Doctor: Marburg, AIDS, Ebola in vaxx, intentional infection underway (transcript)

These vaccines encode your cells with Ebola and Marburg spike proteins. They are deleting genes that are responsible for DNA repair in humans forever.

So they are deleting genes and they are deleting people’s intelligence!
But that’s not all…

Dr. Ariyana Love describes her latest discoveries in more detail.

‘They are deliberately paving the way for the next ‘pandemic’, which will be far deadlier.’

Is there Ebola and Marburg in these injections?
She tells the viewers that graphene oxide is included as a way to deliver nanotechnology into the blood of the vaccinated, as well as components of Ebola and Marburg:



Transcript headlines:

‘Doctor Ariyana Love is a naturopathic Doctor from Finland.
She sent us a file last night with a whole bunch of material that is so far-reaching that it’s difficult to summarize here.

There is new research out of Spain supporting the idea that at least some batches of the Coronavirus vaccine have graphene oxide in them, despite the medical establishment repeatedly claiming otherwise. Now Dr. Ariyana Love says that graphene oxide is what is to blame for the flu-like symptoms of ‘Covid-19’, and she says that graphene oxide is included as a way to deliver nanotechnology into our blood. But listen to this, she says that Johnson & Johnson’s vaccines trigger mass sterility, and include components of Ebola and the Marburg virus. In Dr. Love’s words, they aren’t simply pretending to fight this ‘pandemic’; they are deliberately paving the way for the next one, which will be far deadlier.

It’s all quite a lot to take in, so we have Dr. Ariyana Love here to describe her discoveries in more detail… Did I get that right? Is there Ebola virus in these shots?

Yes, they are using Ebola and Marburg. There was a shocking discovery from Stockholm University: they did a scientific study that revealed that the spike proteins are penetrating the cells of the vaccinated person, reaching the cell nuclei, and disabling the cells’ ability to repair DNA. And this is huge! This is by no accident though. These Covid vaccines are deleting genes that are responsible for DNA repair forever in humans! The United States patent US20140017278A1 is the Adenovirus 26 and 35 Filovirus.

These vaccines encode your cells with Ebola and Marburg spike proteins! This is in the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. So these vaccines are deleting the E1, E3 and E4 genes, and it’s mentioned in the patents! So through my research, I found that the deletion of these genes induces AIDS. It causes blood coagulation, thrombosis, and blood clotting.

So Johnson & Johnson is using the Adenovirus 26 vector, which deletes the E1 gene in humans, also known as chromosome X, the human X chromosome. The E1 gene is required for the repair of damaged DNA. Without it, your cells will literally self-suicide, and that is AIDS. They are inducing AIDS. They are deleting the E1 gene, causing embryonic lethality; that means permanent sterility! It causes a lack of oxygen in the blood, as well which leads to rapid cancer growth. So we can expect that! People who take this vaccine will have a life of chronic illness, neurological dysfunction, chronic infections, and disabilities, and anything that has to do with the nervous system dysfunction.

Then there is another patent, patent US1069417, which is the human Adenovirus 5 vector. It contains the E1 and E2b gene deletion, and that’s in the patents. So this is used by Sinovac and maybe other vaccines. I have to research it deeper, but it encodes the cells with the Ebola spike protein. And according to the animal studies, the deletion of the E2b gene causes sterility in males.

The Adenovirus 5 vector enters and targets the bronchial epithelial cells, which is the longs, deleting the E3 and E4 genes in order to intentionally create long-term autoimmunity, which is AIDS.

The deletion of the E3 gene degenerates the brain; it induces dementia, it causes gradual loss of memory and judgment, and the ability to function, which is also known as PRION.

Marburg and Ebola are both made with the E. coli bacteria. And what they are doing is, they are – it is so disgusting – they are using funguses and other bacterial plasmids. What they are doing is, they are genetically modifying a chimpanzee with human. They are making cross-clone species. Then they take the decay… I don’t know exactly, they infect it with something, make it sick, and then they take the decaying and rotting flesh tissue from this monstrosity. And it’s a hodgepodge of these things. There are no viruses whatsoever; they just call it that, as a diversion in order to divert our attention from the reality, namely, that this is made with bacteria, and especially E. coli, which is deadly to 36 percent of the people who are exposed to it!

So they are deleting genes! They are deleting people’s intelligence! They are deleting our own body’s defense to repair itself! Also, the deletion of these genes: it affects the moisture-producing glands of your body, which leads to coagulation and blood clotting. This is how they are doing it; it’s from gene deletion! It also alters the cell signaling pathways, and of course, it suppresses the immune system, and then people will have chronic respiratory and Covid-like symptoms.

These losses of these genes also induce Epstein-Barr, which is the number one listed side effect of vaccine injury in children.

So big pharma is claiming, openly and publicly – these biotech firms are saying that they are immunizing against Ebola; that’s in the patents. They are immunizing against Marburg. But what they are doing is, they are infecting people, they are transfecting people’s cells, so that their own cells will continuously reproduce this deadly pathogen, and make them contagious to others!

If this is in the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, is there any reason to believe that it’s not in the Moderna or in the Pfizer?

Exactly. I mean, I’m going to keep researching this, however, they are using the same based plasmids like E. coli in all of these vaccines. There is no virus in any of them, in what I have researched. So they are not immunizing against anything. This is the big lie. They are producing infection, and they are making people contagious to each other.

Also, the US government has been testing this technology since the 1950s. They have been using the Adenovirus 4, 5, and 7 vectors since 1950, and testing it on US military troops. It has an HIV encoding envelope, which is Clade C. 1086. That is nanotechnology! This is nothing new under the sun. I don’t know where they got the technology from, but it’s been going on for a long time.

Do you know of the actual effective way to treat Marburg, this bacteria? Is that true, is an anti-parasitic the way to treat this?

So anything that kills parasites, and of course Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.’


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