erbakan: Children with one eye and tails were born!’

The chairman of the Turkish Welfare Party, Fatih Erbakan, was in front of the cameras in Ankara. There were doctors, a clinical psychologist, a neurosurgeon, and chest diseases specialist, Professor Dr. Serhat Fındık, was there supporting him:


Horrific images of new-born babies with one eye and tails, deformed by ‘vaccines’

Of bekijk de video hier.


English transcript headlines:

Yes, dear viewers, Fatih Erbakan, the chairman of the Turkish Welfare Party, who did not have the Coronavirus vaccine, stood in front of the cameras with three doctors next to him, and showed some photos…

He showed a photo of a gene changer. He said, “It’s not a vaccine, it’s a gene expander. As you can see here, a baby with a tail was born because of a genetic defect. Children have been born with one eye and one tail…”

Photos of children are shown with multiple arms and legs, or with one eye, or with a completely affected body covered in hair: an animal skin. Erbakan: “This is actually not a vaccine; this is scientifically called a gene therapy, or a gene changer!”

He shows a photo… “Here you see a baby born with a tail, a genetic defect. Here is a baby with the skin of an animal. Here is a baby with four legs and three arms. Scientifically this is called gene therapy.”

“So this technology can also be used therapeutically, but it can cause a different structure and causes mutations, like babies with tails, with four legs and three arms. It’s a weapon that can be used!”

Reminding that there is a foreign substance in the modern vaccines of the Ministry of Health of Japan, Erbakan argued that the same substance is also found in the biotech vaccines.

Fatih Erbakan said, “I’m ready to discuss this with scientists. Let’s come up with these data in the presence of our 83 million people. Let those who oppose come take it and get it. We have documents and proofs available.”


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