Doctor: Hydras and parasites in vaxx, transfecting humans into new species (Transcript included)

This doctor talks about a combination of the most deadly gain of function bioweapons ever created: SARS, MERS, HIV-133, and SRV-1, which induces AIDS, and more.

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Some of the stuff people are saying about the vaccines still seems pretty weird. Stew had a few guests on lately who say that the vaccine includes hydras, and that these animals are there for a nefarious biological purpose.

These organisms are being made in Kiev, through Anthony Fauci’s NIH and DARPA.
Israel is collecting the DNA, one claims here, and owns many of the patents that are going to end humanity. Please examine yourself and keep the good.


A method of gene transfer using infection of a cell with nucleic acid (as from a retrovirus) resulting in subsequent viral replication in the transfected cell. Introduction of a segment of DNA or RNA into a eukaryotic cell by means of one of a variety of physical or chemical methods or through viral infection.

Dr. Ariyana Love joined Stew Peters, and made the case that the COVID ‘vaccines’ contain hydras and parasites, and that they are being used to transfect humans into a new species. These vaccines are a biological attack, transfecting and repurposing humans:


Doctor: Hydras and Parasites in Vaxx, Transfecting Humans Into New Species


Headlines transcript:

Stew Peters: Ariyana Love is a holistic doctor from Finland. She sent us an email, saying that hydras and parasites absolutely are in the vaccine, and that they are being used to turn humans into ‘a new hybrid species’. Dr. Love joins us now; we really appreciate you being here. So hydras are freshwater animals. The first question I would ask is, how are they able to survive in storage temperatures of 70 degrees below 0 Fahrenheit?

Dr. Ariyana Love: Thank you for having me. I’m not really sure how they are able to survive in lower degree temperatures, but I do know that they are first genetically modified in a lab, in the University of Kiev. And they are transfected. So these are not natural organisms anymore.

Stew Peters: How did you find that these are being genetically modified from that specific lab? People are going to say, “Where is your proof? Do you have any receipts of that?”

Dr. Ariyana Love: Well, I read through about 30 peer-reviewed scientific journals, and also the gain of function and loss of function. I researched the reports that were funded by the NIH’s Anthony Fauci, and partly by DARPA.

Stew Peters: Okay, so these are open-source documents that people can go and find. Can you send them to me, so that I can post them at Stew Peters.TV (I haven’t found it yet?! Please let me know if you found it) for people, to go look for themselves? We want people to know the truth about these things, no matter how nefarious, no matter how cynical, no matter how dangerous it is. That’s kind of the whole purpose of this platform, it’s to make sure that people have some sort of informed consent because they are not getting it at the pharmacy. They are not getting it at the school when the janitor injects the children, offering suckers and popsicles as a reward for taking this inoculation. So we want to make sure. Can you provide that documentation to us?

Dr. Ariyana Love: Absolutely, yes! It’s open-source; it’s just hard for people to understand it because it’s written in medical terms and in codes. And you have to translate a lot of it, if you want to get a cohesive picture.

Stew Peters: Well, we are here to break down that code, and that’s why we are happy to have you. How do you suppose that a freshwater organism is surviving in the human bloodstream, because the human bloodstream obviously is not freshwater?

Dr. Ariyana Love: I honestly don’t know how they accomplish this, but it’s in all the studies.

Stew Peters: That the hydras are in there? In these studies, it is openly admitted that hydras are there?

Dr. Ariyana Love: Yes, absolutely! And exactly how the mechanisms… how they are in the operating system and how they work.

Stew Peters: And it’s your claim that hydras are specifically there in order to create hybrid human beings. What do you mean by that?

Dr. Ariyana Love: Yes, they are used to transfect humans. So there are carriers! The Human Genome Project started in the year 2000. And Hydra Vulgaris is used in the human genome assembly, which is used for transfecting humans. And what they have done is, they have transfected the hydras and parasites with this for cross-species genomics. They do this at the University of Kiev, and what they are transfecting it with is the lentivirus.

What is lentivirus used for? Lentiviral vectors in gene therapy is a method by which genes can be inserted, modified, or deleted in organisms using lentivirus.

They are also using luciferase. And basically, the lentivirus is the spike protein that everyone is talking about. It is a combination of the most deadly gain of function bioweapons ever created! And that is SARS, MERS, HIV-133, and SRV-1, which induces AIDS.

Stew Peters: So, are you saying that people, who receive this inoculation, are actually being given these viruses: SARS, MERS, HIV, AIDS?

Dr. Ariyana Love: They are not only being given it; they are being transfected with it! So basically, the hydra and the parasite species, with their new genetic coding, are being fused into the tissues of humans, and they are becoming one. They also figured out a way to get the cell signaling to match and harmonize, so that the human being becomes a new genetically modified organism.

Stew Peters: Insane. So hydras are small, but they aren’t single-celled organisms. They are several millimeters in length. How exactly are these things rewriting people’s DNA?

Dr. Ariyana Love: The embryos are double-celled organisms, and that’s what they transfect. But then they grow into a larger size, and they multiply in the body when they come in contact with graphene oxide. They will multiply rapidly! So they are using this technology, called CRISPR/Cas9 and BLAST. And they use a process, called electroporation, using electrodes on programmable gold nanobots. And this is how they are targeting the cell organelles of the nuclei.

Electroporation is the application of an electric current to a living surface (as the skin or a cell membrane) in order to open pores or channels through which something (as a drug or DNA) may pass. Electroporation or electropermeabilization is usually used in molecular biology as a way of introducing some substance into a cell, such as loading it with a molecular probe, a drug that can change a cell’s function, or a piece of coding DNA. 

Stew Peters: Who is manufacturing these gold nanobots?

Dr. Ariyana Love: I don’t know whose manufacturing that. I can look into it a bit more, but I know who funded it, and that’s Anthony Fauci, the NIH, and partly DARPA.

Stew Peters: So Anthony Fauci – you have receipts – is funding the production of these gold nanobots. Isn’t the main purpose of an electrode just to conduct electricity? How is it rewriting DNA?

Dr. Ariyana Love: I’m not a scientist. The actual process of transfection was very hard for me to grasp. However, I somehow managed to get this far. There is one other thing that is really important that needs to be mentioned, and that is that in these studies, I found that they are targeting nerve cells and embryonic cells in humans. So this is why we are seeing neurodegenerative and autoimmune reactions to the vaccine, which is PRION. But they are also targeting the embryonic cells in the testes and ovaries, which means that they are transfecting and cloning the offspring of the people who are vaccinated as well. This means that they are basically producing a new hybrid species, using humans!

Stew Peters: So if Thom is vaccinated, and he procreates with Jane, and they have a child, then that child is not human? (Hey, where has human 1.0 gone?)

Dr. Ariyana Love: Right. There they are gene silencing. So they are silencing and turning off certain genetics that they don’t want in the human, and programming and coding new genetics that they do want there. They are also wiring a new brain, and a new nervous system, and a third strand to the DNA in humans! So they are taking the 2.0 organic humans, and transfect them into 3.0 hybrids.

Stew Peters: How is it that they are able to get away with all of this? Are the people that are working at Pfizer in the manufacturing department, for example, or the people working at Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson… millions of other people, outside world leaders and government officials that are complicit in this lockstep effort, do they all know this? And they are all staying quiet? Or are they not aware of what it is that they are purposing, and for what agenda they are serving? I mean, I know that I don’t know this definitively, but I’m just asking, what is your feeling on that? Why are people remaining silent on this? I mean, people putting these together, working for Pfizer, and all these other companies that I just mentioned, do they know what they are manufacturing and they are doing it anyway?

Dr. Ariyana Love: I think the ones at the top have to know, of course. They developed the technology, but not everybody knows. Not everybody in government knows (Honestly, I hardly believe that). Not all the doctors know, I mean, it’s hard to fathom, it’s hard to comprehend it. The evil agenda that this is, I mean, this is not a vaccine; it’s a weapon system! We are under biological attack.

Kids from vaccinated people are not human. They do not carry the God given genetics that humans have. They will be a new species. And they can mix and match! With the luciferase, they can 24/7 track and trace these humans, or these genetically modified humans. And they can upgrade (and downgrade) and upregulate externally; it’s called up- and downregulate genetics. They will! They can change people’s genetic codes, using the internet. It’s through the Eukaryotic Genome Annotation Pipeline (NCBI); it’s a website. It is an external database for monitoring and remotely controlling transgenic humans. All of this is out in the open and online!

Stew Peters: What made you as a holistic doctor, begin looking into this? Were you treating patients that were having adverse reactions, side effects, or what I now refer to as intended consequences from being jabbed with this ‘serum’?

Dr. Ariyana Love: People started coming to me, and asking me for help. I realized that my knowledge was needed. So I just stepped up and I started researching anything that could help to detoxify graphene oxide toxicity from the body, and to help protect the body from this biological attack. So people saw what I was doing, and they started reaching out to me. It just, it’s snowballed from there.

Stew Peters: I have seen movies that depict stuff like this. Never thought that I would be living in times where we would be having legitimate conversations on a platform like this one, or that I would be hosting a platform as such, where we were talking seriously about transfection and repurposing humans, giving them a new genetic code through a shot that is being mandated for the world. It’s unbelievable!

Dr. Ariyana Love: I think that people need to understand that we have to be responsible: no more shots, no more vaccines, no more jabs, no more of these PCR nasal probes, because they are gathering DNA in order to continue this vicious assault.

Stew Peters: So when a doctor swabs you, or anybody else, or a nurse swabs you with the failed PCR test, that has been recalled… the DNA that’s on there is then sent elsewhere? Is that what you are saying?

Dr. Ariyana Love:  For studying, yes, absolutely! It’s being collected by Israel. (Note that Israel is working together with China so this might be true, or not true at all. Always examine yourself whether things are true or not. Karen Kingston whom she mentions, for example, is connected to Alex Jones in his show. She had a pentagram depicted on a cross behind her… why is that? Now she has covered that pentagram! By their fruit you will recognize them… and by their symbols and signs.)

It’s a New World Order system, and they are working together in order to take over. They don’t want humans anymore. This is an anti-human agenda!


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